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How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts? How to Avoid Suicidal Tendencies?

How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts, How to Prevent Suicidal Thoughts

How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts? Suicide is not an option”. If you have ever been sad and have shared your sorrows with anyone, you might have heard of this sentence. It is nothing New, and it could never be. This is the first thing that Pops up on my mind when I hear someone who is sad and wants to die. Even when I am sad, I might want to change everything, so it was alright, but I know that Suicide is never an Option. But, then again, for some people, it’d be Easier said than done. You can’t simply blame or judge anyone, for feeling suicidal. The best we need to do is, better Teach them, How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts.

This is exactly what I am writing this article for.

Why Suicide is Not an Option, Why Nothing is Worth Your Life and How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts?

First of all, I really feel the need to talk about the Reasons Why People want to Commit Suicide. The answer seems simple, right?

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Noone would actually want to Commit Suicide until he or she is in a situation, where they are unable to see any Future or any Hopes from. A serious Career Failure, a Heartbreak from someone they Loved, or a loss of something so precious which they can’t get back ever, are the things, which can make people feel really upset about their lives. But, guess what? It is Okay, to be upset. Everyone is Upset at some point in time, but it is not okay to believe that Suicide will help.

Here is How it can work for You:

Life is pretty much like Video Games. You remember How in the Beginning of a Video Game, you have lesser Powers and your character is not the Strongest? But, then the opponents are weak too. Still, you might have had a tough time beating those opponents. But, later as you rise in the game, your Powers increase. And, then those older Enemies, seem weaker to you. This is exactly how life is.

I remember, in 4th Standard, when I failed a Maths Test. Before that, I used to be the one who used to get Good Grades, but that Fail was hard. Would you believe? I was in 4th Standard and already wanted to Die. For me, the world had ended actually. But when I now look back, I find it funny. And, there are one but many such incidences. I feel, I have just cleared that smaller Level and become immune to that.

So, no matter how hard it is right now, tomorrow will be better. These things won’t matter then.

How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts? Logical and Spiritual Aspects of Suicide:

Depression is common these days. There are many survivors who won over and became inspirations. But, also there are people who lost to it and have lost all hopes. Still, if Suicide could help, it really would have already.

How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts, How to Avoid Suicidal Tendencies, How to Prevent Suicidal Tendencies

What I mean to say is, there are both Logical and Spiritual Aspects of Suicide. Read below to know more.

1). Logical Approach to Suicide:

Logically, when you Die, with you Dies an Entire World of yours. All the dreams, and all the thoughts, which used to Fuel you and the people who loved you. You might never have noticed, there are people who love you. With you, their aspirations die. And, so do the hopes. Then also, the Problems, which compelled you to take your life, are still as those were.

Those problems can be of any sort. You might not have been able to support your family, or you might have failed a Friendship or a Relationship. It can just be anything, but it will stay as it was even when you will die. So, logically Suicide can never be a solution.

2). Spiritual Approach to Suicide:

Spiritually Speaking, according to Hindu Mythology, we get the life of a Human, after Millions of Births, as other Organisms on earth. These include Microbes and even Wild Animals. I would not make it Superstitious anyhow. This is Hindu Mythology, and you might not believe it or want to follow it.

But, apart from that, when you end your own life, your spirit does not get Free. Instead, it gets trapped for Hundreds of Years, in a Limbo. These are Not some Facts which Science proves of. But, if you are a Spiritual Person, you might believe it. Read this article for reference (What Happens to the Soul after Suicide?)

How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts? How to Avoid Suicidal Tendencies?

Before asking us, you can actually ask yourself How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts?

And, then, if you actually are looking for More Reasons to Live, trust me this article can help you. But, if you have given up on everything, I would recommend you to start Believing that Nothing can be worth your life. Below here are some suggestions, which will help you know How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts.

1). Visit a Professional:

Don’t be afraid to visit a Psychotherapist, in the case of developing Suicidal Tendencies. If you are still reading this article, I am very sure that you don’t want to do this to yourself. I believe, that you want to give life a chance. This is why I am recommending you to visit a Psychologist. Understand that it is very normal. This doesn’t mean that you are ill, but this just means that you are visiting a professional, for an issue, which you have been facing for a long time now.

2). Antidepressants:

I have mentioned in an earlier article about Depression, that Antidepressants too can help You to Deal with Depression. Any doctor will prescribe these Medicines to you and these can Improve your Depression, and help you Avoid Suicidal Tendencies. Also, there can be cases when these Medicines might not be working good for you, if that is happening, consult your Doctor and discuss the same with them. It can be about the Combinations of Medicines.

3). Avoid Doping:

The idea of Drugs and Alcohol might amuse you while in Depression. I have heard people say that life is getting tough, so they need to Smoke a Cigarette. The truth is that the Cigarette is smoking the life out of them, and then Smoking and too much of Alcohol, accumulate stress in the body. This stress, can cause depression and give rise to Negative thoughts. This is why it is better to stay away from Smoking and Drinking, at least when in Depression.

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4). Suicide Help Homes:

You might not have known about this, but there are Suicide Help Homes, near you. You can Search for these over the Internet. And, then call their numbers, to get in touch with them. The people there are happy to help and you might seriously find some good help there. Just ask them How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts.

