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Useful Tips for Vegetarian Bodybuilders | No Vegetarian Can Afford To Miss On These

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Tips for Vegetarian Bodybuilders. “You are what you eat”. This statement, is quite famous. We have all heard of it and is not even false. As, we know what food is good and what is not for us. We know we are guilty when we pick another slice of cake or Pizza, but sad that our will at that time wins over us. These small amounts of extra calories compile up to become big boulders, and further affect our physical health. The problems as result are Obesity, Fat deposition and loss of muscles. To get over these and build muscles, with less fatigue, we need more proteins. For, which generally Bodybuilders head towards supplements or Animal Proteins. But what about the Vegetarian Bodybuilders, who tend to be Lacto Vegetarians or Vegans? Don’t worry people, we got your back.

Useful Tips That No Vegetarian Bodybuilder Can Afford To Miss On These

For sure, animal protein is an easy way to build good muscles. If you work out really hard in the gym, then your muscles tire & tear up and cause fatigue. This fatigue usually takes time to go away, but with better and right amount of protein intake, you can come over this. This is what Bodybuilders and Athletes move towards animal proteins for.

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No way, I am against or in an offensive context to the people who eat animals. But, what this article aims at saying is, that you can get a well Built Body, even as a Vegetarian Bodybuilder. So, whenever the next time any Carnivore friend of yours tells you that you’d sure be short on protein, tell them, “Animal protein is not the only protein that exists”. Also, to realize and get aware of the better ways to build good muscles, being a Vegetarian, I recommend you to read the Best Tips for Vegetarian Athletes below.

Best Tips for Vegetarian Bodybuilders towards the right Diet:

1). Move towards Egg White or Soy Protein Powders:

Okay, to a lot of people this might sound inappropriate. I know I have mentioned Egg White here, but to a lot many people, Eggs are a part of their Vegetarian diet. Why? Because, eating an Egg doesn’t mean that you ate an animal. And these Egg white and Soy protein powders are rich in protein and are easy to intake as well. So, if you are someone who has eggs included in their Vegetarian Diet, then this thing is for you.

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2). Keep your Workouts Short but Intense:

Okay, this is important to keep a watch on how long do you really workout. If you are a Vegetarian Bodybuilder, then you should shorten your workout period and focus on intensifying the session, rather than lengthening it. This is because, the longer you work out, the more protein the body needs. And, to our realization, at a point of time, if you workout for too long, you will have to move onto a partially carnivorous diet.
So, intensify your workout session and stay vegetarian, by taking longer breaks than usual.

3). Don’t Rely on Processed Foods:

Processed foods, no matter for a Herbivore or an Omnivore, are bad if you are focusing on staying fit and healthy. Many Vegetarian people assume the false quote that they can eat as many overly processed and high carb Junk items as they wish to. This belief is an absolute blunder. If you want to stay fit, you are to eat fit, because “You are What you Eat”. So, a good Vegetarian diet can include Fruits, Grains, Dry Fruits, Vegetables and Nuts etc.

4). Add more Chickpeas and Legumes to your Diet:

As a Vegetarian Bodybuilder, looking forward to build better muscles, you should add Chickpeas and Legumes to your Diet. These help you cope up with the Protein deficiency in your body. It is recommendable to have a short snack diet of Chickpeas or other Legumes, before you go for a good touch workout.

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5). Replace Rice with Quinoa:

We love rice. Adding rice to our meal, adds more taste and leisure to the meal. But, for the betterment of our Muscular self, we need to take Brown Rice out of our meal and add some Quinoa to it. Why? Because, Quinoa will give more protein to your body. This is because Quinoa is a complete source of Protein while Brown Rice is not. This is important for building better muscles.

6). Increase the intake of Fruits and Vegetables:

Eating good and healthy fruits keeps us refreshed. Hands down, but fruits are the best source of all the needed nutrients. Also, eating fresh fruits provide to you good antioxidant protection which further keeps your body immune and strong.

7). Don’t give up on Calories:

A Big mistake which most of the Vegetarian Bodybuilders make is fall low on Calories. If you are not taking enough calories everyday, then for sure you are going to observe a fall in your muscles, as your protein will fuel your workouts in this case.

