Life Crew Community Guidelines

Life Crew Community Guidelines. Like Every Other Site, LC Community too has some Guidelines, which Every User or Member here is to Follow. Hopefully, these Guidelines will be easy for every Member here and we will all Benefit for the Good from these. This is not about Forcing or Controlling the Visitors which we get on this website, but to simply imply some Common Principles, which are critical for setting up any Foundation or Community. Having read that, look below for our Community Guidelines.

First of All, Who do these Guidelines Apply to?

These Life Crew Community Guidelines, apply to anyone, who is participating in an Old Discussion or starting a New Discussion on this website or, any of its Social Media Channels.

Life Crew Community Guidelines:

1). No Name Calling:

It is okay not to be in agreement with a user, but it is never okay to Name Call them or to Insult them or Harass them socially or in Person. Any such act of Indiscipline will be taken seriously, resulting in the Prohibition of the Accused’s Account here.

2). Always add Value to the Discussion:

It is very important for a Community to work well. If you are joining the Life Crew Community on your Choice, we recommend you to always try to Add Value to the Discussion, or any article where you start a New Discussion. Don’t just be the Guy saying “Nice Work”, “Nice Post”, “I am a Fan” etc. It’s a Health Blog, if you are Adding Value to the content, your Comment will be welcomed and well Entertained. Short and Irrelevant Comments will mostly be unanswered, and comments with any Irrelevant Links will be removed immediately.

3). Report what you See:

There might be some spam, which might pass past from the Moderator’s Nose. If you see anything of that sort, we recommend you to Immediately Report it to any of the 4 Admins of the site or simply just Leave a Comment about it. We will get it sorted.

4). Don’t Copy and Paste:

If you haven’t created some content, which you are sharing, share a link to the content, rather than Copying the whole thing and pasting it here. Life Crew strictly opposes Spam, Plagiarism and Copyright Violation. All the Content on Life Crew is Authentic and we thrive to Maintain that Quality and Authenticity.

5). Default User Role:

By Default, every User here gets a Subscriber account. That means that as a Subscriber, you can make Friendships, with other community members, start Discussions, Participate in others’ Discussions, leave comments, and like and share content. However, if you are a Passionate Writer and wish to Contribute to the LC Community and Blog on a higher Level, you can write to the admin at Email, Requesting an Account Upgradation, to get a Contributor Account. This will be looked into as soon as possible. So, don’t hesitate.

At the end, we hope that you as a Member of Life Crew Community will maintain Peace and a Healthy Environment with all the other Visitors and Members.

Stay Safe, Stay Fit and Stay Happy!


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