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Best Tips for Making Hair Thick, Strong, Bouncy and Shiny

How to Get Thick Hair, Best Tips for Making Hair Thick and Strong, How to Make your Hair Thicker

Make your Hair Thick, Strong, Bouncy and Shiny. Everyone wants their Hair to be the Best. And, for everyone the definition of Best Varies. Some people want long hair, some want them thick, while some want their hair to be bouncy and shiny. True that the Genetics have a lot to do with How good or Bad your Hair are, but still you can do things to at least be better, if not be the Best. And the best thing is that you can do this just by the natural means. I am not suggesting you anything inorganic. So, you can be sure of achieving all the goodness, naturally. And, when you will go for the Surgical Means, sure you can be the best then. Anyway, here I will share the Best Tips for Making Hair Thick, Strong, Bouncy and Shiny.

First of All Know your Hair:

While looking for a remedy to something, you need to know the reason for the disease. Similarly, to improve your Hair Quality, you need to find out what is wrong with your hair. I will help you do that. Below are the Hair Problems, with their reasons. This is the First thing that you need to know for Making Hair Thick, Strong, Bouncy and Shiny at home.

1). Dry Hair:

Many people suffer from this. There are a few reasons, for this.


  • Hypothyroidism: This occurs when the body isn’t able to produce enough energy. You should consult a Doctor.
  • Hypoparathyroidism: It is rare. It occurs when the Parathyroid gland in the neck doesn’t produce enough parathyroid hormone.
  • Malnutrition: This happens when your body isn’t taking in enough nutrients. Eat good food for this.
  • Anorexia Nervosa: This is an eating disorder which causes Malnutrition too. Consult a Doctor in such a case.

How to Make your Hair thicker, Shinier, Stronger and Bouncier, How to Make my Hair Thick, Strong, Shiny and Bouncy

2). Thin Hair:

I know the struggle of having Thin Hair. This also causes many people to go Bald. Read below the reasons for this.


  • Stress: Any recent stressful event can be a cause of Thinning of hair. I recommend you to try to stay away from such conditions.
  • Thyroid: Again improper thyroid levels can cause Thinning of Hair and Dryness as well. Consult a Doctor for the cure.
  • Diet: If your diet does not consist of important nutrients, you might have to suffer from Thinning of Hair. Change your diet in such a case.
  • Scarring of Liver: Scarring of Liver can cause Thinning of Hair too.

So, now after knowing the problems we have to look for the Solutions to these problems for Making Hair Thick, Strong, Bouncy, and Shiny.

Best Tips for Making Hair Thick, Strong, Bouncy and Shiny:

In the section above we discussed the Basic Hair problems which one has to deal with. Now, there is one thing to know that the other Hair Problems like Hair Loss and Loss of Shine and Bounce too occur because of these only. This is the reason, why we need to look for the Remedies to these problems. That’s why it is important to try Making Hair Thick.

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Below here are the Remedies for Making your Hair Thick, Strong, Shiny, and Bouncy.

1). How to Thicken your Hair?

  • Eat Healthy Food: Changing your diet is probably the first thing that you need to do for Thickening your hair. I told you this earlier too, remember? “You are what you eat”. Keep this thing in mind and revise your Diet right now, if you want to cut half of your health problems out of your life, including Thin Hair and Hair loss.
  • Handle your Hair Gently: It is very important to be nice to your Hair. These are your hair, you need to take the right care of these. You can’t be very impatient while you comb your long hair because running the Comb fast through your wet long hair will cause your hair to be uprooted out of your head and also, the quality of surviving hair will degrade.

Best Tips for Making Hair Thicker, Stronger, Shinier and Bouncier

  • No Heat: Try to implement this to the fullest. Although, it is hard but will be very beneficial. And, what is the aim in fact? To be completely Natural, right? So, stop using all those Pressing Machines. They burn everything out of your hair. Your hair are a part of your body, which don’t deserve these burns.
  • Be Natural: Let your hair be natural. I highly recommend stopping the usage of any inorganic hair products or bleaches or hair colors. These highly damage the quality of your hair. It is better for you to just let your hair be natural.
  • Trim Regularly: Split Ends too cause the hair quality to go down. Prevent these and get regular trims for your hair.

