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Exercises, Fat Burners, Yoga Poses, and 13 Foods that Burn Belly Fat

Exercises, Fat Burner, Yoga Poses, and Foods that Burn Belly Fat Fast, How to Burn Belly Fat

Foods that Burn Belly Fat. Belly Fat is one thing, which every second person has, and at the same time, every second person wants to get rid of. Well, the reason is obvious. Who wants to look Fat? Belly Fat embarrass masses, and also is a House to many diseases. But, again in the age that we live in, it is very obvious and easy to have excess Belly Fat on the stomach. People do not have time for themselves, let alone be for Gym. Also, the lifestyle is becoming stale, right? Well, for that reason, I am here to attempt to help you. If you have Belly Fat, I have a solution. In this article, you will get to read about the Exercises, Fat Burners, Yoga Poses, and 13 Foods that Burn Belly Fat.

So, read below to find out everything relating to that.

What is Belly Fat and What are the Causes of Belly Fat? – INTRODUCTION to Belly Fat:

Well, the answer to the Question, What is Belly Fat, is obvious. Belly Fat is the excessive Fat on your Stomach, which bulges out in a way, that you either look like you are having to bloat, or you are really fat on your stomach. And here, the second reason is true.

That is what I mention while talking about the Causes of Belly Fat. The major cause of Belly Fat is lethargy. If you are lazy, have a Desk Job, spend most of your days sitting on the couch, watching Movies and Eating Junk, then you don’t even need to look for any other reason behind having Belly Fat.

And you know what? The worst thing about having belly fat is the last 5% of the fat, which chooses to stay. Say, if you have a really huge Belly and you are trying to get rid of it. Trust me, the first 95% of the Results will come easier, than the last 5%.

How to Get a Flat Belly, How to Lose Belly Fat

That is the tough part. This Fat is really stubborn and you have to really sweat a lot out, in order to Remove Belly Fat. For which, you will need to focus on the Right Exercises, Yoga Positions, Fat Burners (if those work, which you will find out later in this article), and Foods that Burn Belly Fat.

So, don’t just waste any more time now, and scroll down now to read about the same.

Exercises, Fat Burners, Yoga Poses, and 13 Foods that Burn Belly Fat Fast!

In the section above you got to read in brief about Belly Fat. By now, you obviously know What is Belly Fat, and where does it come from, but is that the question here? Well, not really. The question is How to Lose Belly Fat?

Considering that, below here are the Belly Fat Burning Exercises.

1). Air Bicycle:

It is very simple and fun to do. All you need to do is, lay on your back, and lift your legs up in the air. Now, after this start cycling the air. Simple, right? Keep doing it for at least around 5 Minutes in one set.

Air Bicycles

2). Crunches:

Crunches are very famous Belly Fat Burning Exercises. It is amazing how you can Lose Many Kilos if you do Crunches every day. Start off with at least 10 Sets of Crunches, in all the 3 Reps on Day 1.


3). Twisty Crunches:

These are the crunches with a little bit of twisting. What you need to do is, Complete a Rep, and twist your upper body on one side, and vice versa.

Twisted Crunches

4). Single Leg Raises:

Leg Raises effectively Burn Belly Fat. These are really Good for Building Abs as well. What you need to do is raise your legs one by one in the air, like you are kicking a ball in the air. Ask your Coach for guidance.

Single Leg Raises

5). Double Leg Raises:

These are very similar to Single Leg Raises. Just that for these you need to Join your both legs and lift those up at the same time.

Double Leg Raises

6). Mountain Climbers:

Start in the Pushup Position, and instead of doing a Pushup, pull your legs up close to your stomach, one by one. Consult your Trainer if you feel the need to.

Mountain Climbers, How to Do Mountain Climbers

Yoga Poses to Burn Belly Fat:

This might not even surprise you. I bet you knew that you can use Yoga For Stomach as well. There are many Bollywood and Hollywood actresses, who have set examples. These examples are enough evidence that you can use Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat.

Yoga Poses to Burn Belly Fat:-

1). Cobra Pose:

This is one pose, which will help you Grow taller as well. What you have to do is lay on your stomach, and get your palms on the ground, just below your shoulders. After that, you lift your upper body up slowly. Stay like this for around 30-40 seconds.

Cobra Pose, Bhujangasana

2). Wind Easing Pose:

Pavanmuktasana or Wind Easing Pose is good Yoga to Reduce Belly Fat. You have to lay on your back, then bring your knees close to your chest, and hold those tight, covering with your arms. Then start rolling slowly like this.

Wind Easing Position

3). Kumbhakasana (Plank/Board):

You might even know what a Plank Position is. It is easy to implement but literally takes the sweat out when you do it. Start off in the Pushup Position, and don’t do a Pushup. Just stay that way, for as long as you can.

Board, Plank, Kumbhakasana

4). Boat Pose:

Naukasana is famous to Burn and Effect Belly Fat. What you have to do is, lay on your back, and slightly lift your feet up, joining your legs. And then try to reach your feet with your hands, but don’t reach.

Boat Pose, Naukasana

5). Bow Posture:

The another name for Bow Posture is Dhanurasana. In this you have to lay on your stomach, and bend your legs backward, and hold your feet with your hands. Then stretch as much as you can. This makes you look like a Bow, so the name is Dhanurasana (Dhanur (Bow in Sanskrit) + asana).

Dhanurasana, Bow Posture Yoga

13 Foods that Burn Belly Fat Fast – Best Fat Burning Foods:

Okay, in this article by now, in the sections above, you read a lot about Belly Fat, Also, you read about the Belly Fat Burning Exercises, and Yoga Poses that Burn Belly Fat. Well, that is still not it. To actually trim down that stubborn piece of Flesh on your belly, you need a Belly Fat Diet.

