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What Happens to your Body when you Smoke Weed?

What Happens to your Body When you Smoke Weed, Side Effects of Smoking Weed, Disadvantages of Smoking Weed

What Happens when you Get High on Weed. Smoking Weed, Getting Stoned or Getting High, are the terms which relate each other pretty well. Whether you smoke or you don’t but living around your friends, at some point of time you must have heard of these terms. Weed is a Medicinal Drug, which the humans use for almost everything except for Medicinal Purposes. In different regions of the world, it is a tradition to smoke weed. You can find people smoking weed on the streets everywhere. And for any sober person’s surprise, they don’t even fall ill. Smoking is Injurious to Health, yes. But that is the case with Tobacco Smoking. Weed is medicinal. But, is it all about Weed? Let us discuss below in detail this dual nature of weed. And also try to understand What Happens to your Body when you Smoke Weed.

What is Weed and why do People Smoke Weed?

What is Weed?

Looking forward to knowing What Weed Is? Weed is a Greenish Gray mixture of the dry, shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa, also called the hemp plant. Weed is a wild plant. Also, Weed has many names, depending on different people and regions. For example, in India what people call the weed is “Ganja”, then there are countries and regions which call weed as Marijuana. There are many other names for this plant like that.

Effects of Smoking Weed, What Happens to your Body when you Smoke Weed, What happens to your Brain when you Smoke Weed

Well, Weed is above just a name. For most of the people who smoke weed, it is a part of their lifestyle. I know friends of mine, who used to appear in Exams, after Getting High. A Few of them used to study when High and some used to go to the gym high. One of the major reasons that they gave for the same was as follows:

“Weed Lets me Concentrate better.”

And trust me, I never doubted them as those were the times when I used to be sober. Later when I smoked Weed, it was sort of different for me. Yes, I was stuck on a thought or idea for longer than I normally would. But I don’t think that I would call that better concentration.

Though everyone responds different, I still don’t doubt my friends.

Why do People Smoke Weed?

Smoking Weed gives people a High. Weed causes addictions on many levels. I have seen people suffer while trying to get rid of this addiction. But, then again it is not as harmful as smoking a cigarette.

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Harmful Effects of Smoking Weed, What does Weed do to you Sexually

Smoking Marijuana helps people relax. Trust me, you can never see a stoner get into an intense fight. This is exactly What Happens to your Body when you Smoke Weed.

This is Actually What Happens to your Body When you Smoke Weed:

Weed as I mentioned above as well, is a drug used for Medicinal and Recreational Purposes. Although there are a lot of researches going on, none by now has proven Weed to be Harmful or really very beneficial. Although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has classified Marijuana as Schedule 1 Drug along with Cocaine and Heroin. Even when no man in the world has ever died smoking weed.

This raises the question if Weed is really that dangerous? Well, you decide, but first, read below What Happens to your Body when you Smoke Weed.

This is How you Get High With Weed | Process off Getting High on Weed:

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds. These are the receptors in the brain. They keep our Neutrons Firing. This helps us focus on our thoughts, ideas, and perceptions until we go onto a different thought.

Effects of Getting High on Weed, What Weed does to your Body, What Happens to your body When you do Weed

1). Now, When you Smoke Weed, the Hyper-Marijuana comes from the neurotransmitter Dopamine, through Cannabinoid Receptors.

2). Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) stimulates the release of Dopamine in large amounts. This causes a feeling of Euphoria.

3). So, when you are High, you are not in the best phase to play sports, drive, study or be artistic. Basically, I recommend you to avoid doing anything which needs Coordination.

Smoking Weed, Advantages of Smoking Weed, Effects of Weed on Brain

4). This is because the Cannabinoids affect the Dopamine in your brain. Due to which you feel much more relaxed than usual.

5). Apart from the above functions, it is a fact that Smoking Weed dries your body out of the Mucous Membrane.

6). Weed drops down your Blood Pressure, by dilating the blood vessels across the body. This is why people get Red Eyes after Smoking Weed.

7). After a few hours of Smoking Weed, your Heart Rate starts to speed up a bit. This isn’t usually harmful but can cause result into a Heart attack with Low Blood Pressure in a very minute number of cases.

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8). What Happens to your Body when you Smoke Weed is the increase of hunger as well. You began to feel more hungry. Even if you have eaten up a whole large pizza by yourself, your brain will still tell you that you can have a pack of cookies too.

What Happens when you are High, Getting high on Weed, Effects of Weed on Body and Brain

Well, these above were some of the Major activities which Happen inside your Body when You Smoke Weed. Furthermore, weed attacks the nervous system a bit. Though it doesn’t leave any long term defects, a short sort of memory loss can be seen.

Effects of Smoking Weed on the Memory Functions of Brain | Memory Loss due to Smoking Weed and Few other Effects:

Talking of the Memory Effects of Weed, here below is a description in detail.

1). There are a few short term Memory Effects of Weed on the Brain. These begin to show up, within the 30 Minutes of getting into a High and last for as long as 2-3 Hours.

2). While for a regular Weed Smoker/Stoner, the attention, reaction and memory senses return back to normal within 3 weeks of the last usage.

What Happens to your Brain when you Smoke Weed, What Happens when you Get high

3). Smoking Weed from Joints, Pots or Normal Rolling Paper, is a little harmful though. These are the cleanest methods of smoking weed. This is the reason why these can cause irritation in your throat or lung tissues.

4). And lest I forget to mention, Smoking Weed also affects your Motor Skills.

So, now you have read it all. Now I hope that you know What happens to your Body when you Smoke Weed. These here were some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking Weed, along with how good of a high it gives. If you liked and enjoyed reading this post, then do share it with your friends who are stoners.

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