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How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction? | Best Food and Workout Tips to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Prevent Erectile Dysfunction. Where the word penis comes, we know what we are talking about most of the times. Keeping out a few occasions, referring to Penis mostly relates to Sex. And, not just that, also there are many hidden insecurities linked with the Penis. Any man in the world is proud of his penis, regardless of its size, shape or color. The problem arises where Men, start relating it with their ego and self-respect as well. This is where the Sex Drive goes down too. And, with it goes down the desire to appear naked in front of a woman. Though no one wants to face an Erectile Dysfunction, more than 50% men face it earlier than they should. Furthermore, there are one but many reasons to it. Here, in this Blog Post, we will discuss and Solve those concluding to How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction.

Why before How: Why does Erectile Dysfunction Occur? The Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction:

Behind any Erectile Dysfunction lies one of the two reasons. The first Reason is the one, which can be easily cured. You don’t have to even visit a Doctor in most of the cases.
The first reason behind any ED is related to Mental Health.

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction, Best Tips to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction, Best Foods to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

While the other reason will include a set of Physical Disorders or Diseases, which you will have to consult a Doctor for. Below here, I am writing about Both of those in Detail. So, do give a read below.

Psychological Reasons behind an ED and How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction of this type:

“An Erection is something that unites every man ever. Every man has it, and every man hides it.”

Well, sure you would never want to face an erectile dysfunction. It can be one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to you. I understand. And the problem here is that women do never have to face anything similar to this. They do not have to worry about not being erect or not being able to perform right in the Bed. It’s only us, the Men who have to be under pressure and still Rise High.

Pressure of Sexual Performance in Bed too Causes Erectile Dysfunctions, Avoid Stress for a Better Sex Life

This stress and pressure too can be one of the reasons behind an Erectile Dysfunction. And, if any women are reading this article, here is a sweet advice.

“It might or might not be very important for you, But for your Man, his Penis and it’s Erection has got something to do with his Esteem and Ego”

So, whatever you say or do, just keep the above fact in mind. By the way, this is not a huge issue. If the woman who you date is making you feel more and more embarrassed every time, with her words or actions, regarding your Erection or Size, you can still talk things out.

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But, if there is something to do with your Reproductive Health, then there is a wholly different set of Health Issues, which might be the reason for this. Read below, for those Physical Reasons, which you too might relate to.

Physical Health Issues behind an Erectile Dysfunction and How to Prevent this Erectile Dysfunction:

Quotes like You are what you Eat” begin to make so much sense when you get to face a Health Issue, which bothers. Truly, no one cares about having or not having a Heart Attack, until they actually become prone to a Heart Issue. Maybe this is the reason why they say (I don’t know who actually) that Prevention is Better than Cure.

Physical Health Issues too are a major Cause behind Erectile Dysfunctions, Learn How to Get your Erection Back

But, when you have already Bypassed the Prevention, you have to look up to the reasons for the Issue. And, below here are the most Probable Issues, behind your Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Treatments for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate
  • Surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord
  • Sleep disorders
  • Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
  • Peyronie’s disease — development of scar tissue inside the penis
  • Metabolic syndrome — a condition involving increased blood pressure, high insulin levels, body fat around the waist and high cholesterol
  • Certain prescription medications
  • High cholesterol
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Tobacco use
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse
  • Heart disease

So, now you know, it is not about your Ego, but your Health. Your Erection has not got a lot to do with your Manliness until you link it that way. So, shift your Focus and take a pledge to live a Fit and Organic Life.

Live an Organic and Fit Life for a Better Sexual Functioning of Penis

There are many changes that you might have to bring into your Lifestyle, to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction. But, your Erection is as important as anything, right? So, go on and read the List of the Best Foods that Prevent Erectile Dysfunction below.

Best Foods to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction:

Fruits and organic Food is the key to Save your Erection. You can not keep on eating binge and junk, expecting to be the King of the Bed. You just can’t. So, get this thing straight in your head, that you need your Body to be as clean as possible.

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Obviously, the Penis gets an Erection, due to the Flow of Blood. how is it supposed to go Erect, if your Arteries are clogged with Cholesterol? Below here, is a list of the Foods that Support a Long Lasting Erection.

1). Berries:

Every Berry that you eat has plenty of anthocyanins, flavones, and flavanones in it. These nutrients are popularly known and approved for Preventing Erectile Dysfunction. So, you know Berries are always there to keep you erect for a longer period of time.

