How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs? How to Remove Baby Hairs from Top of Forehead?

How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs, How to Remove Baby Hairs from Top of Forehead

How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs? Do you know about the Superman Curl? Well, people usually tell me that I have one on the top of my head. You know what it is? Well, let me tell you. The Superman Curl or the Baby Hairs is the curl at the end of your hair, which either float or stick on the head. There are people who like this curl, but also there are people who want to know How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs. Well, this article is for the people falling under the second category.

But personally, I find this curl nice. It is something unique. Something, not everyone has. And that is what makes me keep my Baby Hairs as they are. But hey, I can help you all with that. And that is what I will do with this article. Read below to find out How to Remove Baby Hairs from Top of Forehead.

What are Baby Hairs? Causes of Baby Hairs, and How to Prevent Baby Hairs? – How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs?

Okay, as always this is the first question. What are Baby Hairs? We need to know the correct answer to this question before we get into reading the Remedies for the same. So, there you go.

Frizzy Baby Hairs Removal

What are Baby Hairs?

Well, as I mentioned above as well, Baby Hairs are the Natural Curls of hairs on the top of your forehead. Just as the one, which the Old Superman used to have. You remember that, right?

What Causes Baby Hairs?

So, talking of the Causes of Baby Hairs, there is no actual reason, except for Genetics and How you Treat your hair. Still, read the below reasons, for a better understanding.

  • Genetics: Genetics always play a role in forming, designing and molding all the Body Parts of any living being. The same procedure of transfer of Genetic Information occurs, to make you have Baby Hairs on Top of Forehead.
  • Pulling out Hair: Well this is something most of us would disagree to be doing, but those who Pull their Hairs out often, usually have Baby Hairs.
  • Head Cap: Wearing Head Caps means to cage your hair. This suppresses them and they somehow lose their original shape and texture and turn wavy or curly.
  • Comb with Thin Teeth: This idea of Combing your hair might attract most of you, but the Baby Hair thing has a strong association with this. As it pulls the Hairs out in a way.
  • Tight Pony Tails: Girls who make a Pony Tail with their hair on the head, generally commit one solid mistake which invites Baby Hairs. That mistake is stretching the hair too tight in a Pony Tail.

So, these were some of the most common Causes of Baby Hairs. Read below to know How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs.

Why Prevent or Remove Baby Hairs?

And if you are just wondering why you need to Get Rid of Baby Hairs, read below to find the actual reasons.

  • Baby hairs are very tiny and thin but can trap moisture from the skin, and make it sweaty and uncomfortable at the top of forehead.
  • When you use a facial or hair product, Baby hairs can stick to it, and cause irritation
  • If you are someone who has to spend time under the sun every day, it is very important to Remove Baby Hairs. Otherwise, the skin of forehead around these Baby Hairs will become extremely dry at all times.
  • Also, Nobody likes to have Frizzy Baby Hairs on Tope of Forehead. Those look annoying and unnecessarily curly.

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How to Prevent Baby Hairs, and How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs Fast?

Prevention is always better than cure, right? And for that reason, it is Important to look for the Preventive Measures for Baby Hairs before we move onto the ways to Tame Baby Hairs.

Types of Baby Hairs:

  • Superman Curl (People appreciate Superman obviously)
  • Frizzy Baby Hairs (Which you want to Get Rid of)

How to Prevent Baby Hairs?

  • Avoid Wearing Caps: This has worked a lot for me. I used to be a guy who would wear a cap on any day, and every day. When I lost my cap, things turned normal and Now I feel better about my Hair.
  • Start Using Combs with Thicker Teeth Gap: Teeth Gap in the Comb is very important. You might like to Comb your hair with a small teeth gap comb, but that way your hair turn Fizzy and then turn into Baby Hairs. So, go for a comb with more Teeth Gap.
  • Oil Regularly: One way to Get Rid of Baby Hairs is by keeping those wet. Water can’t work all day long, right? That is why you should use oil for this purpose.
  • Keep it Clean and Don’t Pull: Above all the other things, this is one most important thing that you need to do in order to prevent Baby Hairs. Keep your Hair Clean and Don’t pull your hair tight.
  • Think twice before a Pony Tail: You might be a real fan of Pony Tails but you need to know that it might be the major reason behind your Baby Hairs. So, think twice the next time you are making a Really Tight Pony Tail.

Well, talking of How to Prevent Baby Hairs, the above information is enough for now. Scroll below to Find out How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs.

How to Tame Baby Hairs? – How to Remove Baby Hairs?

Prevention is the best option to keep yourself away from an ailment, but when it is too late, you need to find the cure. And for that, here is the Guide to Tame Baby Hair. Read below to know more.

How to Tame Baby Hairs?

We all know that Hairs on our head are in a particular pattern. But Baby Hairs are different. For that reason, I am writing about How to Tame Baby Hairs.

  • Warm Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil has many Skin and Hair Benefits. Also, it supplies your hair with sufficient moisture and hence helps you Get Rid of Frizzy Baby Hair. All you need to do is Apply some moderately Hot Coconut Oil on your Baby Hairs.
  • Strong Hold Hairspray/Hair Gel: While buying a Hairspray or Hair Gel, do read the related reviews as well. These synthetic products are not the best alternatives but can work fine for you. You can use an old toothbrush and spray the hair gel or hairspray onto it, to comb your Baby Hairs with it.
  • Olive Oil or Almond Oil: My mother used to do this for my sister’s Frizzy Baby Hair. The idea is very simple. All you need to do is give yourself a mild hair massage focusing on all your Baby Hairs, and the rest of your head as well.
  • Mustard Oil: Okay don’t be grossed and don’t cringe. This one is really very effective. Just apply the oil on your Baby Hairs, and tame those. That is all you need to do and the rest will just happen.

