Best Gym Ball Exercises For those who are too Busy to go to the Gym

Best Gym Ball Exercises to Do at Home. Many People believe that a true Workout Routine doesn’t exist and is a myth. That is the case with the people who are unable to actually fit into the right Workout Routine. Also, the reason for this is that people are busy. Really very busy nowadays. Everyone has a lot of work to do and a lot of things to deal with. Work, Relationships, Peer Pressure, People, Money, it’s just too much. In all of this hustle, people forget to actually take care of their health. This is something, to avoid. I understand that going to the gym every day without a miss is something that not everyone can keep up with. Considering this I suggest you use a Gym Ball. And, here are the Best Gym Ball Exercises to do at Home.

Why do you need to Workout Every day?

Gymming is not obviously something, which you can’t breathe without. But you need to work out and trust me there are so many reasons for that.

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So, The Benefits of Working out Every day:

1). Your body becomes stronger, resilient, and tough.

2). Overall Fitness increases.

3). You stay in the right shape.

4). Stamina increases.

5). When you workout every day, you start to be more conscious about the food that you are eating. This makes you eat more healthy food and less of junk.

6). You will feel more relaxed and stress levels will go down in your life.

7). The immune system of your body will be much better if you workout.

8). Your body’s metabolism will be better too.

Also, this is not all about it. There are a lot more benefits to Working Out and yoga. You can read about Yoga here: Hatha Yoga – What Is It and How You Benefit from It?

Best Gym Ball Exercises to do at Home | Best Gym Ball Exercises for those who are too Busy to go to Gym Every day:

In the above section, I discussed with the readers, the benefits of Working out and doing Yoga. Although there are many benefits to Working out, people generally choose to Workout for the sake of looking better and fitting into their favorite clothes. All of it makes complete sense, but again the time is an issue in most cases. This is why the Gym Ball is a blessing for those people. Here are the Best Gym Ball Exercises for All those who are too Busy to go to the Gym.

For Lower Body:

1). Overhead Ball Squats:

This is one easy thing to do. Well, it might not be very easy to do in reps, but at least it is easy to understand. All you need to do is, do the traditional squats, but while holding the ball in your hands, above your head. I recommend around 12-15 Reps for this one.

Overhead Ball Squats, Gym Ball Exercises, Best Gym ball Workouts

2). Wall Squats:

What you need to do for this one is, stand around 3 feet away from a wall. Your back has to be facing the wall, and the ball between your lower back and the wall. Now, you do the squats, reaching to make your legs bend at 90 Degrees. The ball rolls down with you and gets up when you get up. Go on to do 12-15 Reps for this one also.

3). Hamstring Curl:

Lie on the floor facing the sky. Your arms will be on both of your sides. Now, place the ball in a position that your heels and lower calves rest on the ball. Now, lift your hips up from the ground. Your arms will help you to be stable. To rest, exhale and bring the knees near to the hips, so just the heels are resting on the ball. You can take pauses in between. Around 8-12 reps will be good.

Hamstring Curl with Gym Ball for Home, Working out at Home with Gym Ball

4). Squat and Reach:

You need to have some patience for this one. What you need to do is, hold the ball with both of your hands in standing position close and in line to your face. Now, as you go down for a squat, the ball should be on your left side, above the left foot. Rest in this position for 3 long breaths. Slowly stand up again. Now repeat for the other side. 12-15 Reps will do good for you.

5). Reverse Extension:

Lay down on your stomach, on the ball. Your hands below your shoulder, with fingertips and toes touching the floor. Now, lift your legs up slowly until they are in line with the torso. Now, hold in this position for a beat and repeat again. I recommend around 12-15 Reps for this one also.

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6). Standing Ball Squeeze:

Although I admit that this might look a bit funny to some people, trust me you can’t ignore the benefits that you get from it. This one works great on Hips, lower back, and inner thighs. What you have to do is Stand up and place the ball between your legs, so it is in the center with your knees. Now, squat down to make a Right angle between thighs and calves and squeeze the ball to balance. A Ball, which fits perfect won’t be the best one to choose in this case.

7). Ball Lunge:

Stand up, place the ball behind the body. Now, keep one foot top-down on the top of the ball. Keep the other foot out about six inches. Now, just bend both the knees into a deep lunge. This one is very effective in testing both strength and stability. Go on to doing around 8-10 Reps for this one.

Gym Ball Lunges, Lunges with the Gym Ball, Best Core and Full body Exercises with Gym Ball

For Upper Body:

8). Standing Plank:

This is to make a standard/traditional Plank way more intense than it usually is. Start with your one leg behind and elbows and forearms on the ball. Now, take the other leg back near to the first leg, so they are together. Now, just hold this position as long as possible. Do various sets, staying for at least 30 seconds in every set.

