How to Get Rid of Bunions? Bunion Treatment, Prevention, Natural Cure for Bunions

How to Get Rid of Bunions, Bunion Prevention, Cure Bunions without Surgery, Bunion Pads

Can you Get Rid of Bunions? Have you ever felt like you are having an unusual bump on any of your foot fingers? Well, Bunions occur, especially on the Toe. Apart from being distinctly visible, these are a huge pain as well. If you have ever been a part of any kind of sports, there are chances that you might have dealt with a Bunion already. And, considering you, reading this article about How to Get Rid of Bunions, we can understand that there is something you need help about.

In this article, I will cover everything relating to Bunions, Bunion Prevention, Natural Cure for Bunions, and Bunion Treatment. So, to get all this information, keep reading.

What is a Bunion, What Causes Bunions? Bunion Symptoms, Preventions, and Bunion Fix!

Okay, first of all, we need to know What is a Bunion?

A Bunion is an unusual, unsightly, and painful Bump on the side of the Biggest Toe of your foot. In many cases, it looks like you Broke a Bone, or your Bone has expanded a bit. And no matter How it looks like, it is different and very painful at times.

What Causes Bunions?

Although nobody by now has been able to Identify and quote the correct cause of Bunions, the theories and experiments prove that in most the major Causes of Bunions are as follows.

Bunions Causes:

  1. Inheritance of the Foot Type
  2. Foot Injuries, due to Sports or any other Physical Activity
  3. High Heels
  4. By Birth Deformities
  5. Uncomfortable Shoes

So, as you read above, I mentioned What is a Bunion and What causes Bunions. Now, to know How to Get Rid of Bunions, you need to read a bit more about the Bunion Symptoms, Preventions and Problems.

Bunion Symptoms:

Although I am sure you would know if you would have a Bunion, still to be sure of it, read the Bunion Symptoms below.

  1. Bulge on the outer side of your Big Toe
  2. Swelling, or Redness around your Big Toe’s Joint
  3. Unbearable Pain in the Toe
  4. Inability to move your Toe Flexibly
  5. Corns and Calluses at the Place where First and Second Toe overlap

So, here you got to read a lot about Bunions. Scroll Down to Read about the Bunion Treatment.

How to Prevent Bunions? Bunion Prevention, and How to Get Rid of Bunions?

Prevention is always better than cure, right? Well, this is one statement, you would have heard a hundred times before. And it is true to the core. For this reason, I recommend you to try to Prevent Bunions first. Read below the Bunion Prevention Tips.

  1. Wear Bigger Shoes: Wearing Improper Fitting Shoes can trigger the risk of having Bunions. If your shoes are always very tight on your feet, and you can barely feel your feet getting any air, it is the time you change your footwear. Wearing Bigger shoes will kick out the Possibilities of having Bunions.
  2. Avoid High Heels: As a Girl you can’t always wear Sports Shoes, which are comfortable, and I know that. But, try to avoid wearing your uncomfortable Shoes whenever you can. It is not always a compulsion to wear these. So, try to avoid wearing High Heels as much as you can.
  3. Be cautious on the Field: When you go for some sports, you should keep in mind that you do not hurt yourself. For that, you should take care of your Feet and take precautions to Prevent Bunions.
  4. Use Bandages: If you have started to feel an abnormal Bump already, I recommend you start wearing Bandages to fit on your Feet. This will reduce the risk and potential of the Growing Bunion, to hurt you further.

Well, these were the Most Common Bunion Preventions. Below here is the Bunion Treatment. Read now to know more.

Bunion Treatment – How to Get Rid of Bunions? (Bunion Surgery):

Again, to any ailment or health issue, there are 2 ways, which you choose one out of. Firstly there comes the Medical Treatment which your Doctor would suggest, and then the Treatment, which you can carry out at your home. This section will feature the Medical Bunion Fix on How to Get Rid of Bunions.

