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How To Increase Observation Power In Just 5 Steps?

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How To Increase Observation Power? Well, it is “Realy Funny to know that you just didn’t observe that I spelled ‘Really’ wrong.” And, if you didn’t, I sure have some good news for you. But, before that comes, let us know what I am going to talk about. We are all aware of the fact that if we need to succeed, Observations Power, Concentration Power, and a Strong Will, are really important. Also, If we wish to achieve any goal of ours, we need to pay more attention to it. We need to observe how do we do what. Apart from this, it is also important to concentrate. In easy words, if you Focus right, you win the first battle. And for all of this, what you need to do first is Increase Observation Power.

How To Increase Observation Power? Let Us Find Out

Does, it ever happen to you that you are just amazed by how people catch things. Do you feel that it is awesome when a comedian jokes about something you know exists but, didn’t pay attention to? Is it really that way? Did you really not pay attention to it? Yes, you did but failed to observe what the comedian did and cracked a joke about. Things work differently when you observe better. It is important to Increase Observation Power. Not just because you can crack jokes about anything, but because better observations result in better results.

How to Increase Observation Power, Increasing Observation and Concentration Power, Life Crew

For example, if you have a better observation power, then sure you can identify the errors before anyone else. You can actually know what anyone is doing wrong, so you can correct it. And, apart from these things, you really feel more creative and productive when you are able to observe and analyze all the goodness near you. So, with me, now learn how to actually Work Your Observation Skills.

How To Actually Increase Observation Power?

In the above paragraphs, I told you what actually is a Good Observation power and what you can actually do with it. Now is the turn for me to share the areas that you need to work upon, for Increasing your Observation Power and have good Observation Skills.

Increasing Observation Power, Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, Observation

So, it is not just about one thing or the other. There are a few many factors and practices, which determine how good your Observation Power is. And, below here is a list of all those. Below here are the 5 Practices that sure will Boost up your skills and hence Increase Observation Power as well.

1). Meditation:

Meditation is the act of clearing up your mind’s shelf. Well, to be clear it is something that lowers the burden from your head. Meditations are of two types. First is Active Meditation and the other is Passive Meditation. When we do a work with complete concentration and dedication, we are actually Meditating actively. While, Passive Meditation is about leaving all the works and sitting at a place, to focus on your thoughts or your breath. I prefer to focus on my breath while Meditating. You can choose to clear your thoughts too.

Meditation helps in Increasing the Observation Power and Concentration


Meditation enhances your brain’s activity. It increases your concentration power and lets you focus on the tasks in hand. This is How to Increase Observation Power.

2). Practice Memory Collection:

Well, this one is my favorite. Why? Because it challenges me. I love to remember dates, and when I say I love to remember dates, I do not mean that I love to especially keep my head occupied with the dates, but it just happens. I do not forget 90% of the Dates, which have any kind of normal event’s occurrence. (Okay, I’m done boasting of myself). Well, Memory Recollection has an answer in the question. The meaning is pretty obvious with the word. It is about recollecting something which you did, to as much precision as possible.


Try Recollecting Memories from Events in Past, Memory Recollection, Lucy the Movie, Observation PowerTry Recollecting Memories from Events in Past, Memory Recollection, Lucy the Movie, Observation Power

This sure will help you a lot in Increasing Observation Power. For this, do consider picking up a date and an event, associated with it. And after 2-3 weeks, do try to recall as much as you can about the same.

3). Learn Through Trial and Error:

Keep checking back to figure out what you really observe. And, then figure out the new details that you should check when observing. This will improve your skills. If you consistently forget to pay good attention, then try to find some ways to help you remind yourself. This skill requires enough training. Also, with training, you will actually find this becoming self-driven and easier to use.

4). Be Curious and Experience New Things:

The answer to How to Increase Observation Power, lies in Curiousity. Also, experiencing new things helps to improve observation by engaging your attention. Further, remember to pay attention to the details of the environment. This kind of experiences will help enrich the knowledge, and using your Observation Power is the best way to improvise this skill.

Curiosity to know about more things betters your Observation and Concentration Skills and Power

5). Practice Logic Constantly:

Keep Practicing Logic Puzzles, Rubix Cubes, and Cryptograms etc. You can also play chess. All these games, help you Increase Observation Power. What you gain through this is because these are all the logical exercises. These make you push your brain to adapt the tensed and competitive environment, around you. Due to which, you either have to observe and focus better, or just lose.
For sure, competition can bring the best out of you and all of us.


Practice Logic Constantly for Increasing Observation PowerPractice Logic Constantly for Increasing Observation Power

Okay, so this was the post about the tips and tricks. This is How to Increase Observation Power effectively. If you liked this post, then tell us in the comments. Also, ask for any queries in the comments only.

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