Foods that Burn Belly Fat Fast

For preparing which, you would need to consider the below list of Fat Burning Foods.

1). Nuts:

You’d know, Nuts are always fun. I like chewing onto different nuts throughout the day, whenever I get time to do so. Mostly Nuts are rich in Protein, Zinc, and other Vitamins and Minerals. This is what makes those perfectly healthy and very nutritious for health. But then again, there are a few of these you should omit, because of Cholesterol. You might not know but Cashew and peanut heads have cholesterol in those.

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For that reason, I recommend you to eat these, after removing the heads.

2). Spinach:

You might have even heard that Spinach is a very good Fat Burning Food. The Juices present in Spinach are just the perfect ingredients for shedding Body Fat. It detoxifies your body, hence makes you feel better and slimmer at the same time.

I recommend you to consume Spinach in good quantities on a regular basis. It is very important for your good health and a Flat Tummy.

3). More Vitamin C:

Everyone knows that adding some rich sources of Vitamin C to your diet helps Burn Belly Fat. It is one of the most effective Foods that Burn Belly Fat. You can consider adding Oranges, Lemons, Pineapples or Kiwis to your diet for the same.

Also have a glass of Mix Fruit Juice every day, with Pulp/Fiber in it.

4). Egg Whites:

It is the perfect Leaning Food. Egg Whites are so rich in Protein that you really need to have eggs every day if you are working out. And, to lose belly fat, you have to work out. So, you know? Eggs are your remedy for repairing all the tissues and muscles, giving you more strength, and muscle. This means lesser body fat, right?

That is the reason why I call Egg a Magic Food.

5). Lean Meats:

Although I am a vegetarian, still if you can, then you should eat Lean Meats as Turkey. These are very rich in Protein and hardly have any carbohydrates in them. So, you should really consider adding these Foods that Burn Belly Fat to your diet.

6). Raspberry:

Berries are very useful for keeping your heart healthy. And apart from that, these can also help you in Getting Rid of Excessive Body Fat around your Belly. Just have a dose of these every day, whenever you can. These taste good, so you will really like these.

7). Brown Breads:

Brown Breads are better than White Breads because these have more of fiber and lesser quantities of Carbohydrates. This is what makes the Brown Bread fit for your Belly Fat Diet. So, go and replace your Bread right now.

8). Legumes and Beans:

These are the Foods that Burn Belly Fat, as these have good quantities of Protein, and Protein helps you reform your body in every possible way. So, if you are working out for your Stomach, you are probably going to see your muscles forming in the form of abs if you consume good protein too.

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9). Olive Oil:

Instead of eating unhealthy oil, with high loads of cholesterol in it, start consuming Olive Oil. It has lower amounts of cholesterol and hence it is fit for making you slimmer.

10). Oatmeal:

Eating Oats every day can easily make your Belly Flat. To get a Flat Belly, you should have a bowl of Oatmeal as breakfast every morning. It is very rich in Fiber, Iron, Protein, and other Vitamins as well. This is what makes it qualify to be in the list of Foods that Burn Belly Fat.

11). Low Fat Dairy Products:

Consuming High Cream or High Fat while trying to be the Leanest you, is very risky. The reason is, that this will mean that you are going to take in some extra carbs, which will reverse the action of your intense workouts, wasting most of your efforts. So, you should stick to Skimmed Milk or Double Toned Milk only.

12). Buttermilk:

Another one in the list of Foods that Burn Belly Fat is Buttermilk. The reason why Buttermilk is here is, that it has properties, which detoxify the whole body of most of the excess oils and extra fatty acids, which do nothing much but make you fat.

So, having a glass or two of Buttermilk every day can be really helpful.

13). Peanut Butter:

The Normal Household Butter which you used to eat by now, needs to go out of your shelves now. At least until you achieve your Weight Loss Goals. Peanut Butter is rich in Protein and other Vital Nutrients. This is the reason why it really helps to Reduce Belly Fat Fast.

More about How to Lose Belly Fat – Belly Fat Burner:

Apart from the Natural methods of Losing Weight, you might have also heard of the Machines, and Belts which claim to be the Best Belly Fat Burner. These Machines seem to look fine, but talking about results, the whole idea of these Machines looks like a Scam. Why? Because, it is a scientific fact that you can not Get Rid of Fat completely from one particular Body area, omitting all the other areas.

There have to be some proportions. You can’t just have Huge Arms and use a Sauna Belt to Burn Belly Fat. That is medically impossible to achieve. So, it is better if you drop the whole idea of using Sauna Belts or other Fat Burners for your Belly Fat. Rather, just work out at the Gym, Eat Good Food and you will be good to go.

Well, this was it for now. Read the Index below to make sure, you didn’t miss out on anything important.

INDEX – All about Exercises, Fat Burners, Yoga Poses, and 13 Foods that Burn Belly Fat:

To make sure that you didn’t miss on anything important in this article, here is an Index to the same. So read below and find out.


  • INTRODUCTION to Belly Fat (What is Belly Fat, and Causes of Belly Fat)
  • Belly Fat Burning Exercises
  • Yoga Poses that Burn Belly Fat
  • Foods that Burn Belly Fat
  • Belly Fat Burner – Do they work?

So, this was all about How to Lose Belly Fat Fast. With the help of these tips, you can actually cut down that stubborn portion of your belly and be the slimmest you. So, go on, Implement, and share the results with us.

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