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How to Prevent Hair Loss? Best Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss, Best Tips to Stop Hair Loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss? Hair Loss is that one issue, which everyone is upset with. Nobody wants to go bald, and the reason is very obvious. I have a few friends of mine, who have started losing hair already, in their early 20s. It’s bad, right? Well, worse is the Fact, that they are not aware of the Remedies. They don’t actually know How to Prevent Hair Loss. They have tried Doctors, as anyone else would, but again this was not the most helpful deed for them. Considering this truth and the fact that there are People who are suffering from Hair Loss, I decided to write about it. Below here, you will find some of the Best Tips for Preventing Hair Loss. So, start reading and implementing.

What is the Reason of Hair Loss and What are the Earliest Symptoms of Hair Loss?

  • Generally, the Cause of Hair Fall or Hair Loss is the Genetics. In the US too, 80 Million Adults (both Men and Women) face Hereditary Hair Loss which’s sole reason is Hereditary. If anyone in your family history got bald soon, there is a strong chance of you starting to lose Hair soon. Sad, but a fact.
  • The other Reason for Hair Loss is Lack of Nutrition. Hair is a part of your body, and you need to take the right care of those. You need to nourish those, as you nourish yourself. Regular Oiling, Lesser use of Harsh Chemicals, Natural Freedom of hair, these are some of the Important Factors, which the whole Hair Loss thing depends upon.
  • Environment too damages your Hair and can be one major reason behind Hair Fall. If you live in a Densely Populated city, the Pollution, Dust and just everything around you will poison your hair some way or another, which will cause Intense Damage and Hair Loss too.

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These were some of the Most Important and Probable Reasons of Hair Loss, although there are more factors which might affect it. Let us look at the Earliest Symptoms of Hair Loss, so you can get a hold quickly.

  • Thinning of Hair on the Top of Head: This will be visible and you will be able to sense that something fishy is happening with your Hair. So, you can start the treatment soon.
  • Bald Spots on Head: In this case, Consult your Doctor and follow the Tips below too.
  • Hair Loss on Different Body Parts: Keep a check, and if you feel the Signs of Hair Loss on different Body Parts, then implement the Remedies as soon as possible.

These were the Reasons for Hair Loss and the Earliest Symptoms of Hair Loss.

How to Prevent Hair Loss? Best Tips for Preventing Hair Loss:

Below here are the Best Tips to Prevent Hair Loss:

1). Massage your Scalp with a Healthy Hair Oil Everyday:

The first thing that you need to take care of is your scalp. It is the surface which holds onto your hair and prevents the breakage. This is the reason why People really consider Head Massage to be a good help, for Preventing Hair Loss. What it does is, increase the Blood Flow to your Head, which is why the Strength of your Hair and the scalp’s Hold both boost up.

You can use the following Oils for Hair Massage, for the Best Results to Prevent Hair Loss.

2). Good Food makes a Change:

It is very important to keep your diet clean and more nutritious. The more Nutritious your Diet is, the Healthier your hair will be. The best thing you can do is, make a list of all the Vegetables and Fruits, which are Rich in Vitamin E, and increase their daily intake, into your body. Apart from Vitamin E, you will need Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Zinc rich Food Items, Protein Rich Food Items and Iron too. So, start from today and get all the Nutrition, you are going to need to Prevent Hair Loss.

3). Drive Away From Stress:

Stress is a Major reason why you might be facing Hair Loss or Grey Hair. It is always good to do a Yoga Session or a Spiritual Exercise of any sort every day. This will keep your Body Fit and your Mind Healthy, which will eventually result in a better Hair Growth and will Prevent Hair Loss too.

4). Onion Juice:

First of all, wear a pair of goggles for Protecting your Eyes, things are going to get a bit dirty here. Then, cut an Onion into slices and take out its juice, either by grating or squeezing, whatever suits you better. After it, apply this juice on your scalp and leave it like that for around 15-20 Minutes. Wash with a Mild Shampoo for Great Results.

5). Egg Hair Mask:

Egg Mask is a traditionally famous way of Nourishing Rough, weak and dry hair to Make your Hair more Silkier and Stronger. What you need to do is, simply separate an egg white in a bowl and add any good Natural Hair Oil with Honey in it. Now, just apply this whole mixture on your head and spread evenly as a Hair Mask. Wash off with a Good Mild Shampoo after around 20 Minutes.

6). Avoid Wearing Head Caps:

If you are a fan of wearing Caps, you might have heard your Dad telling you not to. The reason why my dad tells me not to wear a cap too often is that wearing a cap all the times causes Hair Fall. It degrades the Hair’s Quality and also makes Hair Weaker, due to which you might have to suffer heavy Hair Loss.

7). Fenugreek:

Fenugreek Seeds are rich with hormone antecedents, which promote hair growth by repairing hair follicles. To Implement this method, simply soak Fenugreek seeds in a bowl of water overnight. Wake up in the morning to grind these seeds, so you have a paste with you. Now, apply this paste on your hair/head, and wear a shower cap. Stay like this for 40 Minutes, and rinse with clean water. Follow this tip every day for the best results.

8). Beetroot Juice:

Beetroot is a very healthy Fruit and consists of many Nutrients such as Protein, Potassium, Calcium, Vitamins B, A, E etc. This is why it is a very Good Remedy to help you Prevent Hair loss at Home. To Implement this Home Remedy, you need to add Beetroot to your Diet every day, in all the meals in some proportions. You can also consider Drinking Beetroot Juice for good results. Apart from this, you can grind boiled beetroot leaves with henna, to form a paste. Then simply apply this paste on your scalp and leave for 20 Minutes, before you rinse.

So, now having known these amazing Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss, I hope you can solve your problem. If you found this article helpful, then share with your friends and tell us more about what you did for your Hair Loss in the comments below. Stay tuned for more.

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