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How to Deal with Common Skin Problems During Summer?

6 Most Common Skin Problems in Summer, Skin Problems in Summer, Skin Irritation Remedies for Summer

How to Deal with Common Skin Problems During Summer?. Summer, as we know, is just here. In Asian Countries, like India, Summer is intense, unlike those in the west. To them summer means a pleasant weather mostly, by the side of the beach, having some natural tans. We too have natural tans in India. It’s just that those tans are somehow and sometimes, similar to burns as well. So, you know it is tough living in Asia Pacific. Especially in summer, when the temperature reaches up to 50 Degrees Celsius as well. And, it is only India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, if we go out and reach to Libya, the temperature there reaches a highly hot 60 degrees as well. In extreme weather situations as this, we need to be more conscious about our skin.

That’s why here is some help for Dealing with 6 Common Skin Problems In Summer.

How to Deal with Skin Problems During Summer? What are the Most Seen Common Skin Problems in Summer?

Summer with it brings a lot of good and bad things to us. And, well, we can’t be partial about it, we know that every season does the same. We have to cope up with the dry and itchy skin, during winter and humid skin in the rainy seasons. So, we can’t just blame summer as well. But what we can do is, prevent. Prevent our skin by making it prepared of all the Common Skin Problems in Summer. But, for that to happen, we need to know, which Problems are most Common during Summer.

6 Common Skin Problems in Summer, Most Common Skin Problems which occur during Summer

Below here are the 6 Common Skin Problems which Occur During Summer:

  • Rashes
  • Folliculitis
  • Hives
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Yeast Infection
  • Athlete’s Foot

All these Infections/Skin Issues are very common during summer. Though it all depends on a lot on the immunity of the person, still you can get caught by one of these, even being very fit. So, let’s take these out one by one.

How to Deal with Common Skin Problems During Summer?

So, here we go with the descriptions of all the above Common Skin Problems happening in Summers and about how you can deal with those.

1). Rashes:

When the weather gets hot and humid, we know that rashes are coming. Well, this happens due to bacteria as well. These heat rashes are small, itchy bumps, usually occurring within skin folds.

How to Treat?

Usually, a Heat Rash disappears by itself withing a few days. But, for the sake of taking some preventive measures, you can wear light, breathable clothes. Also, try to be away from heavy creams, makeup or anything else, which might block your sweat glands. If in case, a rash lasts for more than 3-4 days, you should consult a doctor immediately.

2). Folliculitis:

Do change your workout clothes as soon as you’re done with gym for the day. Folliculitis is a bacterial infection which develops easily in warm, dark and humid environment. So, you know your underarms and private parts might be prone to catch it. This is why we recommend you to change your clothes after your workout.

How to Treat?

Generally, people who wear tight clothes, suffer from this. Tight clothes compress hair follicles, making it easy for bacteria to grow. Also, if you love hot bathes, then make sure that your tub is clean, after chlorination.

Also, to avoid it you should take shower immediately after workout and also use an antibacterial cleanser.

3). Hives:

These are the raised red welts, with clearly visible edges. These appear, as a consequence to many different reactions to allergens, like animal dander, insect bites, medications, pollen etc. This can occur at any place of the body and can even expand. Also, they can take any shape or size.

How to Treat?

Mostly Hives disappear on their own within some hours only. But, if they last longer, then you might need some remedies. You should keep in mind to resist your urge to scratch, as that can worsen the hives. Also, we recommend using OTC antihistamine for relief.

If this doesn’t affect, then contact your doctor.

4). Contact Dermatitis:

It is a skin condition, which occurs due to contact with something that leads to rashes. It can cause itchiness, redness and some amount of skin flaking too. Poison Ivy is the most common of the contact dermatitis that occurs through contact with poison ivy or poison oak. Some flowers can also be the culprits for certain other kinds of contact dermatitis.

How to Treat?

Prevention is better than cure. Experts advise to beware of the surroundings and get to know what poison ivy and poison oak look like. Also, avoid walking through tall grasses and use walking paths instead. In more severe cases, kindly visit a dermatologist.

5). Yeast Infection:

Generally, many women suffer from this infection during the warm and humid summer months. The natural warmth and moisture of the vagina are ideal for these infections. It usually occurs when the acidic balance shifts due to different antibiotics or steroids. The usual symptoms include redness, swelling, itching, irritation and/or thick vaginal discharge.

How to Treat?

OTC medicines will give you instant relief, but it is must visit a doctor. This happens because sometimes bacteria and fungi infect the vagina, and seem to be similar. While the treatment varies. If the problem still persists, then go to a gynecologist.

6). Athlete’s Foot:

Don’t go over the name. This can take hold of anybody. It is contacted due to reasons, like sweaty feet in closed-toe shoes or a minor nail injury or a poorly sterilized pedicure. The infected site cracks, and skin peels between the toes along with blisters too.

How to Treat?

OTC anti-fungal creams can give quick relief, and continuous application can clear it away. And, obviously, if the symptoms persist, then do go to visit a Doctor for a prescription regarding anti-fungal creams/pills.

So, this was it for now. These were the 6 Most Common Skin Problems in Summer with tips on How to Deal with Common Skin Problems During Summer. We hope you found this article useful. Share with your friends to help them too.

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