This is The First Dating App that Saves you From Swiping and Sets you on a Real Date

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The First Dating App. We have all known about the tales of Tinder and other Dating Apps like Flirchi. Most of us have used these apps, right? We as Guys know how difficult it is to get a good match on Tinder. Although, girls get all the attention. And even if you get a Match for you, and even if everything is going, there are very rare chances that you will actually meet that person. This makes dating nowadays very very boring. While on one side of the coin, the girls generally leave everything up to the guy in a conversation, the other hand actually presents disappointment. There are times when a person can’t just be a “Chatting Guy”. No matter, how interesting a person he is in real life. Anyway, to rule out these sad experiences, here is this New Dating App:First”.

Most of the Other Dating Apps in General:

In this Digital World, everything runs on our phones. Out of 100 35-40 People would admit that they met their significant (or not so significant) other over Social Media. But, these conversations most of the times start very well but turn out to be boring later. That is why, to save the day for you, here is some Excitement.

New Dating Apps, Best Dating Apps in USA, New Dating Apps First

The dating apps, which have ever come to the App Stores are a lot of hassle. It is sometimes too mainstream and too hard as well. People wouldn’t even reply back in time. There will be very less interaction and more differences. And, no matter how interested you are in someone, you can’t make them meet you if they don’t want to (Obviously legit, Lol). Although I have made a few friends using Tinder, that is very rare, and at the end, we are just friends, you see? Maybe these were the reasons, why a New Dating App had to come out.

What is “First” Dating App All about?

“First” is a new dating app which will soon be available on iOS Devices. With this app, you do not have to Swipe Right or Left, or add a huge Bio, or try to impress any person over chat messages, which is kind of impossible. But with First, you just simply set up a date, and then be available to the group of people, who you choose through location, age, and gender filters. Now the people who will be interested in your set date will hit you up with a yes. And that’s it.

New Dating App First, Best Dating App, Online Dating Apps, Best Dating Websites

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Also, if you have multiple proposals, then you can choose the best one from them. And, be ready at the place. Simple, right? Although there are a few flaws as I can see. Like how would you get to identify the other person if you won’t be able to chat to them? Also, you can’t call off the date at the last minute. Every date closes 4 Hours before the time. And, even if you get to the customer support in a crucial case, you can receive a No Show Label. Two of which will ban you from using the App ever again in the near future.

So, be cautious.

The Motto of this New Dating App First:

The app, which launched in the USA for iOS around a week ago, is the brainchild of Truman Kain, a 25-year old from Los Angeles. He told us his goal is “getting you off of your phone and onto the date.”

So, you know there is some cool stuff here, which can be good for you too. Get your hands on the app, and tell us in the comments below about how you found the app.

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