Men with this Blood Type are more Prone to having a Heart Attack

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Heart Attacks. Cardiol health nowadays is becoming a hot new issue. The reason is the lifestyle in 2017. The way we live, the food we eat and the relationships we have. Everything in some way or the other is affecting our body. And, our Heart is one important part of it, which suffers a lot. A heart attack has many mainstream reasons. Age is one of those, then Tobacco, Blood Pressure, Diabetes or Genetic reasons can cause a Heart Attack. Although People above 45 years of age are more prone to have a Heart Attack, still there are cases where the Victim is around his/her 30s only. And, also there is no specification at all, but still, there are people of one Blood Group, who are more Prone to Having a Heart Attack. We are talking about it here.

Men with this Blood Type are more Prone to having a Heart Attack

Well, there are some strong chances that you might not be aware of your Blood Group. If that is so, I would recommend you to ask your Mom about it. Not because, you are soon going to Have a Heart Attack (Obviously, Duh!), but for the sake of awareness at least.

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We studied in High School too, that Blood Group plays an important role in many places. Well, at least in one, if not many, right? We know that the Blood Donation and Receiving has to be very selective. A Person of a particular Blood Group can receive Blood just from 2 blood groups. One of which is O+ and the other one is his own Blood group. Implying that people with O+ Blood Group are Universal Donors.

Non-O Type Blood Group is more Prone to Having a Heart Attack
Non-O Type Blood Group is more Prone of Having a Heart Attack

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While on the other Hand, people having the Blood Group O- can receive blood from any Blood Group, including their own as well. Lucky, right? Well, this is not all the luck that people with a Blood Group O(+/-) enjoy. The recent study at Heart Failure 2017—4th World Congress on Acute Heart Failure suggests that People with Blood Group O(+/-) are Least prone to Heart Attacks. Which, thus means that People having Blood Groups except for O(+/-) are More Prone to Having a Heart Attack.

Why does this Happen? What does Non-O Blood Type have to Do with Heart Attack?

Although the exact mechanism behind this behavior isn’t yet clear, researchers are claiming the truthfulness of this fact, on the basis of Studies and Researches conducted on people. Still, there is a probable reason behind this.

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The reason is that people with Non-O blood type have greater concentrations of a blood clotting protein called von Willebrand factor. Which can make the development of a blockage that causes a heart attack more likely. Where no strong proof is presentable about it right now, chances are that this will prove to be the actual reason for making Men with Non-O Type Blood Groups more prone to Having a Heart Attack.

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Well, this was how Your Blood Group can predict your Chances of Having a Heart Attack. I hope that you liked reading this post. Share with your friends if you found this useful. Also, stay tuned for a lot more stuff yet to come.

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