How to Change Your Eye Color? Eye Color Changer, Change Your Eye Color Naturally

Before and After Eye Color Changer Surgery

How to Change Your Eye Color? Well, the question is invalid at many levels. It might have even amazed you when you read this title. And, I can’t blame you there. Changing Eye Color is one boon, which everyone would have loved to have. Watching Movies Like Lucy, the idea fascinates more. But, is it really possible? Well, to some extent it is possible to Change Your Eye Color, but not at any level even remotely close to Lucy. The color of your eyes is a sign of the quantity of melanin in your iris. The more the Melanin, the darker is the color of eyes.

This clearly means that people with black eyes have more melanin in their Iris, while people with Grey, Blue, or Light Brown Eye Colors have a lower amount of Melanin in their Iris. Simple, right? Although it is nearly impossible to Naturally Change Your Eye Color, there are therapies which can help.

How to Change Your Eye Color, Natural Eye Color Changers, Change Your Eye Color Naturally

If in case you are too bothered by the dark color of your eyes, you can either take Medical Help or try out some Natural Methods. And, in this article, I will discuss both. I am sure that after reading this complete article you will have completely understood everything about Eye Color, What gives Your Eye its color, How to Change Your Eye Color, and What to do for a Permanent Eye Color Change.

Everything about Eye Color, Different Eye Colors, Eye Color Changers, and How to Change Eye Color Naturally?

Okay, so as we know, in the earlier section I told what gives your Eye its color, right? So, it is melanin, if you missed it. The more the melanin in your Iris, the darker is the color of your eyes.

And after that, the one thing that is important about Eye Color is the Different Eye Colors. So, below here you find all those Rare, and Popular Eye Colors.

Different Colors of Eye(s) (Most Common to Rarest):

  1. Dark Brown Eyes
  2. Hazel Eyes
  3. Blue Eyes
  4. Green Eyes
  5. Silver Eyes
  6. Amber Eyes
  7. Pink Eyes

In the list above, I mentioned 7 Different Eye Colors, although there are super rare colors, as Purple as well. Mentioning those here would be a lot, as there is a very small population with that Eye Color. Anyway, read below for Information about different Eye Color Changers.

Well, seeing you on this page of Life Crew, I already assume that you are in wants of trying to Change Your Eye Color. That is okay, there are many people who wish to do that. Although, there is nothing as a perfect Eye Color Changer. It’s just that Everyone has Blue Eyes. Hold Up! Let me complete.

Yes, Everyone has Blue Eyes, which has a cover of a Pigment, which has a different color. So, technically, if you remove the Pigment which covers your eyes, you can probably get Blue Eyes too.

How to Change Eye Color, Temporary Eye Color Change

And for that, there are both Medical and Natural Methods. Although a Permanent Eye Color Change is very rare to have, with Natural (Non-Surgical/Medical) Treatments. Read below to know more.

How to Change Your Eye Color? Eye Color Changer, Permanent Eye Color Change with Medical Treatments:

Well, as I have mentioned in many of my previous articles, to any ailment, disease or a Health Issue, there are always two ways to choose from. Firstly, there are Medical Treatments, and then there are Natural Treatments.

In most of the cases, more reliance lies in Medical Treatments, while in other cases Natural Treatments do the task Quick, and Fine. Let us see, How to Change Your Eye Color, making things easy, comfortable, and long-lasting.

  • Medical Eye Color Changer: The Medically approved Methods of Changing Eye Color work fine in most of the cases. The failure rate is very low, although the cost is something that might make you drop the plan. Anyway, for those who would still want to go for it, you can undergo a Laser Operation for a Permanent Change in Your Eye Color.
    The Surgery costs, around $5,000, and takes up at most a minute or two. After this operation, within 2 to 3 weeks, your eyes will have lost all the melanin and you will be left with Blue Eyes.
    Note: It only works for turning Brown, Green, Grey Eyes to Blue
  • How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally: Well, if you want to rely on Natural ways, then you will have to compromise a bit with the color. As you can not Naturally Get a Permanent Eye Color Change. Also, a Natural Color Change would mean the lightening of the current color. You can’t choose to make your eyes Blue, strictly. Although it might happen, it might not too. And about the Natural Ways to Change Your Eye Color, read in the below section.

How to Change Your Eye Color? Eye Color Changer, Change Your Eye Color Naturally:

In the sections above, we talked about the Pigment (Melanin) which gives your eyes, their natural color. After that, we read about the Different Eye Colors on this planet. Moving further to the Medical (Laser) Treatments for converting Dark Brown, Green, or Grey Eyes to Blue, and now is the time when you read about the Natural Eye Color Changers.

So, to know How to Change Your Eye Color, read below.

1). The Honey Remedy:

You might have heard a bit about this one. Though I can’t promise that you’d have. Still, Honey is a Natural Eye Color Changer, if you use it in the right way, and in a routine. Actually, what Honey does is lighten the Eye Color Naturally. Let us see How to Change Eye Color with Honey.