Blue Berries help in Preventing Erectile Dysfunction, Blue Berries save Erections

2). Apples:

Again apples are here to save us. That cliched quote saying “An Apple a Day, keeps the Doctor Away” proves itself right again. Apples are so good for health, your stomach and belly that they will clean up your body, and along with that fasten your metabolism as well. So, be friends with Apples to Save your Erection.

Eat More Apples for a better Sex Life

3). Oranges:

Oranges are very rich in Vitamin C and as we know any Citrus fruit helps in Detoxifying our Body. So does Orange. You can also consider eating Pineapples or Kiwis for the same. It’s just that they have a higher Content of Vitamin C than Oranges. Although, Oranges are appropriate for this purpose.

Oranges are Rich in Vitamin C and Help in Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

4). Pears:

Pears are no less than apples. Okay, not literally. But, yes there are many benefits to eating Pears than you would know or expect. One of those is the Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction. So, go on and be a Peer to the Pear”.

Eat more Pears to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

5). Leafy Green Vegetables:

This is something we already know. What do we not get from the Leafy Green Vegetables? There is every Nutrient present in the Green Vegetables, which so ever our Body ever needs. Green Vegetables are thus popular to avoid Erectile Dysfunction as well.

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Green Leafy Vegetables Help you Protect your Erection, Green Vegetables are Good to Prevent Lumness of Penis

6). Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate contains anthocyanins, flavones, and flavanones. And as we know, these nutrients keep the Soul and the Penis High. Also, Dark Chocolates boost the Testosterone Levels in the Body. This also results in the reduction of Moobs when taken in with a workout Routine.

Dark Chocolates are Good to Boost Testosterone Levels in the Body

7). Onions:

Onion is the official Testosterone Boosting Food. Is there anything else that I even need to say? Onions are so rich in Zinc and have too many good nutrients, which a male body needs. So, next time you have a salad, don’t forget to Add Onions to it.

Onions are Rich in Zinc and Help Boost Testosterone Levels

8). Red Wine:

We have always heard that Red Wine has nutrients which help in keeping our body young for a longer time and a small quantity of Red Wine, taken daily benefits us in many ways. To Prevent Erectile Dysfunction is one of those.

Red Wine is Good for Reproductive Health, Red Wine is Good for Health

What more Can you Do to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction?

Apart from the kind of food you eat, there are a few more factors, which your Erection depends upon. Your body’s health and fitness are two of those reasons of course. I said this in this Blog Post, earlier too, right? Well, the details and descriptions are here for the same.

To have a better Reproductive Health, here are a few Fitness Facts that you should look on to. Going an extra mile for the same will get you amazing Results. I guarantee it (If you do not suffer from a Health Issue, which will anyway hinder your Erection).

1). A Sleek Waistline:

This matters. Not only for the purpose of a better Sex Life but also to look good and feel fit. I really insist on you to work towards a better Waistline. Those Tires, don’t suit you anyway.

Work Hard for a Sleek Waistline, Perfect Waistline Boosts Sex Life and Erections

2). Legs and other Large Muscle Workouts:

Keep this one in mind. When you go onto doing a Workout, focusing on the Larger Muscles of your body, your testosterone levels rise high by a considerable amount. This sure is a blessing for your Reproductive Health.

Leg Workouts Help Boost Testosterone Levels in the Body

3). Avoid Soy Protein and other Estrogen Receptors:

Consuming too many Tomatoes, Soy Products, and Milk Products do cause harm to your Reproductive Health. Dairy Products can be an arguable addition to this list though, but Soy and Tomatoes are sure not the best things for a Man. And, adding Dairy Products to your Meals is requisite to getting a Better Body, with Better Strength, but it should not exceed a particular amount.

Avoid Soy Products and other Estrogen Receptors for keeping your Testosterone Levels High

4). Rest your Hand Please:

Yes, this is relating to Masturbation. Though I understand that Porn Movies and Day Dreaming is your thing. But, if you Masturbate a little too much, then here is some bad news for you. Masturbating too much doesn’t actually make you lesser a man than you are. It doesn’t harm your Reproductive Health, by making your Erections Weak. It doesn’t do that. But, in an indirect way, Masturbation releases more Estrogen Receptors in the Body.

Masturbation Activates more Estrogen Receptors

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This causes your body to receive more Estrogen from what you eat or how you feel. And, when Estrogen dominates a Male Body, Moobs and Love Handles come along. So, please, give your Hand some Rest.

So, this was our guide for now, about How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction. Here, we discussed in details about every possible aspect of an Erection and it’s Dysfunction. I hope I helped you somehow. If you too feel the same, then do share this Article with your Friends, who you think might need it.

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