How to Move on After a Breakup? How to Move on from Past?

How to Deal with a Breakup, How to Move on After a Breakup, How to get over your Ex, How to Move on from the Past

Move on After a Breakup. In the world which we live in, we come across a lot of experiences. These experiences might be good or bad or just come to us as a lesson. One of such experiences is a Relationship. Whether good, or bad a Relationship is an experience, which you will and should remember for the rest of your life. Every year Hundreds of Thousands of People fall prey to Heartbreaks. These are mostly because of a Cheating Partner, or any insecurities which happen to occur between two people who are dating or even anything else, out of the world. But, Breakups happen, right? You too might have faced a Breakup at some point in your life. In fact, you might be going through one right now. Here I help you deal with one. Let us know How to Move on After a Breakup.

First Thing First: Accept the Truth about Your Breakup:

Accept that it has happened. I know how hard it is. I know how hard it was for me and I know how terribly I was dealing with it. But I have learned some things out of it. This is why I am suggesting you some tips on Dealing with a Breakup. I don’t want you to be miserable after one bad Breakup. To many people it feels like the world has ended, trust me, I was no different. I used to think the World has now ended but to my surprise, It hadn’t.

How to Move on from your Breakup, How to Move on After a Breakup, Life After a Breakup

Also there are many counsellers and helpers around, who keep suggesting a lot, still you need the right counseling (read more about relationship counselling on askmile) to cope with a bad breakup in a good way. Obviously, You can’t be rocking your life, just after a breakup, if you are a girl (in most cases). And, if you are rocking it anyway, then Congratulations “You Win”. There is no one who can actually accurately tell you How to Move on After a Breakup if you will be ignorant towards the fact that he/she has gone.

Once when you will accept, you will feel a bit better after a probable loud cry. That’s how Breakups are, right? I haven’t seen a Happy-Healthy and Genuine Relationship end peacefully. Why? Because It simply can’t. So, deal with it. Be sad, cry, or be yourself, how you want to be, but just Accept that It has Happened.

How to deal with a breakup, How to move on From a Breakup, How to move after a Breakup for Guys

Once after you have Accepted the Breakup completely, you are good to Look up to the tips and advice which People give and I share for helping you understand How to Move on After a Breakup.

How to Move on After a Breakup? How to Move on from The Past?

Although, it is you who has to finally move on. No one in the world can do it for you. Only you have to do it, but still, you might need some help. And I am here for that. Below is the list of Best Things that you can do to Move on After a Breakup.

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1). Understand that you are on Yourself:

It is not about the finances. It is about the emotions, earlier when in a Relationship, all your problems were for both of you. Now those are not. You have to accept and understand that you might be alone in this. And, once when you will have dealt with this loneliness, you will be stronger than before. Now that you are alone, you need to take better care of yourself. Why? Because no one else will.

Accept the Breakup, How to Deal with a Breakup, How to move on From a Breakup

2). Cut-off; Completely:

The above point might have sounded stupid to you. This one might sound more traumatic. While, you might be in hopes of being able to get your Ex Back in your life, just as you got him/her when you started dating, Cutting off any contact will sound worse than hell. You might feel that now your ex will move on completely. But, let me tell you one wise thing:

“Your Ex moved on, the moment he/she told you that they seriously want this breakup and can’t be in this relationship anymore.”

Cut off from your Ex, Stay away for Moving on from Relationship, Move on from your Relationship

So, you know, there is no point of waiting for them to come back. Also, you need not be in contact with them. Even if they initiate, if they say that they can’t love you back now and can’t be in a relationship, Just cut them off. Be this hard to yourself and your ex too. This will hurt for a few days or weeks or months but will benefit you for the years to come.

3). Enjoy the Love that you have:

Yes, you might soon start counting me insane. This might sound like a psychotic thing, but I have done this. This satisfied me. When you will know that they ditched you, they cheated on you and you still are loving them, you will be able to live a more peaceful life. While, trying to hate them or trying to make them feel guilty or make them fall for you, might make you go down in depression.

Feel good with Love, How to Move on After a Breakup, Moving on From Breakup

The reason behind this is that you will know that when they were right, you were right too, but when your partner turned wrong, you were still right. This will help you feel better and true about yourself. This way you will understand that you have nothing to feel bad about. Yes, there are many things which you can feel sad about, but not a thing that you should feel bad about.

