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What is erectile dysfunction and How to Prevent it?

What is Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction and How to Prevent it? Many men are having the common question regarding what is erectile dysfunction. Well, there are answers available in lengthy medical terminology which cannot help a common man understand about erectile dysfunction or ED (Hindi: Gupt Rog). Here we will try to explain ED in common man’s language.

What is ED in men?

There have been many explanations of ED over the years, but the simplest one is mentioned here. ED is when the man has difficulty in having an erection. One can also say that if a man has an erection and faces difficulty in maintaining it is also called erectile dysfunction. The possible reason for ED is due to the aging process and poor circulation of blood in the penis. The causes may vary from person to person and case to case basis. In case a man has an ED he must visit a doctor because only the doctor can diagnose the particular reason as to why the person is suffering from ED.

Prescribe drugs: A solution to ED?

Yes, prescribed drugs can cure ED and can effectively treat the ailment. A person suffering from ED must visit a doctor and discuss the ED problems with him. If a doctor finds that the ED can be cured with the drugs he will surely write a prescription which will help. Once a doctor provides a prescription, you must ensure that the medicine course is completed as directed by the doctor and during that time the person should visit the doctor as and when the doctor has instructed. Many men do not like to go through this because it is time-consuming and medically expensive. There are many drug brands which manufacture drugs which can treat ED, but those have some side effects which a patient has to know before consuming them.

Is there any natural way to cure ED?

There are many natural alternatives to drugs which can help cure ED in men. The easiest way to find such drugs is by searching them online using the keyword herbal male enhancement pills. These pills are herbal and cure ED as effectively as drugs. These herbal supplements cost much less compared to drugs by brands. But the side effects of these herbal supplements are non-documented, so one has to read the reviews before buying it. The customer reviews help you decide as the customers have shared personal experiences and have mentioned if they suffered any side effects by consuming these herbal supplements.

There are other benefits of using remedies over drugs as well. Yes, the first benefit is these supplements are extremely cost-effective. These drugs work fast enough and have a long-lasting effect. In addition to that, these remedies are manufactured to increase pleasure and treat pre-mature ejection in men as well. If one consumes drugs to cure ED, then nothing in this happens only ED is a cure and that too in a slow manner only if the medicine course is completed as per doctor’s advice.

What to do if you are having erectile dysfunction?

Consult a sexologist today. Dr A.K. Jain is one of the most famous sexologist in India. He also takes free consultation. The more early you see a doctor, quicker it can be fixed. Don’t believe the rumors. Talk to a doctor today.

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