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How to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating? Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

How to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating, Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

How to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating at Home? Sweating is not a problem, but a Natural Phenomenon, right? Many people on reading the title would wonder if it can ever be a problem. But, then they would not come here, to read this article at least. If we talk of sweating, there are three types of people. The first kind is the people, who sweat, but not enough to drain out the wastes. Then the second type of people, are those who sweat just enough, as needed by their body. And, then comes the third category of people. Welcome friends, you are the ones, who have to deal with Excessive Sweating.

I would say I exactly know what it feels like, but I guess not really. I mean I sweat a lot too, but I never felt that I am Sweating Excessively. Although, my best Friend at School, used to be a Fountain all the time. This made sharing a table with him, very hard for me. Well, anyway its okay, for a Best Friend (I guess, Lol). So, you see, I have experiences with how it feels. This is the reason why I choose this topic to write this blog post here. Let us see, How to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating?

Why do we Sweat and What makes People Sweat Excessively?

Sweating is a Natural Phenomenon. Humans Sweat, Animals Sweat, it’s just pretty normal. Yes, it’d be a problem if somebody was unable to sweat. It would result in the accumulation of a lot of wastes, into his/her body. Sweating is Necessary, to eliminate certain wastes, out of our body. Many people, might not know, but we have Specific Glands, to make us sweat. We call these, Sweat Glands. These are the reasons, why we sweat.

How to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating, How to Get Rid of Excessive Sweat on Face, How to Get Rid of Sweat Under Arms

But, that was about the normal sweating. Now, let us look at the reason, behind people sweating excessively.

What makes People Sweat Excessively?

The situation, in which a person sweats more than normal, is called Hyperhidrosis. Generally, what happens normally is, that we sweat as the Hot Weather, or stress or a feeling of sadness, causes us to sweat, by turning our Sweat Glands on. But, when the weather or our emotions have changed, the sweat glands go off. While this doesn’t happen with people having Hyperhidrosis. Their sweat glands take longer to turn off. This is what causes them to Sweat Excessively. Well, I think this is enough information about Sweating for now. Let us get to know How to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating at Home?

How to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating? Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating:

Although, many would recommend visiting a Doctor. I too say it would be a good idea. Still, if you just think, that the condition is not that serious, then scroll down and read below the Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating.

What Excessive Sweating Looks like, Remedies for Excessive Sweating on Face

1). Use Tomato Juice:

Tomato Juice has a lot of medicinal properties. You can Get Rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads if you Scrub daily with Tomato. And, then a Glass of Fresh Tomato Juice every day, helps beat the entire Problem of Excessive Sweating like a Pro.

2). Apple Cider Vinegar:

There are many uses of Apple Cider Vinegar. You can Get Rid of many Skin Issues, with this. To Get Rid of Excessive Sweating, you need to add a Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar, in two tablespoons of normal Vinegar and consume it, thrice a day. The Remedy will take at least 7-8 Days to show results.

3). Witch Hazel:

You can use witch hazel for many things and, also for Getting Rid of  Excessive Sweating. Simply apply this onto your skin, and it will help dry up the sweating areas. You can also consider drinking tea containing Witch Hazel.

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4). Wheatgrass Juice:

What Wheatgrass does is neutralize the acids of the body and supplies it with Vitamin B6, Protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid as well. And, thus it helps as a Useful Home Remedy for Excessive Sweating. Simply, drink a Glass every day, and you will be good to go.

5). Cornstarch and Baking Soda:

This one is very effective for preventing your Underarms from sweating a lot. All you need to do is simply apply a paste of Cornstarch and Baking Soda, under your arms, after cleaning them wet. Leave it for some time like this. You can also add some deodorants or essential oils.

6). Tannic Acid:

One popular and easily available source of Tannic Acid is Tea. Simply, soak tea bags in warm water. Now, once the water cools down, place your palms on it. This is a very effective method to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating on Palms.

7). Potato Juice:

Simply cut a Potato in Slices and rub those slices on the parts of your body, which has to deal with Excessive Sweating. This will help you to easily Fix Excessive Sweating.

8). Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil is a very useful Household Ingredient. It is a Part of many Natural Treatments, and its qualities make it good enough to appear in this list. Simply, soak 10 Grams of Camphor in a bowl of coconut oil and rub it on your underarms and other Sweaty Areas.

9). Herbal Tea:

Herbal Tea is a boon in itself. People have been using it for Getting Rid of Fat, and becoming Slimmer, but, guess what? You can also use it to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating. Just brew some Herbs in hot water. Now, let it cool. Drink a cup, of this Herbal tea every day, and you will see the Problem of Excessive Sweating under your arms, going away.

10). Grapes:

Grapes are Natural Antioxidants. This fruit helps maintain the correct temperature of the body. Just eat a bowl of Grapes every day, and see the magic happen.

11). Use Salt:

Salt can also retard the activity of sweat glands greatly. Don’t believe me? Mix a tablespoon of lime juice with salt, and rub it on your hands for at least 5 Days. Change my name, if that doesn’t work.

12). Tea Tree Oil:

Tea Tree Oil is one Essential Oil, which can Cure your Pimples, and make your Face Glow better. And, apart from this, it can even Help you Get Rid of Excessive Sweating. It’s all about how you use it. Its astringents will really help you to get the right results really soon. Just apply the oil to the areas, where you sweat excessively.

13). White Sandalwood:

Add a tablespoon of White Sandalwood Powder to Rosewater, so you have a thin paste. Now, add a few drops of Lemon Juice to this paste, and go on to Rub your Highly Sweaty Areas, after washing them dry and clean.

And when you Finally Get Rid of Excessive Sweating

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So, this was it for now. These were the Simple yet Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating. For suggestions about more Treatment Methods, read below.

Other Treatments to Get Rid of Excessive Sweating | Suggestions on How to Prevent Excessive Sweating:

Homeopathic Medication can also be a Good Option for Treating Excessive Sweating. You can get a prescription for the same, from any Homeopathy Doctor, near you. Talking of the Steps to Prevent Excessive Sweating, let us read below.

  1. Drink more water
  2. Don’t take Hot Baths too often
  3. Also, avoid Caffeine
  4. Lower your Alcohol Intake
  5. Drive away from Stress
  6. Workout Daily
  7. Take Regular Baths too
  8. Try to lower your intake of Sugar, Spice, as well as Junk Food
  9. Wear more breathable Clothes and Footwear
  10. Keep your underarms and groin clean and shave regularly to avoid excessive sweating

So, Keeping all the above Prevention Tips for Excessive Sweating in mind, you can improve your condition. And, to Getting Rid of Excessive Sweating, just implement the Home Remedies, which I shared above. If you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful, a Share or a Stumble will be really appreciated.

Also, thanks for reading, Stay tuned for more such content.

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