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Glycerin: Top Uses and 17 Stunning Skin Benefits of Glycerin

Skin Benefits of Glycerin, Uses of Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerin, How to Use Glycerin

Skin Benefits of Glycerin. Glycerin is not just a sweet Body Skin Moisturizer. Apart from being just that it has many other health benefits too. Although everyone has used Glycerin, at some point in time or other, in most cases, it is about moisturizing skin. No doubt, it has some of the most amazing Skin Benefits, but that is not where these benefits limit. Apart from this, you can use Glycerin for several other small ailments and a few big diseases as well. And, if you are looking for those Benefits and other Uses of Glycerin, you are at the right place. In this article, you will get to Read everything about Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerin, its uses, and Skin Benefits of Glycerin too.

So, read below to Find it all out.

What is Glycerin? Vegetable Glycerin, Uses of Glycerin and Skin Benefits of Glycerin:

So, the first question arises, What is Glycerin? Glycerin is nothing very fancy, but a compound which contains Sugar and Alcohol. The chemical name of Glycerin is Gycerol, which is a chemical compound which is formed of Elements as Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. You can also look below for the Chemical Reaction for the Formation of Glycerin. Apart from the formation procedure, one thing that you need to know about Glycerin is that it is very sweet and fruity to smell and taste.

Chemical Structure of Glycerin, Chemical Reaction for Glycerin

Apart from the formation procedure, one thing that you need to know about Glycerin is that it is very sweet and fruity to taste. Also, it is beneficial for skin, and not toxic at all. The viscosity of Glycerin is higher than water and many liquids. Also, for this reason, Glycerin is very thick and colorless as well.

The best thing about Glycerin is that it is 100% Natural and harmless. Read below for the most popular Uses of Glycerin.

Skin Benefits of Glycerin:

  1. Skin Cleansing
  2. To Lighten Skin Tone
  3. Smooth Skin
  4. Skin Moisturizer
  5. Treats Oily Skin
  6. Cures Maturation
  7. 100% Non-Toxic and Natural
  8. Due to its Non-Toxic and Gentle Nature, it is perfect for Infants’ Skin as well
  9. Treats mouth ulcers
  10. Fixes Cracks in Heels
  11. Good cure for Chapped Lips
  12. A good Sunscreen
  13. Natural Nail Paint Remover
  14. Applying Raw Glycerin helps you Remove Scars
  15. Removes Impurities from your Skin
  16. Nourishes Skin and makes it acceptive towards Natural Nutrients
  17. It helps you Get Rid of Wrinkles

Although, you can use any Good Quality Glycerin for the above uses. Still, for the best and safest results, I would personally suggest, you use Vegetable Glycerin. Read below to know about it.

What is Vegetable Glycerin?

Just like normal Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerin is natural too. The difference is just that, Vegetable Glycerin is composed of Vegetable Oils, and/or Plant/Palm/Coconut Oils. For its Natural Occurrence, Vegetable Glycerin is very famous. And I am sure you would want to know about the uses and other Skin Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin too.

Read below to find out the most common Skin Benefits of Vegetable Glycerin.

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Vegetable Glycerin Uses For Skin:

  1. It is the best for Anti Aging Treatments
  2. You can use it as a replacement for Alcohol in most of the Herbal Tinctures
  3. Vegetable Glycerin is an active Ingredient of Washing Soaps and Shower Gels
  4. Helps you Get Rid of Acne Naturally
  5. Fights Skin Cancer
  6. Is very good for moisturizing the Skin

So, as you read, these were the Vegetable Glycerin Uses. To know more about the Skin Benefits of Glycerin, scroll down and read more.

Skin Benefits of Glycerin – How to Use Glycerin for Skin?

Glycerin has uses for many small ailments to a few bigger diseases as well. In the sections above, you got to have a small Brief about How useful Glycerin is, and How you can use Glycerin for your Skin. But, as I said, it was just a brief. That doesn’t explain anything. For explanations, you need to read below.

Glycerin Uses for Skin:

1). Softening Skin Naturally:

Glycerin, as I mentioned above is a very useful Skin Softener. Although, there are people who trust Skin Softening Creams for this purpose, but guess what? Those are not natural, while Glycerin is. This is the first and strongest reason for you to start using Natural or Vegetable Glycerin. The best thing is that, apart from being Natural, Glycerin is cheaper and safer than those Expensive creams, which come from hugely lavish brands.

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Make it work:

To make the best use of Glycerin for Soft Skin, all you need to do is, add some glycerin to rosewater, and a few rose petals maybe, and then simply apply this Natural Skin Softener, to your body. Apply it every day for the best and the quickest results.

2). For Lightening Skin Tone:

Although we have an article about the same here on Life Crew only, still I would like to mention that Glycerin is very useful for Skin Lightening. Glycerin is the purest Skin Cleansing Agent, this is how it removes all of the dirt, and impurities from your skin, and gives you an attractive, and more glowing skin. This Glow hence helps you to Get a Lighter Skin easily. Apart from Bleaching, which is not even a Natural Procedure in most cases, using Glycerin for your Skin Lightening goals, is a must. This is one of the useful Skin Benefits of Glycerin.

