Traversing Goa in my Travel Boots

Traversing Goa

Traversing Goa. Okay, this whole post is a complete throwback of mine. It was in 2016 January when I went to Goa. Trust me, I had booked the trip in September 2015, and had completely forgotten that I had to board the train in the morning on 4th of Jan, till it was 2nd January. This says, I am very random and careless, right? Well, yes I am. But, anyway I never have regrets on mind. So, I just knew that I have to be ready and make it as quick as possible. And that is what I did. Beginning to pack my stuff on the 2nd’s Night, I finished all the packing works, including everything till 3rd in the Noon. And now was the 4th of Jan, the Day to Board the Train.

Traversing Goa: We’re on the Board:

Well, people generally have coaches packed, rooms packed, and bags packed, obviously. But, guess what? We were too many in number, that we have to had a whole Compartment packed. The whole Compartment, included our Huge Group. And, I knew just one person out of them. Vidushi, Hey if you are reading. She was the reason why I went to Goa, as she insisted me and told that I won’t be bored. (Okay, stop judging, I didn’t know that you can’t get bored in Goa).

Traversing Goa in my Travel Boots, Travelling To Goa

So, anyway, we boarded the Train at 6:30 in the Morning, it left at around 7 and we were all good to go. This journey was meant to be so amazing, and I could feel it happening just in the first hour.

The Joy-ride to Goa:

When I told my uncle about my trip to Goa, he told me a few things. Most of those were safety and morality instructions obviously, but the others were about how I could enjoy the Trip rightly and to the most of it. So, you see? My Uncle was my Travel Guide, before I could be a Travel Guide here on this blog. Further he told me about viewing and not missing at any cost, the sites and scenes, while in the Train.

Traversing Goa

The Train’s journeys are always so awesome. It is so very amazing to have a huge group of people travelling to some place and spending such good time together. And, when you realize that there are going to be beautiful sceneries, appearing your way, you know that it is going to be pretty amazing. As I told, we had a huge group, I need to mention that by huge, I meant more than 55 People were travelling. The whole ride in the train included us, having food, fun, music, Playing Games, and of course, sharing spooky stories, at night. It was a Route, which would take us more than 30 Hours to reach Thivim, where in Goa, we had to deboard. So, you know, we had a lot of time.
Also, then we had to have fun when we reach Goa. And that was what we exactly did.

Carrying on in Goa:

It is 2 in the noon and we have got down at the Thivim Railway Station, in Goa. And, it is 5th January, which to us Delhi-tes, sounds pretty cool, as we know it is winter in Delhi. But wait, we also need to know that it is never winter in Goa. In Goa, it was Summer, as it is in Delhi, in June or May. And, luckily I had worn a t-shirt below my jacket and others were way too cool to give a jack to tees. (That was my save. LOL).

So, while trying to cope and hide from the Summer, Sun, Sun-rays, Heat, Tan and the clothes themselves, we were looking for a place to hide, badly. Thanks to the Person, who organised the trip and we had nothing to worry about. We got to our Resort in just 30 Minutes.

Shacks in and on Beaches in Goa
Calangute beach, Goa

The first Goal, for anyone would now be to take a Bath, and so was it for me. I rushed to the Bathing room and damn! The coldness of water, on January 5th too felt so good. Why? Because, obviously it was Goa. And now was the time to explore. How did I do that? Let me be a bit elaborative here.

Explore it Baby!

What happens in Goa, Stays in Goa. People told me this, before I left. When I look back to my trip, I recall many moments, which make me believe this, and then others which tell me, that it might not be as true as people take it to be. But, guess what? I was happy both ways, and so will you be.

Rajat Goyel in goa
There’s our Homie. We don’t know what he looking at?

I with a few other friends, went out to the market now. It was as close to our resort as was the beach (kidding, we had the beach on the resort itself). Well, the market obviously can’t be much different. It was pretty much like any normal market anywhere in India. But yes, you could sense that it was designed, so more Tourists, would find it easy to be there, Traversing Goa. We had a good lunch at a North Indian Restaurant there. It was nice, to kill our hunger at least and at last, all at once. It was just about to be the evening, when we went to see the Calangute Beach. When I saw the sea for the first time, I was awestruck. Not because it was my first time on a beach (as it wasn’t), but because It looked huge, and surreal.

What do You do when You Go to Goa?

Although, there was a lot of my trip’s moments which I can share, but obviously, I don’t want to write a whole huge Novel for you to read, and that too on my Blog Post. So, I hereby turn the talks about What do you do when you Go to Goa? As, there are people who get puzzled and also waste a lot of time, thinking a lot and doing nothing actually. But, if you go to as I tell you to, trust me you won’t miss anything, that you mustn’t. Below, here is everything that you need to do and know in and about Traversing Goa.

Pictures are meant to be there

1). Get yourself a Ride:

People prefer Scooters and Normal Bikes, my Ride there was a Royal Enfield Classic 350. Because, when you have to be cruising, why not Cruse on a Cruiser? You can very easily find shops and stops, where you can hire yourself a decent ride from.

2). The Night, The Nightlife and the Shiva Valley: Vibrant as they call it!

Shiva Valley Party is pretty famous one in Goa. People know that it is a place where most of the foreign tourists go to, for having rave parties. And, so do Indians. I truly experienced a Mini Go-Goa-Gone there. People were raving here and there, along with a beach.

3). A Day for Forts and All:

I would really recommend you all to have a day, kept for just viewing the Historical Places in Goa. These include Chapora Fort, Fort Aguada, and Dauna Paula as well. Also, there are a few haunted places, one of which is D’mello’s House. You can ask the locals there, about the directions to reach there.

The time of my Life while Traversing Goa
Yes, some awkward things happening out there
4). Go out in Night:

Take your ride, and go out in Night. See the Night Life there, it is something, you probably won’t find anywhere else in India. The best thing is that Goa never Sleeps. You will find everything, everywhere at all times of the day. Just go out, go to clubs, cruise on boats or just sit by the beach on a shack with a pint. But do go out in Night, when you are in Goa.

5). Water Sports can’t be ignored:

Go for it. Do enjoy all the water sports there. Let me tell you the sports with names.

  • Jet Ski – Rs. 500
  • Para-Sailing – Rs. 500
  • Boat Ride – Included with Para-Sailing
  • Banana Boat Ride – Rs. 500
  • Bumper – Rs. 500
  • Scuba Diving – Rs. 3,500

These above water sports, will take your 3 hours only at max. And, will give you an experience of your life time. Do go on for these.


That's my group in Goa
That’s my group in Goa
6). Travel to Doodh-Sagar Falls:

If there is something that will take your breath away, with it’s calmness and beauty, near Goa, then this is it. Doodh-Sagar Falls are pretty famous, though I couldn’t get a chance to have a view of it, but I recommend you all, as I know the beauty of it.

7). For the Rest; Sky is the Limit:

And, as always, I can’t tell everything, as that might be a lot to say. And, also you should be exploring something and new places, when you are going to Goa. So, go out there, Create more memories and have an amazing time of your life.

I hope, you Enjoyed Reading this post. There still are a lot of stories, yet to be told about Goa only. I do not know, when will those come out, but yes they will one day. Till then, stay tuned and keep loving. This was me, Traversing Goa.

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