So, these were the most common and useful ways to Tame Your Baby Hairs. Below here are the Permanent Solutions to Your Baby Hairs. Read below to know How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs.

How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs? How to Remove Baby Hairs from Top of Forehead?

Okay after all the Preventive Measures and Instant Remedies to Tame your Baby Hairs, this is the time when you get to know How to Remove Baby Hairs on Top of Forehead for long times. So, let us get going for that.

1). Dermaplaning and Shaving:

Shaving and Dermaplaning are two of the easiest and most common ways to Get Rid of Baby Hairs. Just that there is a slight difference between these both. Have a look at that.

  • Shaving: Shaving is the procedure with which you can easily Remove Baby Hairs, using a Razor and Shaving Cream. Just that you should be very cautious while using the Razor or it might cause Skin cuts and several other Injuries.
  • Dermaplaning: It is a somewhat Professional version of Shaving. For Deplaning you have to keep the razor extremely close to your skin, and this process requires lots of Precision. So, just be cautious.

2). Hair Removal Creams:

This is truly the easiest to implement a method for Removing Baby Hairs. To make it work for you, you just need to go to a Chemist near you and get a Hair Removal Cream for your Baby Hairs. What these creams do is melt those baby hairs down, and help you Get rid of those.

Note: Don’t use if you have a sensitive skin. It can cause Itching and Irritations.

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3). Epilate your Baby Hairs:

The Epilation Methods include many Remedies for Hair Removal. These Remedies work on your Baby Hairs from the inside, from the roots and help you Remove Baby Hairs easily.

Different Epilation Methods:

  • Threading: If you are a girl, you sure know what threading is. And if you are a guy, I am sure you have heard of it before. Anyway, this method involves a thread and is made to form an ‘X-Shape‘. What it does is uproot the Baby Hairs and removes them completely. A small Drawback is, it takes around 20-30 Minutes to carry out and needs professionals for the Processing.
  • Tweezing: This is the simplest Epilation method for Removing Baby Hairs. What you do is either buy Sterilized Tweezers or just pluck your Baby Hairs out from the roots. Painful, right? Yes, I know.
  • Waxing: Waxing is another very famous Epilation Baby Hair Removal Method. It involves wax strips and hot wax.
    Your friends might be of help for this procedure, as you can carry it out at your home. Just be extra cautious, because there is a chance of waxing out your hair if you go carelessly.

4). Use Sugaring to Get Rid of Baby Hairs:

There is always a rough cure to many soft things. There is one such Rough Cure to Soft Baby Hairs also. Look down for the same below.

Method 1:

  • Add 3 tablespoons Honey to 2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice and Mix it together
  • Apply on the clean area of your forehead, in the opposite direction of your hair growth, and sides of hairline

Method 2:

  • Mix 3 teaspoons of sugar, lemon juice and some water together
  • Apply this mixture on your clean forehead and leave it like that for another 15 Minutes
  • Then wash it with cold water and dry it all up

Method 3:

  • Blend an egg white with some sugar and cornflour to make a Facemask
  • Now apply this face mask and peel it off after 20 Minutes
  • Peel the mask off in opposite direction of hair growth

Method 4:

  • Add 2 Teaspoons of water to 2 teaspoons of Yogurt, and mix it up to make a paste
  • Apply this paste on your Baby Hairs and remove after 15 Minutes
  • Wash the hair with lukewarm water and repeat this twice a week
How to Remove Baby Hairs Permanently? Permanent Baby Hairs Removal Techniques:

Above this section, you read a lot about Baby Hairs, their Preventive Measures, and Remedies. Most of the Methods above were Natural, and also Long Lasting. But then, there is the difference between Long Lasting and Permanent. For Permanent Removal Of Baby Hairs, you need to undergo some relevant treatments.

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Surgical Methods to Remove Baby Hairs Permanently:

  1. Laser Hair Removal: People often use this method for Removing Hairs from the body parts, which they want clean forever. Although it can have some sort of side effects as well, still people opt in for this one. Why? Because it is easy and just costs money. I am not promoting or criticizing this method, but just that the truth needs to be clear, right? Yes, this method can be harmful at times.
    The Laser produces a lot of heat and this heat can cause Hair Follicles to burn a bit, and also this will result in somewhat improper hair growth.
    Apart from a few drawbacks, this method is widely famous and effective for Removing Baby Hairs.
  2. Electrolysis: Another Permanent answer to How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs Permanently is Electrolysis. This is a procedure which will present charge to all your baby hairs and uproot those completely forever.
    This method works separately on each hair strand and this is why it takes a lot of time to finish. This is very effective and doesn’t have any side effects either.
Final Verdict and Summary of the Article – How to Remove Baby Hairs?

This section is a sort of Index of the above post, so you can make sure that you didn’t miss any important information here, and if you realize that you did, you can just scroll up and read it.

  • What are Baby Hairs?
  • Causes of Baby Hairs
  • Why Prevent or Remove Baby Hairs?
  • Types of Baby Hairs and How to Prevent Baby Hairs?
  • Best Ways to Tame Baby Hairs?
  • How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs? (Natural/Non-Surgical Remedies)
  • How to Remove Baby Hairs Permanently? (Surgical Procedures)

So, this was it about How to Get Rid of Baby Hairs, How to Tame Baby Hairs, and How to Remove Baby Hairs Permanently. I hope you found this article useful, and if you did then share it with your friends and let them know these tricks too. Also connect with us via Facebook, and other Social Networks, and Subscribe to our Newsletter for Notifications about our New Articles.

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