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Why is it Bad to be Good to all?

Learn to stand for yourself, Don't be nice to everyone all the time, Learn to Say no, Be Strong

Why is it Bad to be Good to all? You remember, the guy who used to bully you at school? You always used to wonder, what you had done to receive that, right? Your thoughts made complete sense there. You didn’t do anything, to receive that behavior, but hey when it began to come your way, what did you do to drive it away? Remember anything? I am not obviously telling you to have bullied him or beaten him up, though you could do that as a kid. But, it is about learning something. It is about learning that you were nice, and soft, where you were not to be. Of course, the good values and our moral tells us to be Good to People. To not be rude, but polite. But, does this always help? Sometimes, it doesn’t. Sure, It is Bad to be Good to all.

Where is it Bad to be Good and How do you Decide it?

Well, trust me, I have always been humble to anyone who I have talked to, and that is what pisses me off, when they turn up to be rude. This makes sense, right? If you are appreciating someone, or are nice to someone, and then they abuse you, you feel very bad. But, then again, obviously, we can’t just rule humans out of our Genre of Interaction, can we? This is why it is important to understand, analyse and take stiff decisions about it.

It is Bad to be Good to All

If you let someone oppress you,
that is an insult to you and your reasons of existence; your Family!

Okay, I agree that this is arguable. Many might say, “Where did the family come from?”. Ask yourself, where had they even gone? They were always here, they are always here, and for sure, your Parents didn’t raise you to do injustice to yourself and your esteem, or be oppressed. Learn to take stands for yourself. There will come times, when you will have to say No. Learn to say a “No” when needed.

What Really Bothers when you are really very Nice to Everyone? | Why is it Bad to be Good to all?

What really sucks is that people stop caring and begin to take you for granted. This is where they do the wrong to you, and you do the wrong to you, by letting that happen. If you are someone, who forgives easily, wants less drama, values relationships and friendships with everyone, and still get taken for granted or hurt then sure there are things, you need to be better at. Like cutting people off, or letting them go, when it is too hard to hold, and you are the only person who is doing the efforts.

Time Flies, and so do People who are close to you, Don't be Good to Everyone
Time Flies, and so do People who are close to you, Don’t be Good to Everyone

I am not just writing these things, for the sake of saying or sharing a good read, but yes I accept these words. I believe that even if I am the wrong, anyone who is related to me, should confront to me first, and if it happens again and again, then they have whole rights to live better. Because, you can live for someone else, but you can not, not live your life for someone else. That is injustice.

Realize the limits and Know when to really Give Up!

It is a lot about knowing the limits. It is not just about, how long, you can take this all. If you think that you can handle all the stress and bad trips, for a particular person for the rest of your life, even when the person is not really considering you that important; You really need to rethink, and ask yourself, Even if you can do, Why do you have to?

There are certain better things and obviously better people and relationships and friendships, waiting for you to walk a step ahead. Grab onto them, you might find the best experiences of your life in those. Always remember;

You lose,
what you CLING to.

This simply means that you can and you should realize that, in the world, you might meet people who will tell you that they are always there for you, and even be there forever. But, expecting the same with all your head and heart, is sure not the best thing. If they fail to stand for you once, that doesn’t particularly mean that they aren’t true or loyal towards you. Sometimes, situations play hard. But, also this doesn’t mean that you should be relying on anyone completely.

Being Nice to everyone sometimes isn't right

The only thing which is truly yours here is “You”. Everyone here, has a different story and a life to live. So, understand this and accept it.

Okay, this was it for now. I hope I could help you a bit. I would love to solve or try to solve all your issues. If you have any queries or you seek help regarding anything or even if you just want to say “Hi”, then please drop a Comment below. We would love to hear from you. Do remember that It is Bad to be Good to Everyone.

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  • Ikr, this is way too repeating to be in such a situation when you are ready to give everything for someone, but there person doesn’t initiate to repent.
    Too good that we are a community which shared experiences and can talk about it openly.
    Thanks! ??


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