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Body Mass Index Calculator. There are many people who struggle with Body Fat. There are many people who want to be fit from fat. But, then again there are many people who are unable to get there. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a popular Measure, which depends on the Body Fat of a person, associating his/her weight and Height. Going by the Definition:

BMI is the Measure of your Body Fat based on your weight, in ratio to your Height.

Looking at the Facts about BMI, it applies to every person, whether an adult or a child. Apart from this, the facts are as follows:

  • No Puncturing of skin is needed
  • BMI is inexpensive and Easy
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  • BMI depends on Age and Gender
  • It is a legit measure for the Body Fat, according to the Height and Size

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Ideal BMI Depending on Body Size for both Genders:

Body Mass Index is a Measure, which has a definition for an ideal situation. It is when the person in consideration is neither Overweight or Underweight. Let us look at the Image below, with Specific Ideal Body Mass Indices for both Women and Men.

Body Mass Index Calculator, Calculate Body Mass Index, Calculate BMI
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Having known this much about the Body Mass Index, scroll down now for the Body Mass Index Calculator, to Calculate your BMI Now.

Calculate your Body Mass Index Now | Body Mass Index Calculator Online

You can use our free Body Mass Index Calculator Tool Below for Free.

BMI RangeCategory
Less than 16Severely underweight
From 16 to 18.5:Underweight
From 18.5 to 25Normal (healthy weight)
From 25 to 30Overweight
From 30 to 35Obese Class I (Moderately obese)
From 35 to 40:Obese Class II (Severely obese)
Over 40Obese Class III (Very severely obese)
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So, we hope Now you have a Better understanding of the Body Mass Index's concept and about your BMI as well. If you found this post useful, then share it with your friends and make them give a check too. It is very important to Maintain a good Body Mass Index, for everyone. Keep Following this Blog, for help regarding that.


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