How to Cure Paralysis With Yoga? Treatment of Paralysis with Yoga

How to Cure Paralysis with Yoga, Best Tips and Treatment for Paralysis using Yoga

The Cure for Paralysis Attack. Paralysis is a physical condition in which the Body loses control over muscle function. You might have heard of many cases regarding Paralysis. We know that the body’s physical movement somehow stops or slows down in Paralysis. What actually happens is that something goes wrong with how the brain and body parts communicate. Also, It can be complete or partial. A Person can have paralysis on one side of the body, or on both. Although, Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy is one thing which can cure Paralysis. But, as it is costly and also not the safest way, I have something really helpful to suggest. I am sure this will be really helpful to all those Looking for a Treatment of Paralysis. So, here I tell you How to Cure Paralysis with Yoga.

What is Paralysis and What are the Reasons for which Paralysis Occurs?

Let’s first start with what it is.

What is Paralysis?

Paralysis is the loss of muscle function in a part of your body or most parts of your body. It can be localized to a specific part or can affect the whole body too. It can affect you in any part of your body at any time of your life. The first symptom is the inability to feel pain or anything else in that area.

How to Cure Paralysis with Yoga, Best Treatment of Paralysis with Yoga, Yoga for Paralysis

The Reasons of Paralysis:

Below here are the Top Most Popular Causes of Paralysis. Read and understand which one are you relating to for the patient.

1). Stroke:

This occurs when the blood supply to your brain is disturbed. This causes paralysis, as when blood isn’t able to reach the brain rightly, the functioning somewhat slows down or even stops in some cases.

2). Head Injury:

If the head injury is very serious or severe, it can cause Brain Damage. Which can thus result in the improper functioning of the brain, including an inability to send and receive messages to and from the Muscles.

3). Spinal Cord Injury:

We have grown up listening that Spinal Cord is one of the Most Important Organs/Bones of a Human Body. It is the reason why we can stand sit and do anything at all. Apart from this, Spinal cord plays an important role in transmitting signals to the brain. So, if there is any injury in Spinal Cord, it can cause many complications including a Paralysis attack too.

4). Multiple Sclerosis:

In this state Nerve Fibres in Spinal Cord receive damage due to the Immune System. This happens when the Immune System mistakes by attacking Myelin, which surrounds the Nerve Fibres. And, this substance Myelin” helps in transmitting signals to the brain. So, you know, Paralysis.

How to Cure Paralysis with Yoga? Treatment for Paralysis with Yoga:

Yoga is a true boon to the Mankind. Today is the Yoga Day and I chose to write this article today only. The reason is very simple. There are many people suffering from so many diseases. Paralysis is one of those. Above this part, we got to know What Is Paralysis and Why does it Occur. Now is the time, when we look towards a solution to the same. Below here are the Best Tips on How to Cure Paralysis with Yoga?

Do Yoga everyday to Prevent and Cure Paralysis, Effects of Paralysis, Reasons of Paralysis

In this section, I am sharing some important information about the Best Yoga Poses and Aasans to Cure Paralysis. Kindly read and implement for the Best Results earlier than you would expect.

Yoga Poses:

 1). Mountain Pose:

The mountain pose brings to your body more stillness, relax, strength, more power, and immovable stability. This will surely help you a lot in Getting Rid of Paralysis.

2). Child pose:

It is a relaxing Yoga Position which normalizes the circulation of blood after a head stand. This helps in countering the extensive stretches, which occur due to the Head Stand in the Spine and back. It is very useful for Brain’s Functions and hence prevents Paralysis too.

3). Easy Pose:

This one is a classic Yoga and Meditation Pose. You have to do this after the Corpse Pose. This helps your Spine to Straighten up. It helps in slowing down your metabolism and keeping your mind still.

Benefits of Doing Yoga Everyday, Yoga for Paralysis

4). Half Spine Twist Pose:

This pose increases the length of your spine and hence makes it stronger as well. It also benefits Liver, Kidneys and Adrenal Glands too. This is very helpful while you want to Cure Paralysis with Yoga.

5). The Cat Pose:

It teaches you to initiate movement from your center and to coordinate your movement and breath. These help you in having a better control of your body and mind.

Yoga Aasans:

1). Veerasana:

Veer means a Hero, a Brave Warrior. This Aasan, when done right improves the appetite. Also, people who do this Aasan regularly, are more adventurous, brave and enthusiastic as well.