Bunion Treatments:

  • Bunion Surgery: Bunion Surgery is a Medical Procedure, which a well-trained Doctor will carry out. This surgery will help you Get Rid of Bunions Permanently. It takes place prior to the X-Ray. The X-Ray of your feet is important, so the Doctors can figure out, which portion do they need to fix. This Surgery might also Include Bunion Pads. It is the Fastest way to Fix Bunion Pain.
    I recommend you to Undergo a Bunion Surgery under a Good Doctor if your condition is really very serious and painful.
  • Bunion Treatment without Surgery: For the people whose Bunion condition is not very serious and who are eager to Undergo Natural Cure for Bunions, this is applicable. Read below to Find out How to Get Rid of Bunions Naturally.

How to Get Rid of Bunions? Get Rid of Bunions Naturally!

Medical Treatment for any disease or ailment is a good option always. It always is the fastest way to cure a Disease, right? But then it costs money, and also might have some side effects at times. And not only that, also in some cases the condition is not that serious to undergo a surgery. In those cases, we go for alternative Remedies to Get Rid of Bunions (considering this article).

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So, to know about the Natural Remedies on How to Get Rid of Bunions, read below.

1). Ice Pack:

This is one thing that you can use for the best results. An Ice pack is one of the most effective Natural Remedies, to cure any sprain, pain, or muscle pulls. This is the reason why it is very helpful in Getting Rid of Bunions as well. You can use it for Bunion Correction without Surgery, by making an Ice Pack.

Steps to Use:

  1. Take a thin towel, and wrap in it some ice cubes after crushing
  2. Now, place this Ice Pack on your Bunion for around 8-10 Minutes
  3. Take some rest, and repeat the same after 5 Minutes
  4. Do this twice or thrice a day for the Best Results, with the Fastest Bunion Natural Treatment

2). Foot Exercises:

Various Foot Exercises can also cure Bunions at home easily. You just need to know which exercises will work the best for you.

Different Foot Exercises for Bunion Cure without Surgery:

  1. Exercise 1:-
    1). Sit on a chair, and place your foot on a Tennis Ball
    2). Now, start rolling the ball under your foot
    3). Keep rolling the ball under all the areas which feel tight
    4). Repeat this every day for around 5-10 Minutes, twice
    Foot Exercises to Get Rid of Bunions
  2. Exercise 2:-
    1). Take place on a chair, and hold your foot with your hand, as if you are holding a friend’s hand (look at the picture for better understanding)
    2). Now, curl the toes, back and forth again and again till you start feeling some relief
    3). Repeat this twice or thrice a day for Quick Bunion Fix
    Exercises to Fix Bunions
  3. Exercise 3:-
    1). Stand up tall, or sit with your Legs straight in front of you
    2). Now, stretch your toes straight to the fullest, for 10 Seconds
    3). After that, curl your toes tight on the inside, and stay this way for another 10 seconds
    4). Repeat this exercise twice every day, for at least 7-8 Minutes
    Foot Exercises to Cure Bunions Naturally

3). Turmeric:

If you don’t know, Turmeric is one of the most famous spices, which every household has. And apart from its fame, it has some of the best and the most effective Remedial/Medical Properties. These properties make it a perfect Remedy for many ailments. Joint Pain, Acne Scars, Sprain, Bunions and what not. You can use Turmeric for almost everything.

It has curcumin in it, which blocks even the intense pains. This is why here it is to Fix Bunion Naturally.

Steps to Use:

  • Method 1:-
  1. Add half a tablespoon of Turmeric, to a little bit of Olive Oil
  2. Do this in order to make a semi thick paste
  3. Now, apply this directly on the Bunion Foot
  4. Repeat this Remedy every day for the Best Results
  • Method 2:-
  1. Add a teaspoon of Turmeric Powder to Milk or Lukewarm Water
  2. Drink this glass of Milk or Lukewarm water with Turmeric, twice every day

You can also consume 3 capsules of Curcumin 400 mg, a day.

4). Chamomile Tea:

It is another useful Ingredient, which can really help a lot in Getting Rid of Bunions. Apart from that, it has many other Medicinal Benefits. It is a Natural Herbal Tea, which is good for your Bone Health, and Metabolism as well. Read below to know How to Get Rid of Bunions with Chamomile.

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Steps to Use:

  • Method 1:-
  1. Boil a cup of water to moderate warmth
  2. Pour a Chamomile Tea bag into it, and strain
  3. Drink a cup of this Chamomile Tea twice every day for Best Results
  • Method 2:-
  1. Buy Chamomile Essential Oil from a Store near you
  2. Massage your Bunion twice every day

You can also use any other Ointments for relief.