Make it work:

To make Glycerin give you a lighter Skin Tone, all you need to do is add some Glycerin to a cup, along with Rosewater in it. Then mix the contents, to form a good mixture. Now, pour this mixture liquid to a Spray Bottle, or a normal Bottle, according to what suits you better for use. Simply apply this mixture to your skin every day.

3). Moisturize Your Skin:

Glycerin is a thick and viscous Soothing Liquid. Due to this thickness and its viscous property, you can use it to Moisturize your Skin too. It is very easy to apply, and very effective, while you are in pursuit of a Smooth, and Moisturized skin.

Make it work:

Take 250 ml of Glycerin and two tablespoons of Lime juice in a cup and mix. After making a solution, pour it into a bottle, so you can use it in proportions over your skin. Apply this mixture on your skin every day to get the best results.

Also, if you do not want to dirty your bedsheets with Glycerin, you can make a mix of Vitamin E oil, Vaseline, and glycerin. And, then apply it 30-40 minutes before you enter the Shower. It too will do the same good effects for Moisturizing your skin, and keeping it that way, after you have taken a bath.

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4). Get Rid of Acne:

Acne is a huge pain, both physically and emotionally. The one who is suffering from Acne knows it right. And for those people, Glycerin is no less than magic. You might not have known it by now, but Glycerin really helps a lot in Getting Rid of Acne naturally. It is one of the most Important Skin Benefits of Glycerin.

Make it work:

Add a tablespoon of Glycerin, half a tablespoon of Borax Powder, and a camphor ball’s powder to a glass of Distilled water. (Wait, you don’t have to drink it, Please!). Now, take a spoon and stir the Ingredients well enough to make a good solution out of these. And, then apply this mixture on your body parts, having Acne. Stay that way for around 10-15 Minutes, and then wash off with Lukewarm water.

5). Helps reduce Blemishes and Redness from Face:

There are many people who believe that Glycerin helped them reduce Blemishes and Redness from their face. Also, it is famous for getting rid of itchiness on the skin. Let us see, how you can make it work for you.

Make it work:

You need not do anything, but simply apply Glycerin on your skin on the areas where you are having any redness. Repeat the same whenever you are having any Blemishes or Redness of Skin.

6). Soften Dry and Torn Lips:

As winter is coming, Brace yourselves. Not for the arms, but for Dry Lips. I remember, my Dad used to apply chilies on my lips, whenever I used to lick those dry during winter. Because dry lips are the worst in Winter. For that reason, my mother helped me with Glycerin. Now, as Glycerin is very soothing and skin softening, it softened my Dry Lips and gave in some moisture to them.

To make it work this way, simply apply a small amount of Glycerin over your dry lips. Do not bath your lips with Glycerin, just make them wet enough, so they are not dry.

7). Get rid of Mouth Ulcers:

Mouth Ulcers can be very painful, and annoying. The moment you realize you are having Mouth Ulcers, you understand that a few days ahead are going to be tough. And the relief arrives when you realize that one of the Skin Benefits of Glycerin is that it Treats Mouth Ulcers.

Make it work:

To make Glycerin work this way for you, you will need three things.

  1. Glycerin (Obviously)
  2. Turmeric Powder
  3. Ear Buds (Not for the Ears though!)

So, now after having these objects, add Glycerin to a Bowl, and then mix some amount of Turmeric Powder in it. Now, take an earbud, and using it, apply this semi-thick paste of Glycerin and Turmeric to your Mouth Ulcers gently. Repeating the same every day will rid you off from the most stubborn ulcers.

8). Exfoliate Dry Skin:

Another great thing that Glycerin can do to your skin is Exfoliate it. This means that when you will use Glycerin the right way for treating your skin, it will remove the dead skin cells and bring up the new skin cells. This way, your skin will be more glowy and smooth.

Make it work:

To make this one work for you, you need to add equal parts of Glycerin and Sugar in a small bowl and mix these up a bit. Then add a few drops of Aloe Vera Gel to it, and hence apply this mixture to your Skin, rubbing gently, not to peel your skin. This is perfect for exfoliating your Skin.

9). Treat Razor and Blade Cuts:

Blades and Razors can cut your sensitive skin while you are shaving. These cuts seem to be very small, but actually, these are very painful. These burn so bad and you can’t even itch these because that might trigger the chances of an Infection. So, what do you do? Use Glycerin. 😛

Make it work:

Take a few Calendula Leaves and half a cup witch hazel extract. Then add comfrey leaves to this mixture, and leave it like this for another 2 weeks. Now, after these 2 weeks, add 4 drops of sandalwood and lavender essential oil, 1/4 cup of Rosewater, and the same quantity of Vegetable Glycerin, to this solution. And, simply start using this Natural Shaving Lotion, that you just prepared at home.