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5). Make a list of all the Good Things in Your Life:

There is one thing to realize before doing this, The WORLD IS NOT AGAINST YOU! I don’t say that you have not been through tough times, as that is not true. I am not saying that your life has been easy, or people have always been good to you. Because, I know if it were so, you wouldn’t have to Seek Help, to save yourself.

I am just trying to tell, that No Matter what, there still are people who care for you. There still are people who love you and will always listen to what you will say. These people can be your parents, your best friend, an acquaintance or even a Stranger. So, accepting this thing, now make a list of all the Good things in your life. Below here are a few tips for that.

  • You can rate the goodness of those things. Like if you have good hopes of happiness from something, you can give it an 8/10. If you believe in something, that you are sure it will make you happy, you can give it a 10/10. While, for something you just hope works out, you can give a 4 or 5/10.
  • This way you will be able to know, what things you need to look up to first.

Then go through this list and try to do those activities, or meet the people who are on this list.

6). Be in touch with Good People:

At the time right now, you might be in doubt of Goodness’ existence completely, but your Heart would probably know if you believe in someone, to be Kind. If you have a hint about that, try talking to them. You can meet them, hang out with them, and spend some good time, which will encourage you to look up to life, and realize it doesn’t deserve an end. Also, the more of life around you, the weaker will the Suicidal Thoughts become. You wanted to know How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts, right? Well, there you go.

7). Try to look for a Solution:

See, I know that there are times when you don’t just feel like doing anything. There are times when you feel that everything everywhere just sucks. But, then sometimes you are under depression and worry because of something. That something can be a problem which you might be unable to find the solution of. In that case, try to look for the solution, or ask a friend to help you for that.

It is always better to Kill the Problem, not yourself.

8). Keep Dangerous Items out of Your Sight:

If you have begun feeling Suicidal already, then tell your friends to help you hide away all the Items, which you might want to hurt yourself with. Knives, Rods, or anything else, like a blade too should be out of your sight completely. The urges to commit suicide can be dangerous and compelling. You need to deal with these wisely.

9). Do something which Amuses You:

When I was depressed, the Zoo used to amuse me. For you, it can be something else, but whatever it is, just do it. Understand that something has happened and depression or death can never solve it. Go for a Game, or watch a Movie with your Old Friends, or spend some quality time with your Family, just do anything that you think might help. You will feel good about something, I am sure about that. This can be one answer to How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts.

10). Share your Feelings:

See, it is good to write if you can. You can also choose to sing a song for yourself. All you need to do is Share how you feel. You have to throw the garbage out of your body and mind, and you can even choose to do that, by sharing your problems with a friend. This is one thing, which people generally are scared to do. It is understandable. And, also there are some people who are really not too bothered with what bad is going on in their lives. For others, I have a suggestion to speak up. You can talk to your friends or anyone who you can trust. Just do it, and rid yourself off of the pain.

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11). You have Lived a life by Now, You can do it in the future too:

A life without no worries and sorrows at all is completely impossible. This can never happen. If you are a teenager, you might have failed someone or somewhere by now already. If you are an adult, you would know that you have borne a lot by now, and still managed to come victorious above all of that. Considering all of these things and the past Experiences of Dealing with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, you should believe that you can do it again. Just be confident and tough. Life is hard, and it was meant to be that way for everyone.

What you can do to make it better is, Enjoy every moment of your life, to the fullest and live with No Regrets.

12). Talk to Us:

I know that we are a very small Online Community, and you might not have faith in us, but I would like to propose you to come to us with any of your Problem, and we assure to help you as much as we can. If you feel that you are alone, if you are getting Suicidal Thoughts, if you have any problem to share, or even if you just want to say “Hi”, trust me, we are listening.

You can simply register for this site, and Write a Message to any of the Members. Also, you can write to me or leave a comment below.

How to Avoid Suicidal Tendencies and Thoughts? Summary:

I hope that by now, the message that I wanted to give would have become clear. All I want to convey is, that yes Life is Tough, but so are You. Live with a Good Attitude, and Do not End your life. That will be the worst thing to do.

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So, this was the answer to the question How to Avoid Suicidal Thoughts. I hope you found this article useful, and if you did, then share it with someone, who you think might need some help Regarding this issue. Also, I would recommend you to talk to them and make them feel better.

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    • Hey Hey Hey! Its okay. I understand there are circumstances and situations, which you just can’t escape. I know and everyone else knows that they can’t really feel you, but Brother, there have been people who were worse at it. People who were more Negative, people who were sadder, than you or me. People, who lived in harder and harsher situations, through their lives, and Guess what, they lived. I don’t want to force you to drop the Idea of Suicide, I just want to let you realize that this is No way a Solution. Suicide is not a solution, on a Fine Lucky Day, Running away can be a solution, but Suicide can never be one. This just means that you have to work hard towards making your situation better. You have to stick to the things which excite you or have to look for things, which excite you. Whatever it is like, you just have to remember that this Life is Precious, and Suicide is the worst Enemy of yours.
      It will make everything worse, For you, and for your Loved ones, and Lovers.
      And, please feel free to Contact any of us Admins here. We will be happy to help you further. Also, I can have a personal Chat with you, if this reply too doesn’t help you.


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