5). Use Epsom Salt:

If the reason for your Bunions is Arthritis, then you can try using Epsom Salt as well. This salt has a really High content of Magnesium. That is how it regulates the Body’s pH Levels, and hence eliminates the Bunion Pain.

Steps to Use:

  1. Take a bucket and fill it with warm water
  2. Then add around 10 Tablespoons of Epsom Salt to this bucket
  3. Now, soak your feet in this water until the water becomes cold
  4. Dry your feet with Towel, and massage it with warm olive oil or warm coconut oil
  5. Repeat this remedy at least 3 to 4 times a week

6). Foot Massage:

Massaging your Foot having Bunion is another way to Cure Bunion Naturally. You can use a good Essential Oil or Massage Oil for Massaging your Foot.

Steps to Use:

  1. Take some Castor Oil, Olive Oil, or Coconut Oil and warm it up
  2. Now, do deep massaging with your fingers
  3. Repeat this same remedy 2-3 times every day

7). Asprin Foot Soak:

You can use Asprin to Treat Headaches and some other kind of discomforts as well. And then comes the use of Asprin for Bunion Treatment also. Read below to know How to Get Rid of Bunions with Asprin Foot Soak.

Steps to Use:

  1. Add 2 to 3 Asprins in a small tub of water with lukewarm water
  2. Now, soak your feet in this water and stay this way until water becomes cold
  3. Pat your Feet dry with a dry Towel
  4. Repeat this remedy around 3-4 times a week

8). Ginger:

Inflammatory Properties of Ginger make it eligible to be a good cure to Bunions. This is the reason why you can use Ginger to Get Rid of Bunions.

Steps to Use:

  1. Make a cup of Herbal Tea/Green Tea or Chamomile Tea
  2. Also, grind a small piece of Ginger and add it to the warm tea
  3. Rinse the tea, and drink two cups of Ginger Tea a day
  4. Repeat this remedy every day

You can also consider adding Ginger to your meals as well, and for Salad too.

9). Calendula/Marigold:

Marigold or Calendula is another Inflammatory Ingredient which is very useful for Getting Rid of Bunions.

Steps to Use:

  • Method 1:-
  1. Crush some Marigold Leaves with your hands and take the juice out of these
  2. Apply this juice on your Bunions and leave it to dry
  3. Wash your feet off now
  4. Repeat this remedy every day for best results
  • Method 2:-
  1. Buy Calendula Ointments from a Herbal Store
  2. Apply this Oil on your Bunions every day, 2 to 3 times a day

10). Maintain a Normal Body Weight:

Although the Natural Ingredients can help a lot to Cure Bunions. Bunions can disbalance your body and when you have a Heavy Body. So, that is the reason I recommend you to Lose Body Weight (read this article to find out How to Lose Belly Fat and Body Weight). Maintaining a Good Body Weight is very important to keep your Feet and your body fit.

11). Eat More Green Leafy Vegetables:

I highly recommend you to Eat more and More Green Leafy Vegetables. Eat more Spinach, Broccoli, and other Leafy Vegetables. These have high Iron Content, and also have great inflammatory Properties. This is a good Natural Remedy on How to Get Rid of Bunions.

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12). Tomatoes:

Eat Tomatoes every day, as it is also a good Inflammatory Food. Tomatoes are really useful for Natural Bunion Cures.

So, this was it for now. Find below the Index of this post.

Index of this Article – Everything about How to Get Rid of Bunions:

Like we always do in every article on this blog, here also I have added an Index. Read the Index below and find out if you missed out on anything important. So, you can read it again.


  • What is a Bunion?
  • Causes of Bunions?
  • Symptoms of Bunions
  • 17 Remedies on How to Get Rid of Bunions:
    1). 4 Tips on Bunion Prevention
    2). 1 Medical Bunion Treatment
    3). 12 Natural Bunion Cures

So, this was all about How to Get Rid of Bunions. I hope you found this article useful, and if you did then share it with your friends. Also, like our Facebook page and follow us over other Social Media. Subscribe to our Newsletter if you want to stay in touch.

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