How to Do a Veerasana, Veerasana for Curing Paralysis

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1). Start off with Vajrasana first.

2). Now lift the right leg and place the foot on the floor so that it’s in line with the left knee.

3). Place the right elbow on the right knee and support the weight of the head using the right palm. Make the chin rest on the right palm.

4). Place the Left Palm on the Left Knee.

5). Now close the eyes and relax your body.

6). Now, this is the Veerasana Yoga Pose. You can stay in this pose, as long as you feel comfortable for.

7). To release the Pose bring back the right hands to the right knees and go back to the original position of Vajrasana.

2). Parvatasana:

In this Aasan, you have to stretch the body upwards, so what your hands form above your head, looks like a Mountain Peak. This helps your body to have a better balance and also is very good to fight against Paralysis. This is how you do it.

Do Parvatasana for Curing Paralysis, Yoga for Preventing Paralysis


1). Sit in Padmasana first.

2). Now from Padmasana Position, lift your hips and thighs up a bit, so the whole weight lies on your knees.

3). Now raise your hands up, above your head and join them as during a Namaskar.

4). Try to pretend that something is pushing the rest of your body up, from your hands.

5). Stay in this position for a few seconds and breathe normally.

6). To release this pose, bring back your hands down to the ground. And, relax a bit now.

3). Siddhasana:

This is the Yoga Pose, with which people attain perfection. Siddh” is a Sanskrit word in fact, which means perfect. So, relative, right? This Aasan awakens the power of Kundalini, which is the annular power residing in the mystical circle. This circle lies just above the Reproductive organs. This can also help to Cure Paralysis with Yoga.

How to do a Siddhasana, Doing Siddhasana for Knowledge and Peace, Siddhasana for Paralysis, Yoga for Paralysis

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1). Sit on the floor.

2). Keep your legs in front and stretch them.

3). Bend your left leg, while holding the left heel.

4). Place your left leg near the perineum.

5). Now, bend the right knee and put the right heel against the public bone.

6). The back of hands should lie on the knees, with palms facing towards the sky.

7). You have to now join the tip of Index finger to your thumb, in both hands.

8). Also, keep your neck low, so the chin touches the ground.

4). Mandukasana:

Mandukasana is a combination of two words as all the other Aasan Names. Manduk in Sanskrit means Frog. So, this Aasan is related to Frogs, as the legs in this go behind the back, like limbs of a Frog. This helps in fighting Paralysis and it’s prevention as well.

Mundakasana for Treating Paralysis, Treat your Paralysis with Mundakasana


1). First, sit in Vajrasana Pose.

2). Now, place your left palm on your right palm and keep them on your navel.

3). Press your Stomach inwards now.

4). Exhale and bend forward and keep looking straight.

5). Hold your breath like this for some time.

6). Slowly inhale air and start coming back to the normal position.

7). Repeat the above steps around 3-4 times.

5). Ardhamatsyendrasana:

This aasan relieves and stretches shoulders for the good. Releases fatigue and backache too. Also, is here as it is good for the spinal chord and helps to Cure Paralysis with Yoga.

Do Ardhamatsyendrasana for Treating Paralysis, Cure of Paralysis Using Yoga


1). Sit erect with your legs stretched out. Keep your feet together and your spine absolutely erect.

2). Now, bend your left leg so the heel of the left foot lies next to the right hip. You can also keep the left leg stretched out if you want to.

3). Place the right leg next to the left knee by taking it over the knee.

4). Now, twist your waist, neck, and shoulders towards the right. And set your gaze over your right shoulder. Keep your spine erect.

5). You can stretch your arms in many ways. But keep it simple, you can place the right hand behind you, and the left hand on the right knee.

6). Stay like this for a few seconds. Breath slowly, but deeply.

7). Now to release, exhale and release the right hand first, then the waist, chest, and finally the neck. And relax while you sit.

Verdict about the Treatment and Cure of Paralysis with Yoga:

So, as I explained and said earlier too, there are steps with which we can Cure Paralysis with Yoga. I hope you found this article useful. It is a pleasure for us to share the content that you like. And We love to hear from you, so tell us in the comments’ section about anything that you like or dislike or want to ask about on this Blog.

Yoga Can Help you Fight Paralysis, You can Cure Paralysis with Yoga

Baba Ramdev (An Indian Yog Guru) is the man who taught the world How to Cure Paralysis with Yoga.

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