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How to Build Strong Bones at Any Age? Best Tips to Build Strong Bones at Any Age

Do you have Strong Bones?
Build Strong Bones at Any Age

How to Build Strong Bones at Any Age? An age old advice that we all have hear off once in a while in our life:

A glass of milk a day keeps your bones strong". Yes, it's indeed a right advice, though there are many ways in which you can boost your bone health.

Taking care of this part of anatomy is just as crucial as it was when you were wandering around in playground. In fact, the way you take care of your bones have a direct impact on how mobile and active you are as your age.
Workout Daily to be StrongIn your 20s, for example it's very important to build up your bone mass. That’s because this is the last decade to do so--once you hit your 30s, it’s all about maintaining your bone density, rather than boosting it. But how do you even begin to build more mass? The most important things you can do are to get an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D (ideally from a variety of food sources), do weight-bearing exercise (like weight training and running), and if you still smoke, quit ASAP.

Even though your body doesn’t build up more bone post-20s, that doesn’t mean you can't have strong bones post 30th birthday.

Here comes the best tips for you guys on How to build stronger bones at any age ?

IN YOUR 20(s):

This decade is your last  chance to bulid bone mass.

( Later, all you can do is maintain )


get 1000mg of calcium & 600iu of vitamin d daily
(ideally from food )


Lighting up reduces the efficiency of-bone building cells. So, if you want your bone to be healthy till the end, quit smoking right now!

IN YOUR 30(s) 

Get strong 
Weight bearing exercises helps prevent bone loss

Strength training, Running, Hiking, and even dancing all count to build strong bones.

IN YOUR 40(s) 

Jump around

Add jumping rope or jumping jacks to your fitness routine to build hip and back strength

Add fend  off osteoporosis

In your 50(s)
Workout Daily to be Strong

You can loose upto 20% of your bone density in the years after menopause!

Boost your calcium 

Up your intake to 1200mg daily
(as much as possible from food)

Keep pumping iron
Workout Daily to be Strong

Strength training increases bone density in the spine & hip to help reduce risk of fractures now and for years to come.

Workout Daily to be StrongStay Healthy, Stay Fit & Bone it up. 

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