The New Place in New Delhi to Hit with your Friends!

Nutri Kulcha
The Nutri Kulcha

The New Place in New Delhi to Hit. Who doesn’t love Good Food? Well, everyone does, and who actually gets the best of it? The one who runs for it. Okay, there is one thing to admit, that there always are two types of foodies, firstly those who explore everything, and secondly those, who know what to eat. EVERYWHERE! In any case, this New Place in Netaji Subhash Place is perfectly suitable for you. Although with a McDonalds Budget, you can’t get a Luxury Lunch, if you would be about to spend some coins, you’d know it. And for that, Xpose Lounge and Bar seems to be the perfect option to me. Want to know How? Well, keep reading.

Xpose Lounge and Bar is the Stop for You!

Although famously known for the Billu’s Pasta and various other poor grade lounges, and bars NSP could never actually be relied upon for a place as good as Xpose. But, as it has come, you sure are going to love it too. Everything about the place is perfect and has no flaws at all. From the appearance to the location, from Food to the Facilities, and from Loud Music, to the cool Mist and Breeze in the open air, they have got everything good. And their USPs? Well, if you visit the place, you would know, the name alone is everything about them. Still to the things which I was surprised to see, as I entered the Lounge need a mention here, right? There you go then.

The First Impression:

As I knew that the location of the bar is NSP, the rough idea of what it would look like was already cast on my mind. But, the moment I entered, I didn’t want to sit or stand at a place. I was so curious to go out in the outer lounge, I couldn’t just help it. So, as you enter you will find a lounge, one of the Malibu style, with some of the best music systems in North Delhi, along with everything exclusive, in a manner you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Just name it, and it is all exclusive. From Furniture to the Floor, and the walls as well, the whole concept is just exclusive. No wonder it took 2 years to be completely built.

But, that is all still okay! Yes, trust me, they have things better than this too. The moment you go out to the outer lounge/Open Air Lounge, you would know what Xpose is all about. The concept is amazing. Having paid so much attention to every single Detail, they are sure winning.

The Open Air Restaurant/Lounge:

Okay, unlike most of the conventional restaurants and lounge and bars, Xpose has this open-air Lounge on the same floor. So, you just have to step in or step out, and the worlds flip for you. Where the indoor lounge has a bit darker lights, somewhat loud music to make you groove and all the amazing food, which they serve, the outdoor lounge is all about peace, peaceful music, the beauty of Nature, clicking beautiful pictures, and being truly exposed to Nature.

Exclusive Decor at Xpose Lounge and Bar

Also, they have a barbeque on this rooftop and the concept which they have brought in arrives here from Thailand. The whole place has lights in the night and it all shines brightly. It is all breathtaking. Also, it somehow brought the Goa Vibes back in my head. With the Biggest Screen, and the Best Lights’ Concept brought in from Singapore, this place makes a perfect deal with your peace and ends your hunger with the food, you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t believe me? Have a look!

What Food!? Xpose is all eXclusive:

As I said above as well, everything about this place is exclusive. Including the Food. Frankly speaking, I haven’t had food that good anywhere else before yesterday. And it was later only that I got to know that an Ex-Master Chef contestant is their Head Cook. Big Deal, right? I know!

Nutri Kulcha
The Nutri Kulcha
Flipper Rolls
Flipper Rolls
Chicken Potli
Chicken Potli

So, what I got a taste of there was the Biryancini, as I had to order it as its name looked like Biryani, then the Flipper Rolls, the Pan Firni, Nutri Kulcha, the Chicken Potli, along with the best Oreo Shake of all times. And this is not it about the place. I was so amazed to look at the Menu, that out of curiosity, I asked more. Then I got to know that the Biryani at the Xpose Lounge and Bar is the one, which you can’t find anywhere else in India, except for Hyderabad. And mostly every Dish is exclusively engineered by their Master Chef himself, that you will really have a hard time looking for these Dishes anywhere else. Even the sauces are homemade and 100% exclusive. So, yes everything you find there is everything you find just there only.

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And is that still it? Well, they have planned to add more items to the menu after every three months. So, you don’t get bored of the older menu. Amazing, isn’t it?

Explore by yourself!

No doubt I have told a lot about the Cafe, and you might even be wanting to know more about it, but the best way to do that is, have a look. Get up, and reach out to this amazing, beautiful place in NSP. The name is Xpose Lounge and Bar. I bet you will love it.

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