How to Quit Smoking? Best Tips to Quit Smoking in 8 Weeks

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How to Quit Smoking? Smoking is one harmful habit, which everyone gets addicted to. And, when I say everyone, I count in people, who tried smoking twice. Yes, twice is important to get an addiction. Do you remember the first time you smoked? Did you even know what was happening and what were you actually doing? It was just a small lasting trip for you. Then came the second chance, when you wanted to know what it actually is. That is where you got caught at the hands of Smoking. Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to health. You know it, and everyone does, but, do you Quit? Did you tell your Smoker Friends to Quit? Did you try? Really? I don’t say that you didn’t.

Cigarette Smoking is one hell of an addiction. You can try again and again and be at the same place again and again. Although, this is disappointing but true. This is the reason why I feel the need to write a post helping People Quit Smoking. Here, you will read How to Quit Smoking.

What Smoking Does to You and Why you Need to Quit Smoking?

You sure have heard people telling you How Harmful Smoking is, and how it causes cancer as well. You sure are aware of that, right? Well, the truth is yet to come forth. You have known that Smoking Kills. But, what in the Smoke, actually makes you die? The answer to this question will be the answer to the question What Smoking Does to You? Let us look at the answer below.

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Whenever you smoke a Cigarette, more than 7,000 Chemicals Burn and their fumes enter your system. Although Nicotine is the Drug, which gives you a High, as it boosts Dopamine Levels, it is Highly addictive and carcinogenic. At least around 60-70 chemicals which we know, to be present in a Cigarette are carcinogenic. It is composed of a few Heavy Metals as, Lead, Arsenic, and Uranium as well. Can you imagine smoking that? Uranium is a Radioactive metal, which is used in Nuclear Weapons and Power Plants. And, the list continues. (Read this article about What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking? to know more about this)

And, for the answer to the Question Why You Need to Quit Smoking? Are the reasons above really not enough? When you will read about the constituents of a Cigarette, you will realize how brave you have been, smoking every cigarette all the time. For a better understanding of everything relating to Smoking and Why You Should Quit Smoking, I would recommend you to read the article, which I mentioned above first.

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So, having known these 2 Important things about Smoking, Let Us see How to Quit Smoking?

How to Quit Smoking? Best Tips to Quit Smoking in 8 Weeks:

You might have tried so many things to Quit Smoking, but you would know where you lacked. Have you noticed one funny thing about Smokers? Every Smoker is on the verge of quitting, in their words. They always know that Smoking Kills and they need to quit. But, words are words, my friend, they can’t replace actions. So, First of all, be honest with yourself and Stick to the Decision with determination. And, then you will be ready to know How to Quit Smoking.

1). Nicotine Replacement Therapy:

The reason why you want to Smoke is the Nicotine. The more you smoke, the more of Nicotine gets into your body and the higher and more intense are your cravings for the same. No wonder, why people get addicted to Smoking, Nicotine is like Dark Magic, harmful yet addictive. So, what you need to do here is consult your doctor and talk to him about this. Tell him, that you want to undergo a Nicotine Replacement Therapy. This thing will really help you to start with.

2). Develop a Better Hobby:

You might have had heard of this thing in the past too. To overcome an old addiction, find yourself a new addiction. This is something that you really need to implement in your life. You might know when you used to smoke the most. Like, my father used to smoke only on some special occasions. Suppose, at a party with a drink. This or something else can be the case with you too. What you need to do is either drift away for some time, from these Events or Activities, which trigger you to smoke or just get yourself a new hobby. This is one important thing to know while understanding How to Quit Smoking.

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3). Tell yourself Later:

It is always good to wait for another 10 Minutes. This is the thing with every addiction, have you ever tried telling yourself in the middle of the foreplay, to wait for another 10 Minutes? That sounds crazy, right? But doing this will spoil the moment and you won’t actually be in that state of mind after those 10 minutes have gone. I won’t really say that this can be the case 100% of times, but it will work for 85% times at least. So, now whenever you feel the urge to smoke, tell yourself to wait for another 10 Minutes. Most of the times, this will eliminate the chances of Smoking.

4). Keep your Mouth Busy:

Keep Eating food, or chewing gum or just munching on nuts or anything that you like. Just remember one thing; “Keep your Mouth Busy”. This will be very beneficial for your health as if you will eat something healthy like this, your health will be better and the urges to smoke too will go away.

5). It’s Never okay to have “Just one”:

If by telling yourself, that this will be the last one for the day, is your way of trying to Quit Smoking, trust me, You are already Failing. There are two reasons to it.

  1. You know that this won’t be Just one. Smoking one cigarette will boost up your Nicotine, and when it will go down, you will Light up, another again. You’ve been there, so you too know, it’s a Never Ending Cycle.
  2. Even if you stick to Just Last one, for the day thing, you are doing harm to yourself. It is always better to tell yourself to Smoke Later, and start playing an addictive Cell Phone Game, in that time, so you don’t smoke even after those 10 Minutes. You can do yourself good if you really want to do that.

6). Try Techniques of Relaxation:

Although Smoking and the answer to the question How to Quit Smoking, are themselves stressful, you will have to face a lot more stress, fighting against the Nicotine Cravings. It sure is not the easiest thing, that you will come across. To deal with this stress, you need a distraction. This distraction can be any of the Relaxation Technique, that works for you. You can do Yoga (Read here The Benefits of Doing Hatha Yoga), Aerobics, Dance, Gym Training, Running, or even any sport of your choice, which requires physical activity. Although, Yoga and an intense session of Workout, alone can do the good too.

7). Seek Help Online:

It might not be the addiction that you can turn to, but Online Anti-Smoking Forums, are really helpful. You will get some of the best advice out of these Groups and Forums, so Join some of these forums, with the highest number of members, and you will be good to go.

8). Ask your Friends to Help you:

Tell your friend to help you. If you really want to quit smoking, your good friends will always be by your side. They will never leave your back and will help you learn How to Quit Smoking. So, whenever you feel an urge to Smoke, inform your friend. Tell them to go for a walk with you or meet you for a cup of juice or some laughs. Just avoid the urge, to the highest extent. You can get there with this.

9). Keep Reminding yourself of the Benefits of Quitting Smoking:

This is something that you need to do for motivating yourself. You know the benefits, right? You can read this post to know What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking. This will motivate you and let you know, what Benefits will you have, after Quitting Smoking.

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So, this was it for now. This is How to Quit Smoking. I hope you found these Tips for Quitting Smoking, useful and if you did, then share this article with your other Smoker Friends. Subscribe to our Newsletter for more Updates about our New Articles.

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