9). Back Extension:

You have to start with your stomach and upper thighs on the ball. And, Legs extended straight behind you. Now, try to raise your chest high and bring your hands to the back of your head. You might face difficulty while balancing. So, either avoid slippery shoes or take support from a wall.

10). Triceps Dips:

You know how to do triceps dips with a Bench, right? Now is the time to do the same with a Gym Ball. This is one of the Best Gym Ball Exercises to do at Home. This will help you develop your arms better. Simply just place the ball on the floor and adjust yourself with your hands on the ball, with your back towards it. Now, go down and come up, with the help of your arms and triceps muscles.

Gym Ball Exercises, Best Gym Ball Workout Tips, Best Exercises with Gym Ball

11). Pike:

This is one twister. Not that you have to twist your body in this. No. But, This is one thing which takes the sweat out of the toughest. This is just the normal Pushup position, but not with the shin resting on the ball. Here, you have to rest your toe on the ball. Now, you have to pull the toes near to the chest (with the ball), using your abdominal muscles. So, you know it will be hard. 5-8 Reps of this one are enough, to begin with.

12). Roll Out:

You have to kneel behind the ball. Now, your palms have to be on top and you slowly use your hands to push the ball forward. You have to do this until the triceps are resting on top of the ball. Also, the extend the legs completely with the knees on the ground. I recommend placing a towel/a mat or a pillow below your knees. Try to do at least around 10 reps for this.

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13). Balanced Push-ups:

Place the ball on the ground and keep your shin on the ball. Your body has to be in the Push-up position now. And just go on to doing the Push-ups with your shin on the ball. Do it for at least around 10-13 Reps.

Balanced Push-ups with Gym Ball, Gym Ball Push-ups

For the Core:

14). Ball Jog:

This will bring a lot of fun to your workout. One of the Best Gym Ball Exercises, the Ball Jog helps burn some serious amount of calories and that too with a lot of fun. So, what you need to do is sit straight on the ball with abs engaged and your feet on the floor. Now, just bounce like this. Try to bounce for at least 2-5 Minutes in a single Set.

15). V-Sit with the Ball:

Lie with your Face up on the ground. Your legs have to be resting on the Ball. Now, Lift your upper body up to make a V, with your legs and your upper body. This is very good for abs. You will feel when you will do it.

V-Sit with Gym Ball, Gym Ball V-Sit

16). Knee Tucks:

For this one, start in the Push-up position. Your toes are on the ball, and arms are straight. Now, bring the knees towards the chest, rolling the ball near. Then push it away after every rep and bring it back close then. Do at least 10-15 Hardcore Reps.

17). Ski Step:

Swing the feet to the right and arms to the left. You have to do this over the ball. Don’t be very afraid. Just calmly bring back arms and legs and repeat the reps. I’d recommend around 12-15 Reps on each side.

18). Hand Off:

This one is for your abs. You have to lie on the ground with your face up, and arms and legs extended. Now, Grab the ball overhead with both hands. Slowly and Smoothly lift the legs and arms in the air. Transfer the ball from hands to the feet. Do it, in a way that only hips are touching the ground. Keep up with this Exercise for at least 6-10 Reps.

Best Core Exercises with the Gym Ball, Uses of an Exercise Ball

19). Hanging Knee Raise:

This one is most useful to construct the lower abs. You have to place the ball in front of a weight bench. Lie back on the ball now, with shoulders and back touching the surface of the bench. Now grab the bench with your hands and press the legs tightly. Bring the knees towards the chest to flex the lower abs now. Go on for strict 10-15 Reps per set.

20). Standing Side Splits with Ball:

Stand with feet together about a foot behind the ball. Bend from the hips and place your hands on the ball. Now, extend your torso with hands and glutes tight. Raise your left leg now and make it parallel to the floor. Flex your foot and inner thigh should face the floor. Then, rotate your torso to the left and extend your left arm overhead. Turn your head to gaze at the Left hand. Now, rest from it after a count to 3, and repeat for the other side.

Swiss Ball Standing, Gym Ball Workouts

21). Side Squat:

This is to finish your workout off. Stand with your legs stretched at shoulder distance. Grasp the ball overhead with both the hands. Also, Keep your back straight and abs engaged. Now bend down and bring the ball to the outside of your left foot. And, then do it for the right side now. 10-15 Reps of this one will be enough.

So, this was it. These were some of the Best Gym Ball Exercises if you have no time to go to the Gym. I hope you found this article useful. Also, I’d mention that you don’t have to do all the Exercises while working out. Just Choose any 2-3 for each Body Portion and that’s it. Do not forget to share with your friends if you think that this was some useful information about the Best Gym Ball Exercises.

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