10). For Treating Diaper Rashes:

Diaper Rashes of any kind will bring a lot of pain for your baby. This is the reason why you need to take good care while you Buy Diapers for your Baby. And apart from that, the best thing that you can do for your Baby’s Diaper Rashes is use Glycerin to treat those. As I mentioned above as well, Glycerin is very useful for treating Infants’ skin, and also it has no harms at all.

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Make it work:

Using beewax, half a cup of shea butter, a quarter cup of coconut oil, and two large tablespoons of vegetable glycerin, you can make a good Remedial Solution for your Baby’s Diaper Rashes at home only.

11). Helps you Get Rid of Minor Burn Scars:

Another one of the Great Skin Benefits of Glycerin is that it helps you Get rid of Burn Scars too. Although, it can not treat severe burn scars, it sure can help you cure your normal minor Burns.

Make it work:

Simply apply a few drops of Glycerin on your Burns, and leave it like this for at least 20-25 Minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water, and rinse with a towel.

12). Get rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads:

Blackheads are bad, and no one wants to have these. No matter how fair your skin is, if you have Blackheads and Whiteheads, your Glow will reduce. For that reason, I recommend you use some way or the other to Get Rid of these Blackheads and Whiteheads. We have Published an article about the same on this website. Read to find out How to Get Rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads.

Make it work:

Take some Fuller Earth, Glycerin, and Almond Powder in a small bowl, in a ratio of 1:2:4. Now, mix these ingredients in order to make a thick paste. This paste is what you need to apply on the skin areas with Blackheads. Keep it that way for around 15-20 minutes, and wash it off with cold water after the time has passed.

13). Natural Skin Cleanser:

Another great use of Glycerin is for Cleansing your skin naturally. By now, you might have tried many different cosmetics facewash solutions for getting a cleaner facial skin, but you too know about their effectiveness, right? Well, this is the time you try out Glycerin for Cleansing your Skin.

Make it work:

Take two tablespoons of Vegetable Glycerin and add it to a bowl with some freshly cut citrus fruits. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and keep doing that until you get a Milky white solution. Now, simply apply this mixture over your Body parts, where you need skin cleansing. These body parts will include Neck, Arms, Face, and elbows in most cases.

14). Use Glycerin for Anti-Ageing Treatments:

Now, this is something people would love to know about. Nobody likes to Age, and when you are getting to know something about Anti-Ageing, it just grabs your attention. Well, the good news is that you can use Glycerin for Anti-Ageing. It can effectively help you Get rid of Wrinkles.

Make it work:

Now, what you need to do is break an egg and pour its white part into a bowl, and beat it until it becomes light and floaty. After this, add a teaspoon of Honey and a teaspoon of Glycerin to this egg white, and mix it all up. Now, using your fingertips, apply it all over your face. Repeating this remedy every day will start to diminish your Wrinkles soon.

How to Prepare Glycerin at Home? Glycerin Preparation Tips:

After getting to know about the Skin Benefits of Glycerin, there is one more thing that you should be looking forward to knowing about. That one thing is If you can prepare Glycerin at home, to which the answer is Yes. And then, How to Prepare Glycerin at Home?


  1. Add 4 tablespoons of lye and 2 small cups of vegetable oils in a bowl with a cup of water in it.
  2. Now, start heating these ingredients, and place a thermometer in the bowl, to be aware of the temperature rise.
  3. Also, keep stirring the mixture. You will have to keep stirring for about 20-30 minutes.
  4. After the temperature hits 125 Degree F reduce the heat and bring the temperature down to 100 deg F.
  5. Take the pot/bowl down from the flames and let it sit for some time. After this time, the mixture will be thick.
  6. Add 4 tablespoons of Salt to this when it is hot only.
  7. Strain the soap out and separate the mixture now.
  8. Now, finally mold the Glycerin in the shape of your choice and use it for the Skin Benefits of Glycerin.

So, this was it about Glycerin and Skin Benefits of Glycerin, along with Vegetable Glycerin and its uses as well. Read below for the Index of this Article.

Index of this Article about Glycerin: Top Uses and 17 Stunning Skin Benefits of Glycerin:-

As every other article on this website, In this post too, I am creating an Index of this post. This will help you know what the contents of the article are, so you can make sure that you didn’t miss out on anything important.


  1. What is Glycerin?
  2. 17 Skin Benefits of Glycerin
  3. What is Vegetable Glycerin?
  4. Vegetable Glycerin uses for Skin
  5. Explanation of the Uses and Skin Benefits of Glycerin
  6. How to Make Glycerin at Home?

So, this was all about Glycerin and Skin Benefits of Glycerin. I hope you found this article useful, and if you did then share it with your friends as well. Also, connect with us via Facebook, and our Newsletter.

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