How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks? Best Tips for Removing Stretch Marks

How to Remove Stretch Marks, Best Tips for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks, How to Remove Stretch Marks after Pregnancy

Getting Rid of Stretch Marks. Everyone around the world at some point in time has to face some sort of health problem. This problem may be associated with his head, his heart or simply his Immune system too. Although any of these problems can be cured, still it stresses out the sufferer, right? Do you know what troubles the most? I will tell you that. Pimples, Zits, Acne, Eczema and Stretch Marks annoy the most. The reason is simple. You can’t see a weak immune system in a person just by looking at him. Also, you can’t know if a person is suffering from any mental or cardiac ailment, just by looking at his face. But, guess what? You can make all these judgments in the case of Stretch Marks. This is why here is this article to help you Get Rid of Stretch Marks.

What are Stretch Marks? Why do Stretch Marks Occur?

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks are a type of scarring that occurs on the human skin due to many different reasons. Majorly observed during pregnancy, Stretch Marks are a popular botheration for many women around the world. Still, we can’t stereotype the occurrence of Stretch Marks, just with Pregnancy. Stretch Mark may occur in both Males and Females at any age.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks, How to Remove Stretch Marks, Best Tips to Remove Stretch Marks

I remember when I used to have stretch marks around my knees and the back of my shoulder when I was entering puberty. The reason as I came to know was the rapid Growth of my body. As I grew taller rapidly, my skin wasn’t completely ready for my growth which caused the dermis to tear down. And, this was the reason why I had Stretch Marks.

Why do Stretch Marks Occur?

As I told above as well, Stretch Marks occur due to the Rapid Stretching of the skin, which is a result of the sudden, rapid growth of Human Body. This growth can mean a rapid increase in the height or gain of weight too. What actually happens is, the Middle layer of skin (Dermis) Tears down, due to the stretching of the skin, which is a result of the body’s rapid growth. Now, as the Dermis has torn down, the lower layers of skin, show up in the form of Stretch Marks.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks, Best Treatment of Stretch Marks, How to Remove Stretch Marks

So, now when we know What are Stretch Marks and What Causes Stretch Marks, I think now we can discuss the cure. Let us see, How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks? Best Tips for Removing Stretch Marks

Having shared Remedies to Treat, Gross Feet, Acne, Belly Fat and Eczema, Now I have started loving writing about this. This makes me curious to share the actual cures and help people to actually Get Rid of Stretch Marks. Let us see how that is done.

1). Using Castor Oil:

Well, there is no Rocket science to apply here for using Castor Oil to Remove Stretch Marks. What you need to do is simply apply Castor Oil on the areas of your Body with Stretch Marks, for 15 Minutes.

Castor Oil For Treating Stretch Marks, Use Castor Oil to Get Rid of Your Stretch Marks

The reason why it is good for your skin and why it can help you Get Rid of Stretch Marks is, that it consists of 80-90% ricinoleic acid, which is a skin healthy fatty acid. So, what are you waiting for? Repeat this, 2 times a day.

2). Egg Whites:

I know everyone loves eating Egg Whites, Trust me Even I do. Having known the fact that Egg White contains 4-5 grams of High-Quality Protein, we know How Good it is for Health (Or maybe read: Why Egg is a Magic Food?). Also, you might have done something really good with the eggs, for your hair, have you?

Egg White for Stretch Marks

Well, the point here is How Good Egg Whites are for your Skin? The answer to this question is, Very Good. The High-Quality Protein from the Egg White is really good for you. It rejuvenates your skin in the best ways and helps you Get Rid of Stretch Marks.

3). Vitamin E Oils:

You know, how good and Important Vitamins are for your skin, right? And for sure, you have heard so many good things that good quality Vitamin E, does to your skin and your hair. Well, Removing Stretch Marks is one of those.

Vitamin E Oils, Essential Vitamin Oils

Vitamin E Oils can help you know How to Remove Old Stretch Marks too. So, you know Vitamin E Oil, is the thing.

What Vitamin E does is, strengthen your skin. And, this is not it, Vitamin E is one of the most effective natural skin conditioners, you can ever come across.

4). Fresh Potato Juice:

If you are having trouble dealing with and Getting Rid of the Stretch Marks around your Belly, Potatoes will fix it for you. Although, Potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates, which makes them an avoidable food. But, the amount of Protein and Vitamins in these, make these highly suitable for Removing Stretch Marks Fast.