2). How to Make your Hair Stronger?

  • Increase the Vitamins Intake: Again it all depends a lot on what you eat. It is going to be a very good idea to add some good nutritional foods to your diet. Vitamin B is very important for Good Hair. So, keep a check on your Vitamin Intake.
  • Head Massage: As you might know that your Hair get their nourishment from the Capillaries which carry oxygen and nutrients. A good massage will make the circulation better and strengthen your hair. So, it is recommendable to have a Good Head Massage at least once in two days.

How to make my hair bouncier, How to add more bounce to my hair, Making my Hair healthier

  • Protect your Hair: It is very important to protect your hair from anything in your environment. There are several enemies which you might have to face. These include dust, heat, dirty water or any chemicals or fumes which can cause your Hair’s quality to degrade.

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  • Moisturize your Hair: So, you too moisturize your skin, as I do. But, do you ever think of moisturizing your head, scalp, and hair? Even if you don’t, you aren’t alone so don’t panic. Just start doing so. Buy yourself a good Organic Shampoo and Moisturize your Hair and Scalp. Also, you can use curd to do so. Just apply the curd to your hair and wash it after around 30 Minutes.

3). How to Make your Hair Shinier?

  • Regular Oiling: Oiling with a good Hair Oil is a very good idea if you want to get Shiny Hair soon. You might have heard your mom tell you how good Mustard oil and Coconut oil are for better hair. These Oils have most of the essential vitamins needed for stronger and shinier hair. So, I recommend you to Oil your hair regularly, before going to sleep. (Heating the oil a bit will help better)
  • Use Hair Packs: There are many people who still use hair packs for the betterment of their hair. You can use an Egg Hair Pack or a Banana Pack or even an Aloe Vera Hair Pack. All of these will help yo to get Shinier Hair. But, I remember using The Aloe Vera Hair pack, it wasn’t very good for me. It made my hair shine so much, but then they were rough as well. So, beware while choosing. Also, check out the list of all other Hair packs as well.

How to Get Thicker Hair, Best Tips for Thickening your Hair, How to Thicken your Hair

  • Rinsing your Hair: It is very important to rinse your hair at regular intervals of time. You can use Different types of Rinsing agents for the same. The best Hair Rinsing Agents include Beer, Vodka, Honey, Rose Water and Coffe.
  • Eat Healthy Vegetables: One more thing that you can do for your Making Hair Thick, Strong, Shiny and Bouncy is eat Healthy Vegetables every day. Make these an important part of your Diet and consume these regularly.

4). How to Make your Hair Bouncier?

  • Use VinegarRinsing your hair is very important for Making Hair Thick and bouncy. So, add one-fourth to a cup of Vinegar to a cup of water and rinse your hair with this. When you will do this regularly, it will bring a good bounce to your hair.
  • Use Yogurt Mask: Yogurt is quite rich in protein and is a Natural dietary product, so it won’t even affect your Hair’s health. So, what you need to do is apply the Yogurt mask on your head and keep it like that only for 10-15 Minutes. Now, rinse it off with an Organic Soft Shampoo. Regular practice will bring more Thickness, Shine and Bounce to your Hair.

Best Tips for Shiny hair, How do I make my Hair Shiny, Making my hair Shinier

  • Banana and Honey: Mash a ripe banana in a bowl and add 1-2 Tablespoons of Honey to it. Now, just mask your hair with this and wash it off with a shampoo and a conditioner after 20 Minutes.
  • Bottle gourd Massage: Not everyone loves eating Bottlegourd I know, but everyone knows about it’s amazing benefits. Bottle gourd is very beneficial for your Hair’s health as well. What you need to do is, blend a Medium sized Bottle Gourd and strain this to get the juice. Then add some amla powder and a hair oil to it. Now, massage this mixture from your roots to tips of your hair.

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Well, I guess that this was enough information for now about the Best Tips for Making Hair Thick, Strong, Shiny and Bouncy. I hope you liked reading this article. As a Verdict, I would like to quote that even if your Hair are not in their best State right now, you still can do a lot to make them Better. You just need to follow the Tips that I shared above. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends and people who you think will find it useful.

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