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Why is Mango the King of Fruits? Health Benefits of Mangoes!

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Welcome Summer with the King of Fruits. It’s already April here, and we can see the Season Fruits hitting up the shops. Let us admit, we all love fruits. And, by fruits here I mean the fruits which taste good. We all love those, right? I haven’t seen a person say no to Grapes by now. And, then there are Mangoes. Who doesn’t love Mangoes? Mango is the King of Fruits, and there are so many reasons to it. Mangoes have so many nutritional benefits to look up to. The Vitamin Rich Juicy Fruit has so much to give to a human body. An apple a Day might keep the Doctor away, but a Mango a Day can keep a lot of worse things away. And, this is what makes me write this article describing Why is Mango the King of Fruits?

Why Mangoes? And not Bananas or any other Fruit?

Well, Mangoes have a lot more nutrients than most of the other Fruits. You too would be surprised to know about how much can a Mango benefit you. And, the best part is, that they taste the best. Can you even think of naming a Fruit that can beat the taste of a ripe Mango? Does anything like that even exist? I really don’t think so.

Why is Mango the King of Fruits, King of Fruits Mango, Health Benefits of Mango, How is Mango Healthy

I like Pineapples too, they are so rich in Vitamin C, and then Kiwis, too are so good. But my first memory of eating a Fruit is, that of the Mango. Everyone always Loves Mangoes. And, the Nutritional Benefits are an add-on to the amazingly sweet taste of the Mangoes. But, these are still not the reasons Why is Mango the King of Fruits, there is still a lot to come.

Why is Mango the King of Fruits? Here are the Health Benefits of Mangoes:

Well, having already boasted about the amazing Taste of Mangoes, and their nutritional value now is the time to talk about how we actually benefit from it.

Most Important Health Benefits of Mangoes:

1). Balances Cholesterol:

Mangoes have high quantities of Vitamin C, Fibre, and Pectin. These three help a lot in maintaining Serum Cholesterol Levels in the Body.

2). Is good for Eyes:

Okay, a fun fact here. One cup of sliced mangoes can get you around 25% of the Vitamin Intake, which our body needs daily. This can better up anyone’s vision easily. It also prevents night blindness.

3). Keep the Skin Clean and Clear:

One can use Mangoes to clear their skin. You can eat the mangoes for the same, or even simply apply to your skin. Both ways, it will help you clear your skin. Basically, Mangoes clean up the clogged pores and hence throw pimples out.

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4). Neutralizes the excessive acids:

Mangoes have tartaric acid, citric acid, and malic acid. These help in maintaining the pH/Alkali concentration of Body.

5). Is good for a Better and Healthier Sex Life:

The reason behind this is that Mangoes are really rich in Vitamin E. And, more Vitamin E means a Better Sex Drive.

Read More reasons about Why is Mango the King of Fruits below:

6). Fights Heat Stroke:

The Green Mango’s Juice, when mixed with water and a sweetener, is great to cool the body down during summer. This will prevent you from suffering from Diarrhoea or Dehydration, while you visit or live in an area with Hot Climate.

7). Improvises the Immune System:

As we already discussed, Mangoes are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Also, they have plenty of around 25 kinds of carotenoids. These help a lot in making the body more Immune.

8). Helps Lose Weight:

Mango has so many Vitamins, and this is why it keeps you full. Also, it is rich in Fiber content. This is what makes Digestion better and hence helps one lose weight.

9). Can be used as a Body Scrub:

A Mango has qualities which are good for skin. This is why you can use it to scrub your body. Just, mash it with honey and milk. You will observe a new glow on your body skin after you have scrubbed.

10). Good for Memory:

Mangoes have popularly been proven to increase and sharpen memory. So, feed mangoes to a student, who has studies to concentrate on.

11). Helps with Kidney Stones:

Generally, Mangoes are both sweet and sour. This is one quality, which when present in a fruit helps reduce the Kidney Stones.

12). Good for a better Digestion:

Having rich quantities of Vitamin C, Mangoes are good to break Protein Down. This makes the food easily digestible.

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13). Helps Fight Diabetes:

Mango leaves are popular to reduce the insulin levels in the blood. This helps a lot to keep Diabetes under the ground. You just have to boil the Mango Leaves and soak them overnight in water, to consume the filtrate the next morning.

How is Mango Beneficial For Healthy, Mango's Health Benefits, Healthy Fruits, Mango is a Healthy Fruit

14). Tonic for Stomach:

As you do for Diabetes, soaking boiled leaves in Warm water overnight and consuming the filtrate in the morning brings goodness to the stomach.

15). Above all; Mangoes Prevent Cancer:

Many Types of research show that Mango has antioxidant compounds. These antioxidant compounds prevent colon, leukemia, breast, and prostate cancers.

Do you still have any doubts about Why is Mango the King of Fruits? I don’t think you’ll have. So, what are you waiting for you Mango Lovers? Go ahead and share this with your friends, who just can’t help eating more and more Mangoes.

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