Homemade Potato Juice for the Treatment of Stretch Marks, How to Remove Stretch Marks after Pregnancy

5). Coconut Oil:

You may have heard of the goodness of Coconut Oil, for the Hair. You might also have known how Coconut Oil Nourishes your skin for all the good. The Vitamin Content is just the best for your skin. This is the reason why massaging your Body Areas, having stretch marks every day, will help make them disappear very soon.

Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks, How to Remove Stretch Marks

6). Use Lemon Juice:

As, Lemon is a citrus fruit and we know it consists of Citric acid, and a few other acids too, it is very effective in helping you Get Rid of Stretch Marks. All you need to do is apply the lemon juice to your affected areas in circular motions and leave for 10 Minutes every day.

Lemon Juice is good for Skin, Citric Acid for Treating Stretch Marks

7). Cocoa Butter:

Simply, apply cocoa Butter to the areas with Stretch Marks, and massage. Being a wonderful and important ingredient in some of the top Formula Based Skin Care Creams, Cocoa Butter makes a good Stretch Marks Removal Cream. So, go on and get some for yourself.

Cocoa Butter is good for Skin, Cocoa Butter Helps in Removing Stretch Marks, Stretch Marks Removal Creams

8). Olive Oil:

Again, Olive Oil is a part of this list because it contains Vitamin E. Do I really need to explain more for now? Well, speaking of Vitamin E, again. It is an essential Vitamin, which is very good for rejuvenating your skin and Helping you Remove Stretch Marks.

Olive Oil is rich in Vitamins and Rejuvenates skin removing stretch marks

9). Aloe Vera:

I mentioned the benefits of Applying Aloe Vera every day, to your skin, for Getting Rid of Pimples and Acne Scars too. Now is the turn for helping you Remove Stretch Marks. Whether it is before or after Pregnancy, you can simply rug Aloe Vera, onto the Stretch Marks and, those will diminish.

Aloe Vera is a Medicinal Plant, Aloe Vera helps in Removing Stretch Marks

10). Sugar Scrub:

Sugar has a few medicinal properties, if you will use Brown Sugar, it will be more beneficial for you. A Paste cum Scrub of Sugar, Lemon Juice, and oil will do the good for you. Just scrub the area of Stretch Marks, with this paste and yes, the deed is done for you.

Sugar Scrub will help you Remove Stretch Marks from your Body, Get Rid of Stretch Marks

11). Apricot Mask:

Haven’t you watched the Garnier Ads? Isn’t it surprising How they use Apricots as an Ingredient in their shampoos and skin creams and then flaunt it like anything? Well, truly speaking, it’s not. Because Apricots are good for your skin and your hair. What you need to do to fix your skin and Get Rid of Stretch Marks, is Mash a few apricots and make a mask out.

Apricot Paste with Water or Oil is really effective for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Now, apply this mask onto your affected area and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. Repeat this practice often to fix quickly.

12). Alfalfa:

Alfalfa is a plant if you didn’t know. You can find Alfalfa mix powder in Health Food Stores. Then you can mix it with Chamomile Oil, to make a paste. And, when you will apply it onto your stretch marks, those will surely disappear soon.

Alfalfa Powder helps heal Stretch Marks, Best Remedies for Stretch Marks

13). Turmeric Paste:

Again, I will talk about the Ads now. There are a few Skin Creams which use Turmeric Powder as an active and effective ingredient. Well, so can you to Remove your Stretch Marks. Simply make a paste, by adding water or an essential oil to turmeric powder and apply it to the area where you have Stretch Marks.

Turmeric Paste to Get Rid of your Stretch Marks, How to Remove Stretch Marks from your Body

Other Treatments for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks:

Apart from everything mentioned above, there are a few easier and quicker Treatment Ideas which you can opt to Remove Stretch Marks from your Body. Those are as follows:

1). Laser Treatment

2). Light Therapies

3). Microdermabrasion

Although, I won’t actually recommend you to undergo these Synthetic Methods for a few stretch marks, as these will cost you a lot more money than you should spend and then these aren’t the safest either.

So, this was it for now. These were some of the Best Tips to Get Rid of Stretch Marks. I hope now you can Remove Stretch Marks from your body. If you found this article useful, then share it with your friends and the people you care about.

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