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Why Should You Always Keep Loving Yourself?

8 Heartwarming Dialogues From ‘Dear Zindagi’ To Help You keep Loving Yourself & Your Zindagi

Do you remember when you had a feeling that you are full of life, that you are really happy? Do You? No! Right..
Often in our busy schedules, Work-Sleep-Eat-Repeat common schedule, we forget ourselves, ‘The Real Us’ , the one who was once a happy ‘free bird type’ child is now turned into a mature adult, an adult who knows all right things but forgot that he has wings called #Life(Zindagi).

Is it years of conditioning? Or is it a fear of being looked at in a certain light? Whatever may be the reason, we’re all leading unhappy, largely upsetting lives. We don’t love ourselves and certainly don’t love our zindagi!

For some odd reason, we’re living in times when the true test of a person’s strength is to always keep it together. We can’t show what we’re feeling, we’re always being judged for behaving a certain way and no matter how close a person may be, we somehow can’t open ourselves to them.

Gauri Shinde’s Dear Zindagi reveals the mantras for a happy, fruitful life through the conversations of two amazingly sketched characters.

Aspiring filmmaker Kaira meets Dr Jehangir Khan and unlocks the secret to her happiness.

These secrets, the audience will discover, are simple treasures that we wish someone had shared with us when we were younger

To help you open up, here are 8 beautiful dialogues from the movie that’ll surely inspire you to give yourself, and your life, a big, tight hug!

Below Here are the Best Dialogues from the Movie “Dear Zindagi”

Loving Yourself1: “Don’t let your past blackmail your present into ruining a beautiful future.”

Loving Yourself2: “Khul kar ro nhi sakogi toh khulkar has kaise paogi?

Loving Yourself3: “Rona, gussa, nafrat kutch bhi khulkar express nhi karne diya. ab pyaar kaise express karein?”

Loving Yourself
Hum hameesha mushkil raasta kyu chunte hai zarrori kaam ke liye? Kya pata aasan raaste se bhi kaam ho jaaye…

Loving Yourself5: “Hum itni kursiiyan dekhte hai, ek lene se pehle. Phir apna life partner choose karne se pehle, options dekhne mey kya problem hai?”

Loving Yourself6: “Zindagi ek jigsaw puzzle ki tarah hai. I can help you find the pieces, but you have to complete the game!”

Loving Yourself7: “Genius is not someone who has all the answers but someone who has patience for all the answers.”

Loving Yourself8: “Jab ham khud ko samajh lete hai na, tab aur koi hamare baare mein kya soochta hai farak nhi padta.”

Keep Loving Yourself
Love You Zindagi!  

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