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How to Get Rid of Receding Gums? Best Home Remedies for Receding Gums

How to Get Rid of Receding Gums, Natural Home Remedies for Receding Gums

Get Rid of Receding Gums. Receding Gums is a Condition in which the root of your Teeth become visible. This gives rise to several other Dental Problems like Tooth Decay, Discoloration of Teeth etc. Although you can ask a Doctor to Treat your Receding Gums, in most of the cases, people choose to live with these, for the fear of visiting a Dentist. But, that is where they are wrong, right? Avoiding one Health Condition can give birth to various other Health Conditions. So, this is why, it is better to choose an easier way, rather than just giving up. Considering the painful treatment, and How it scares away more and more people every year, I am here sharing some useful advice on How to Get Rid of Receding Gums.

What is the Cause of Receding Gums?

What the Receding of Gums actually mean is, receding of the skin, from the roots of the teeth. The Major Reasons behind the Receding Gums are as follows:

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  • Plaque Buildup over a lot of time
  • Aggressive Brushing of the Teeth
  • Hormonal changes
  • Excessive Smoking
  • Hereditary
  • HIV (AIDS)
  • Diabetes
  • Not Brushing Teeth Regularly

Also, anything that makes your mouth dry is a potential reason for Receding Gums. To prevent this, what you need to do is not let your Mouth be dry for too long. And, apart from this, below are the Tips to Get Rid of Receding Gums.

How to Get Rid of Receding Gums? Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Receding Gums:

To Get Rid of Receding Gums, read through and Implement the Following Home Remedies.

How to Get Rid of Receding Gums, Best Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Receding Gums

1). Clove:

Well, for sure cloves are really good for adding a Flavour to the Food which we eat, but these can be used as Many Home Remedies. Clove Oil is helpful for Stuffy Nose and even many more Small Ailments. Here, you will get to know How you can Use Clove to Cure your Receding Gums. What you need to do to apply this Remedy is, put a few drops of the Clove Oil on your Toothbrush, and brush your teeth gently with it. If you will be regular for at least around 2-3 Months, your condition will grow really better.

The reason why it is helpful is, that it has antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. With these Properties, it cleans up the oral cavities and improves your Dental Health.

2). Myrrh:

Myrrh is a very useful Tree Herb. It is popular for the treatment of Receding Gums. People have used it for so many purposes on many occasions. You can use it to Treat your Receding Gums. You can use Myrrh as a Toothpaste ingredient of yours. Also, if you don’t want it that way, then you can simply rinse your teeth with it, twice a day. Anyway, it will strengthen your teeth and will Prevent the Recession of Gums.

3). Coconut Oil:

You might have heard of the number of benefits Coconut Gives to our Health. Here, the use of Coconut oil is to Get Rid of Receding Gums. What it does for you is, retard the Growth Rate of the Bacteria, and undo the effect of it. This is the reason why using it as a Mouthwash for 30 Minutes when you Brush is a really good idea. This will really help you stop the Recession of Gums.

4). Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has so many health Benefits for skin, and for the scalp, apart from those benefits, Aloe Vera can be really effective while Treating Receding Gums. It has some amazing Anti-Bacterial and Anti-fungal Properties, due to which it can do the Job for you. Simply, cut a Fresh Aloe Vera piece and rub the gel over your teeth with clean fingers. It will taste bitter, so be prepared.

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5). Green Tea:

Green Tea or Herbal Tea is one useful ingredient which can help you in Really Getting Rid of Receding Gums Fast at home. It has amazing Antioxidant Properties, due to which it is able to do so. Also, it has inflammatory properties, which stop the Recession of Gums. So, simply just make yourself some green tea with warm water, and sip it, twice a day.

6). Amla:

Amla is very good for your Teeth, your Skin, your Hair and your Eyes. And, here you can use it to Get Rid of Receding Gums as well. You can use Amla to Rinse your mouth, also you can take in as a tablet or just rub raw amla gently against your teeth (if you really can do that though).

7). Sesame Oil:

Sesame Oil is one popular Kitchen Ingredient that every house has for cooking purposes. But, one less known fact about it is that it can really Help in Getting Rid of Receding Gums. What it does is, remove the harmful elements from the mouth and removes the plaque too. This way, the Oral Health Improves and Receding Gums begin to Diminish over time.

To apply this method, fill 1/4th of a Cup, with Sesame Oil and warm it. Now, put it into your mouth, and swish it around, as you do with a Mouthwash Liquid for around 30 seconds at least. And, you are good to go.

8). Eucalyptus:

Eucalyptus kills all the germs and the bacteria which causes those germs. This is how it protects your Dental Health, and prevents any Dental Diseases and Gum Recedings too.

On its own, eucalyptus oil is comparatively strong for the use on gums and teeth and so it has to be diluted with water before application. By taking a small quantity of the mixture of the oil and water on a clean finger or on a soft-bristled toothbrush, massage the gums for a few minutes and leave it on for about couple of minutes before rinsing off.

If you will use Eucalyptus without any Dilutions directly on your Gums, it will react strongly. So, what you need to do is dilute it, with a mixture of some oil and water. Then you can brush your teeth with a clean finger or your Toothbrush too.

Well, this was it about Getting Rid of Receding Gums. I hope you found this article useful. And, if you did, then share it with your Friends who you think might need this. Also, subscribe to our Newsletter for all the Latest News about Health, Fitness, Spirituality, and Beauty.

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