Does HGH Help in Weight Reduction?

The Benefits and Dangers of HGH

HGH For Weight Loss: There are hundreds of weight loss programs to choose from. Some are strict ketonic diet plans while others more of 30-days weight loss challenge, but how many of these are actually effective remains the question. After studying many weight reduction programs we came to the conclusion that, HGH therapy is the best of all.

Does HGH Help in Weight Reduction?

Not only weight loss but with HGH anti-aging benefits are also there. HGH for weight loss is not only effective but also beneficial. Growth hormone causes reduction of fat from the body especially the abdominal area. This excess fat is converted into glucose and then brought in use for production of lean muscle mass. Also, HGH improves body metabolism.

According to Donald M. Klatz, MD, as quoted in his publication titled “Ten Weeks to a Younger You”-

“HGH Growth Hormone therapy may well prove to be the answer not only in reducing body fat but also for many of the problems that accompany obesity. It is well known in human physiology that muscle and fat tissue metabolism are directly influenced by the interplay between HGH, amino acids, exercise, insulin, stress hormones, and fats. Little if any fat burning can take place in the presence of high insulin levels, such as those found commonly after eating a meal high in fat or carbohydrates. Hgh growth hormone replacement therapy may be the answer not only to removing fat, but all the problems that come with it. The message is clear if you are overweight, there are now for the first time, proven methods for getting rid of the fat that poses such a danger to your health and life.”

Weight Loss with HGH:

You must have noticed that you gain fat easily as you age. This is because with aging there is drop in level of growth hormones. The reduced HGH levels give freedom to insulin to store the produced glucose in our body as fat in cells. This causes increased fat accumulation in our body. This is why it is advised to use HGH for weight loss to gain lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine it was reported that with HGH therapy there is reduced pot belly fat by 48%, tightening out loose skin folds by 62% and straightening of sagging body silhouette by 62% in patients who underwent HGH therapy.

There are many more studies that suggest the benefit of HGH therapy for weight loss. You should consult your doctor regarding the use of HGH supplements for weight reduction.

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