Steps to Use Honey for Changing Eye Color:

  • First of all, Buy Raw or Pure Honey from the Market
  • Take 50 ml of Distilled water, and add it to 50 ml of Pure Honey in a dish
  • Now mix these components, and boil the mixture
  • After boiling, let it cool for 5-6 Minutes
  • Now, transfer this mixture into a clean eye dropper, and keep it in the refrigerator
  • Then, you have to pour 2 Drops of this mixture into each of your eye, twice a day
  • Keep repeating the procedure for at least 20 Days, for the Best Results

That is How to Use Honey to Change Eye Color. By now you might have understood that Honey doesn’t turn your Brown Eyes to Blue or Green, it simply lightens your Natural Eye Color. For instance, if the Natural Color of Your Eyes is Dark Green, then this Honey Remedy for Changing Eye Color will make your Eyes light green. It works best for people with Dark Green, Dark Blue or Dark Brown Eyes.

2). How to Change Your Eye Color with Foods? Read to Find out about the Foods to Change Eye Color:

Well, I personally love the Honey Remedy for Eye Color Change, but apart from that, you can also try changing your Diet in order to Naturally Change Your Eye Color. Read below for the Foods to Change Eye Color.

1). Honey:

Let us, welcome Honey, back to the Foods list as well. Honey is so useful for lightening the Eye Color, that you can use it as an Eye Drop, and even add it to your Diet, for better results. So, in order to Change Your Eye Color Naturally, add some more Honey to Your Diet.

The best thing about Honey is that it doesn’t harm at all. It has the most important and healthy natural sugars. It contains around 33% of Fructose, which is essential for any male. And apart from these, Honey has many other benefits, as it also helps in making the voice sound better.

2). Spinach:

Everyone knows about the High Iron content of Spinach. Our Parents have always told us to eat more spinach, in order to prevent disorders as Lower Levels of Hemoglobin (Read this article to Increase Hemoglobin). What spinach does is supply your body with sufficient Iron, and hence makes your Eyes Shine Brighter. This is why Spinach is an effective Eye Color Changer.

3). Olive Oil:

Olive Oil is very useful for coping with many small and big ailments. And, it feels amazing to realize that you can use it to Lighten your Eye Color as well. To make it work, all you need to do is increase your Intake of Olive Oil, in any form. There are people who cook their food with Olive Oil. Their eyes are lighter in color than people who do not consume Olive Oil.

4). Onions:

Rich in Vitamin C, Onions have great applications in household cooking. I myself don’t like my food without Onions in it. And, that is one Eye Color Changer Practice, which all of us are doing in disguise. I mean, really! Who would have known that something as harsh as an Onion, which makes our Eyes Cry, could also help us Change the Eye Color? Strange, right?

5). Nuts:

If you want answers to How to Change Your Eye Color, well Nuts got your back. Nuts are highly nutritious and adding these to your diet will help you a lot in Changing Your Eye Color. For visible changes, really quick, I recommend you to add a variety of Nuts to your Diet. You can munch on these whenever you feel like. And soon you will be able to observe a change in your Eye Color.

6). Ginger:

Looking for different and effective Eye Color Changers, you sure will stumble upon Ginger. Having a variety of Medicinal Properties, Ginger is really effective for bringing a Gradual Eye Color Change. Increasing your daily intake of Ginger, you can easily witness Lighter Eye Colors.

7). Uva Ursi Tea:

Drinking the Uva Ursi Tea can quickly bring relief to your eyes. Also, it is capable to Lighten Your Eye Color Instantly. Drink this tea twice every day, for at least 2 weeks to see gradual Color Changes of Eye.

8). Chamomile Tea:

Do you remember using Chamomile Tea for Improving Your Hair Quality? (Read here to Improve Your Hair Quality) Well, Chamomile is rich with Nutrients, and that is why it has many health benefits. Sipping on Chamomile Tea every day, will sure Lighten your Eye Color soon, and make your Eyes Look brighter.

More Tips on How to Change Your Eye Color, Temporary Eye Color Change Tips:

In the above sections, you read about both Natural and Medical Eye Color Changers. By now you might have understood, to what extent is the Permanent Eye Color Change possible. Considering that, a few of you might have wanted to undergo a Temporary Eye Color Change.

For that, you can simply use Contact Lenses. But, we would like to tell you a few things before suggesting you Buy Eye Color Changer Contact Lenses.

  1. You can Buy Disposable Contacts, for using on some occasions, and then throw off. The cost for these is generally high.
  2. It is recommendable to keep the usage time as low as possible. Contacts are synthetic and can cause Irritation in Eyes.
  3. Take care of the Right Size of Contacts for you.
  4. Keep your contacts clean. If you wear Dirty Contacts, your eyes will become prone to certain types of Infections.
  5. Say no to using any Expired Solutions.
  6. Wash your hands with soap every time before you touch your contacts.
Summary of this Post about How to Change Your Eye Color? Eye Color Changer, Change Your Eye Color Naturally:

By now in this article, you read about the Following topics.

  • General Eye Awareness
  • What Gives your eye Its Natural Color (Melanin)
  • Different Eye Colors on this Planet
  • Medical Treatments to Change Your Eye Color
  • Natural Treatments to Change Eye Color
  • Temporary Eye Color Change Method, and Tips to Implement

So, this was it for now. I hope you found this article about How to Change Your Eye Color, useful. I believe I could answer all your questions in this post. Still, if I couldn’t, then let us know about that in the comments below. We always answer. Also, stay tuned to this blog, by any means for more such content, about Health, Lifestyle, and Life. Thanks for Visiting Life Crew.

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