8). Become a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian:

Well, this one entirely depends upon your choice. You sure can choose or discard this tip. Becoming a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian means that you are allowing Dairy Products and Eggs to your diet. This will highly increase your protein options.

9). Vary your Food Choices:

Also, if you need to build good muscles as a Vegetarian Bodybuilder, then we will recommend you to be flexible with your food choices, staying inside the Vegetarian foods’ circle only. Eating the same foods over and over can result in acute protein deficiency. And, we know that isn’t good.

10). Use Tempeh:

Many people prefer this one over Tofu, which itself is a good Protein option for Vegetarians. The main problem arises at the time of blending it into the diet. Tempeh sure is a good option for adding to your Vegetarian Protein diet, for building muscles.

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11). Take in Flaxseeds, Walnuts and Flaxseed Oil:

Sure, fatty acids are needed for our bodies. Fish Protein fills up our needs of most of the essential fatty acids, but not every vegetarian eats fish. This is why Flaxseeds, Walnuts and Flaxseed Oil are all important and in fact good sources of the essential fatty acids.

12). Use Nuts for Fuel:

Nuts provide good quality fats and also energize the body in ways, such that you stay energized for longer intervals. These can easily boost up your calorie intake and help build good muscles easier.

13). Iron Supplementation:

Most of the Vegetarian Bodybuilders fall short on Iron. Why? Because Red meat contains a good amount of Iron, and Vegans don’t eat meat. Iron is good for the development of Red Blood Cells. This is why this should not be low in the body. The deficiency of iron will result in lessened stamina also causing fatigue.
So, if you are a Vegetarian Athlete, then do add some Iron Supplementation to your diet.

14). Increase Broccoli and Spinach intakes:

Speaking of the Vegetables, we know Broccoli and Spinach do too much good to our bodies. Both of these have decent doses of Calcium. So, to help yourself from falling short of Calcium, add these to your diet. Also, consider adding a calcium supplement, as deficiency will weaken bones.

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15). Don’t let people lower your Moral or Demotivate you:

This is something that I myself have come up from. I have faced bullying at the Gym because I am a vegetarian. The reason? Well, according to my view, it might be because they knew that I was doing better than them even with a Vegetarian Diet. Sure, this can piss people off. So, have faith in yourself and your dietitian and just move forward.

16). Add Peanut Butter:

For all the Vegetarian Bodybuilders Peanut Butter will add a good Fat content to the diet. This will also help you boost your overall calorie intake through out your day. The another good thing about Peanut butter/Peanut is that it contains good amounts of Zinc. This Zinc boosts your Testosterone Levels, and does not let your body sag at parts.

17). Eat More Frequently:

And out of all the essential tips which the Vegetarian Bodybuilders need to follow, this one is my favourite. And since, we as Vegetarian Bodybuilders will not be taking too many proteins in every diet, we need to have an increased number of diets. This will give us more proteins (Yayyyyy! I know).

18). Maintain Body Fats:

Many Vegetarian Bodybuilders fall prey to too much Estrogen boosters, as dairy products boost estrogen levels. This needs to go. The levels of Estrogen and Testosterone should stay at the right balance. Because, too much of any of these hormones, brings in feminine and masculine traits respectively. And, that too in both men and women. This causes, sagged up body parts, and deposited fats as well. Also, to reduce Body Fats, one should keep a check on the workout and the diets accordingly.

19). Branched Chain Amino Acids for Supplements:

Just before and after the workout, good quality Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplements are recommend to be taken in. These prevent good muscle mass losses.

20). Be Patient and Positive:

As we know, it takes a little longer time to most of the Vegetarian Bodybuilders, than it takes to those who go for a carnivorous diet. But, hey a Positive will and a little patience are your friends here. There is no doubt about the fact you can achieve the type of body and muscles. All you need to do is stick to regular healthy diet and workout. All of this will work right, if you will keep yourself Positive and Patient.

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So, this was the article, which is a lot about helping the Vegetarian Bodybuilders out there, to build good muscles.

I hope this helps you to focus on your routine and diets better. If this article helped you anyway, then leave a comment below. Also, you can comment any queries that you have, if you have any.

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