Top Free Movies on YouTube you can’t Miss!

Top Free Movies on YouTube you can’t Miss

YouTube is currently the second largest search engine on the web. Many people do not know that there are tons of feature-length movies on the YouTube. You can watch them for free! Isn’t it cool? The best part is they are legal. Majority of the movies hosted on the YouTube are the legal copies. YouTube removes the pirated movies and penalizes the uploader. So, let’s explore some of the best movies which you can watch on the YouTube right now. You can also check out for the best free movie sites.

Best Free Movies on YouTube:

1. The General:

Though this is a very old movie (released in 1926), the subject matter and the technical brilliance of this movie must not be underestimated. Buster Keaton who is one of the pioneers of the movie industry played as a protagonist in this film. This movie is considered as an all-time classic and regarded as Keaton’s best work. It was not properly received by audience and critics when it was first released and it was a box-office failure. But soon people realized that The General is one of the greatest American movies.

2. Monster:

Charlize Theron who played as a serial killer in this film had delivered one of the notable screen performances which will be remembered for the years to come. Monster is based on a true story of a serial killer. Aileen Wuornos murdered 6 men in 80s and 90s and was executed in early 2000s. Charlize Theron played her character with an extraordinary psychological depth. Some of the intense emotional moments in the movie would definitely haunt you for few weeks.

4. Nosferatu:

Nosferatu is probably the first ever Dracula movie which had revolutionized the horror genre completely. Dracula and vampires were completely new to the movies in the 1920s. Nosferatu made a powerful impact set the new standards in horror genre. It’s creepy and intense. The disturbing content in the movie wrecked the sleep of many when it was released. It was an unofficial adaptation of Dracula by Bram Stoker.

5. Kung Fury:

Kung Fury is an extraordinary action movie which will be liked by all the action movie lovers out there. The Kung Fu action sequences in this movie are powerfully performed and captured. David Sandberg is the director of this movie. He also played the lead role. Kung Fury is a detective who was struck by thunderbolt multiple times and gets bitten by a venomous cobra too. These two jolts make him super powerful with extraordinary superhuman fighting abilities. Though it’s bit irrational, we are here for the stunning action sequences. Eventually, Kung Fury has to fight against Adolf Hitler with his awesome Kung Fu techniques. Also, u can watch this movie through kickass unblocked.

6. Night of the Living Dead’:

Last but not the least, Night of the Living Dead is here to entertain all the hardcore horror fans out there. This film must be mentioned when we are talking about American horror movies. It’s made by George A. Romero with a shoestring budget of $100,000. Romero acted, directed and acted in this film and instantly became a superstar after it’s release. The story revolves around 7 people who are trapped in and surrounded by walking dead bodies. Night of the Living Dead is considered one of the movies which revolutionized the horror genre in American cinema.

We hope that these movies satisfy your movie thirst for some time. All the above 5 are considered as classics and made a noticeable impact on American cinema. Stay glued to our blog as we post some of the free sources to watch wonderful movies online. Let us know in the comments section if you find any legal source for the quality free movies.

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