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How to Choose a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

How to Choose a Lighted Makeup Mirror

How to Choose a Lighted Makeup Mirror? A Lighted makeup mirror is useful when you are applying makeup in a dark place where enough natural light can’t enter. Natural light is best for applying makeup as it shows you exactly how you look like, but getting enough natural light is not always possible. Sometimes, it is also tough to find a room where there is enough light, especially when you are in a hurry. In those cases, lighted makeup mirror helps best.

So, you see that a best-lighted makeup mirror is a must to help you when you need emergency makeup. That’s why I’m here to help you find a good makeup mirror. Follow my words carefully.

Choosing the Best Lighted Makeup Mirror:

Choosing the best Lighted makeup mirror needs some considerations. Check those out.

  1. Size: Most of the time you use a Lighted make up a mirror for applying makeup in emergency situations outside of the home. At home, I think there is enough light where your makeup mirror is situated. So, you see that you need to buy a mirror that is portable and easy to handle.

That’s why I suggest choosing a small Lighted makeup mirror so that you can carry it in your handbag and help yourself when needed. Large Lighted makeup mirror is not needed. But if you want to have one in your bedroom, you can also buy a large one.

  1. The brightness of light: You have to think of the brightness too if you want to buy a Lighted makeup mirror. The brightness of the light is very important at the time of applying makeup.

If the light is too dim, you’ll look darker than actual look. As a result, you may apply more makeup than you actually need. If the light is too bright, you’ll think that you have put enough makeup even when you haven’t applied enough.

So, before choosing the best Lighted makeup mirror, make sure that the light is neither too bright nor too dim. A moderately bright light will do well. It’ll be better if there is an option to change the brightness.

  1. Magnification: When you are going to choose a Lighted makeup mirror, magnification is also important because it is a makeup mirror. Magnification allows you to see the details of a spot.

The higher the magnification, the more details you’ll be able to see. As a result, the field of view will be smaller than normal.

So, here you need to choose the magnification depending on your preference. If you want to focus more on details, you have to buy a mirror with high magnification. But if you want to get a large field of view to see a large portion at a time, go for a mirror with low magnification.

  1. Source of Power: As I have suggested you to use Lighted makeup mirrors for emergency situations when you are not at home, I think you should choose a makeup mirror that is not corded.

A cordless mirror will be the best solution for you. You’ll find some cordless rechargeable Lighted makeup mirror. Some battery powered mirrors are also available.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the power source works for a long time. You won’t like a power failure before you have finished applying makeup. And this was all on How to Choose a Lighted Makeup Mirror. I hope now you are able to find the best one for yourself. Also, if you liked this post, share it with your friends who might be looking forward to Buying a Lighted Mirror, and stay tuned to Life Crew, for a lot more such content.

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