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Best Sandwich in New Delhi under a Hundred Bucks

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Best Sandwich in New Delhi. Who doesn’t like a good Sandwich? Okay, I understand that most of us are very selective when it comes to having a Good Sandwich and this even makes sense. No one likes the food, which no one can like, right? Having a tough layer of Competitors, Restaurant Owners and Cooks, keep practicing new skills and taste combinations to come up with the best. And in the Race, traditional taste and food never fail. It is about the Best Sandwich in New Delhi Under a Hundred Bucks. Obviously, this means that we will consider the Sandwich which will taste the best, out of all those sandwiches which cost less than a Hundred Bucks. So, let us head down to learn more.

What Really is a Good Sandwich?

Sure talking of choosing the Best Sandwich, in a price range too might sound like a game. But, when you go deep into considering micro-details, then is when the game gets hard. A good sandwich here hence means the one which has the best everything. Perfectly grilled (Okay, if it is to be grilled in the first place). Then, a number of sauces, and the patty or the stuffing, whatever goes inside it, has to be just the best. And, yes if the Tomato Sauce or the Dip isn’t good, how will you expect the Sandwich to taste Good?

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So, you see, there are one, but many things to consider when you actually go onto Choosing the Best Sandwich. And, this is what made finding the Best Sandwich in New Delhi a bit tough.

Let us first look onto those which we considered as the top 5 Nominees, under the Price range of a Hundred Bucks.

Top 4 Nominations, excluding the Best Sandwich in New Delhi:

1). Novelty Dairy and Stores

Also known as Hawker’s House, Novelty Dairy serves some simple and delicious Sandwiches at Jangpura, New Delhi. Shanti Sarup serves these sandwiches with a dollop of homemade mayo, soft bread and his patent green sauce (chutney).

Sandwiches at the Novelty Dairy and Store in New Delhi

A Sandwich here costs around Rs. 50-60.
Location: 43, Birbal Road, Jangpura

2). Jain Coffee House

Jain Coffee House is very popular for its hot steaming coffee. And, then there are some amazingly delicious sandwiches, which it serves at around a 100 Bucks. The Fruit sandwich is their best seller and yes they are proud of it (Cuz, why not?).

Jain Coffee House Sandwiches New Delhi

Cost of a Sandwich here is around Rs. 100
Location: Raghuganj, Chawri Bazaar

3). Penta Cafe

This place lies in a Hospital as a Side Canteen. Now is quite famous for its good sandwiches. It has a variety of Grilled and Subway Grilled Sandwiches. You can’t help eat the whole.

Penta Cafe's Sandwiches in New Delhi

The sandwiches’ cost from Rs. 50 – Rs. 200 here
Location: Gujranwala Town

4). Nandu Tea Stall

This is some Classic Name with a good stop, to stand at for some good Sandwiches, Omelette or a Milk Shake too. The menu is quite vast, for a Tea Stall. I would sure recommend you to visit the place. Sandwiches here are grilled totally in heavy cheese (Licking lips, as mouth waters 😛 ).

Nandu Tea Stall Lajpat Nagar Sandwiches

*This Image is just aesthetic, and I didn’t click it. Also, I don’t have a Picture of the Sandwich which I ate at this place.

Cost of a Sandwich is around Rs. 60-70 here
Location: Lajpat Nagar, near Afghani Market/Colony

Though, all the above-stated places, serve amazing Sandwiches. I loved these all, but still, the Winner is a winner, for a reason. Let’s look onto it.

The Best Sandwich in New Delhi under a Hundred Bucks:

And, now is the turn for the Show Stopper. So, hold your Horses, Everybody. As, I have here, made up some serious build up about the Best Sandwich in New Delhi, in my consideration, which costs less than even a Hundred Bucks.

This really sounds pretty cool, right? You sit in a restaurant, with some classic ambiance and air conditioners. Then, there are appropriate tables and chairs. The Service is quick and splendid. So, you go to order this Sandwich here, and after you have eaten, you feel surprised. This is what happened with me.

This is so Delicious


When I first ordered the Mumbai Kalaghoda Sandwich at the Canteen, I too read the price and thought that it’ll just be fine. Then when it came to my table, it had 4 Pieces of Sandwich. And, all of them tasted so very good (Obviously). This is what has made me write about it.

So, Kudos to our Winner for being the Best Sandwich in New Delhi under a Hundred Bucks, and let us know a little more about that.

The Best Sandwich in New Delhi under a Hundred Bucks: Mumbai Kalaghoda Sandwich at the Canteen, Karol Bagh:

Talking of the place, it is very decent, and as I said above, it has an amazing ambiance. The service is pretty good. The Menu has a variety of dishes to choose from. You can obviously find it on Zomato also. Furthermore, the Sandwich and Cheese Garlic Bread are what I consider the best here.

Mumbai Kalaghoda Sandwich at The Canteen New Delhi, The Best Sandwich in New Delhi under a Hundred Bucks, Best Cheap Sandwiches

One Kalaghoda Sandwich here will cost you Rs. 70, and will have 4 Sandwiches in a Plate for the same price. (Amazing, right? )
Location: Near Rapid Floor Mill, Karol Bagh

So, this was the Feature of the Best Sandwich in New Delhi under a Hundred Bucks. And, yes The Canteen haven’t paid me for this (I wish they would and also get to know that I really loved their Sandwiches and Cheese Garlic Bread, LOL).

Stay tuned for a lot more amazing stuff, coming up.

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