Why? Because they left you or cheated on you. You stayed loyal and loving. This means that you will get anyone way better (I know you don’t want them at this time). So, enjoy your feelings and be proud of the love that you gave your ex. I strictly consider this while talking about How to Move on After a Breakup.

4). Be more Optimistic and fight the Negativity:

This breakup has to help you a lot. There are two ways to choose from after any setback that you come across in your life. One way leads you to a better life and the other one drowns you down in tears. So, here you have to make a choice. I strictly recommend you to adopt an Optimistic lifestyle.

Stay Positive after Breakup, How to Move on from Breakup, Tips to Move on After Breakup for Girls

Trust me this is one of the hardest things to do. I was such a pessimist that I always used to feel that the world is against me. And, I still feel the same at times, but now I have known that whatever happens, it still is not worth my tears. Also, I feel depressed about my breakup. Yes, I gave in everything that I could. But, this is my power now. I used all the Energy and sadness to drive my life in a better direction.

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I want you to fight the Negative thoughts too. You might be feeling that your life is over and wouldn’t even want to accept any goodness, coming your way. I don’t blame you. Instead, I feel you, but this is the reason why I want you to grow better. So, Fight it. Fight all the Negative thoughts. Keep telling your inner self to be calm and have faith in your body and soul. And, no one can tell you How to Move on but, still, they can help you know. Trust me:

“You can move mountains.”

5). Be Blunt and Honest to yourself:

You know you committed a few mistakes in your last relationship. Not that those were big enough for the breakup to happen. But, still, those mistakes were there. Tell yourself to be better. So, you don’t do any of those in the future. And be brutally blunt with yourself. Tell yourself that the ex is gone now. This is the time to be better. Either to move onto someone better or to move onto something better. But, yes this is the Time to Move on in Life.

Be honest to yourself, Moving on after a Breakup

You have to be huge and this is not how you are going to do that. So, from now on start being brutally honest with yourself. Accept all your mistakes, failures and the bitter fact that your Ex has left you now.

6). Be yourself now:

Now, as the stressful relationship of yours has ended, this is the time when you be yourself. No one is keeping a watch on you now. And, this doesn’t mean that you hurt yourself only, but this is the time when you be yourself, and that too free. I’d suggest you go out and party. Buy yourself some new threads, or maybe get an entirely different hair color or hairstyle. Just feel yourself moving onto better things.

Feel good about yourself, Feel Happy, Moving on After a Breakup. How to Move on after a Breakup

“No guy is bigger than your happiness and your life, accept this and live with this fact.”

7). Do something:

If you won’t do anything at all throughout the day, you won’t be able to survive even for two weeks. You will break down again and again. So, do something. Do not sit at home, you can’t do that at any cost. You have to start to be outgoing. Just go out, do anything that you want to do. Travel places, go to a Church, or a Party Place, or an amusement park. I don’t care. But, dare you to sit ideally at home. This will help you learn How to Move on After a Breakup.

Party Hard to be Happy after breakup, Partying Hard after Breakup, Move on after Breakup

This will cause you to fall into depression. This should not happen. Just tell yourself that you can do better without your ex too.

8). Concentrate on your Career:

I love this one. This is the best decision that I took after my last breakup which happened around 4-5 Months ago. When you start to be sincere about your career after a breakup, you start to be more efficient in most cases. Although, there are people who are not able to concentrate at all. I have been there too, but when I got up from that, I felt way better and way more powerful.

How to Move on from Breakup, Moving on after Breakup, Be Sincere with your Career

I drove this energy of mine towards my work. And, I love to do my work now. Trust me, this is going to be the best thing to do After a Breakup. You can do miracles and be huge in your field of interest.

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9). Walk ahead and Don’t just Look Back:

You have seen a lot by now. Spending your Nights crying, and days wiping your own tears, you are strong now. So, you don’t have to look back now. Leave your ex, don’t even think about him/her. Don’t even be angry if you see them in public, better just smile or ignore their existence.

Move on and Don't Look back at the Breakup, How to move on From a Breakup, Be the King

You have come a long way without them, they were not with you, in your hard times. You have to understand these things and live your life better. So, Don’t ever look back now. This is How to Move on After a Breakup.

So, this was all about How to Move on After a Breakup. If you liked reading this post and found it useful, then share it with your friends who you think might need to know these things about Moving on From The Past. Stay tuned for a lot more.

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