How to Build a Great Looking Back? Best Exercises for Back

Best Back Workouts, Best Tips for Building a Great Back

Best Exercises for Back. Everyone wants to have a great, Athletic and Aesthetic Body. There are people who are spending hours and hours at the Gym. Expecting huge muscles to bulge out of their T-Shirts and Shirts. The Expectations do not go wrong if the workout and diet routine is apt. But one of the few issues here is that People generally ignore the Back Building. They are sincere about their Biceps, Triceps and Chest, but not very serious about Building a Nice Back. This is what happens with people who are new to the Gym. Those who have spent more than 6-7 Months at the gym, would know the importance of carving a Nice Back. And, to help them, and guide those who ignore it, here is this new post on How to Build an Aesthetic Back.

Why is it Important to Build a Nice Back and Why do People Ignore it?

Why is it important to Focus on Building a Back?

If we talk about the Benefits of Back Exercises, trust me, you might not easily be able to believe but there are one buy many Benefits of Doing Back Exercises. Which go as follows:

1). Aesthetically Attractive:

When you do the right Back Exercises once every week your Back actually starts building up to be better. This makes it stronger, yes but moreover it begins to look aesthetic because of Muscles.

Best Exercises for Back, How to Look a Great Looking Back, Best Workouts for Back

2). Maintains Structure:

The Back is an important part of the body, which plays an important role deciding the structure and figure. So, you can’t be in good shape, if your back isn’t in good shape.

3). Helps to Balance the Body:

If you don’t work over your Back muscles but keep focusing on the front only (i.e., Chest), your body will have a Muscle Imbalance. This is not healthy at all. So, working out for your Back is a must.

How to Build a Great Back, Working out to Get a Great Strong Back

So, these were the ways in which you Benefit from Back Exercises. Let us look below, at the reasons why people generally skip back day.

Why do People Ignore Back Exercises?

The reason is just very simple, either laziness or an ignorant behavior. People think that as the Back is not going to be visible most of the times, it is not very important to pay attention to it. Most of the people either Bunk Gym on Back Day, or just hit up for some more Biceps, Triceps or Chest. The same is the case when we talk of Leg Day too. But, as I mentioned earlier Back Day is very important, so you don’t miss it.

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How to Build a Great Looking Back? Best Exercises for Back:

In the Above columns, we discussed Why it is Important to Focus on Back Building Exercises and Why People Ignore Back Exercises. Now we know the Reasons to be obedient towards Back Workouts and also, we know why are people not able to catch up right with these.

How to Build a Great Looking Back, Best Tips to Build a Nice Looking Back, Best Exercises for Back

Now what we have to do is, focus on understanding all the Important Back Exercises, and learn how to do those. For the same, I take you to read below.

1). Bent Over Barbell Deadlifts:

In every Gym, every Gym Trainer has suggested this famous Back Workout to the students. The reason is very simple, it focuses on building your back’s base better than most the other exercises. This is something, you can’t just miss out on.

Bent Over Barbell Lift for Building an Aesthetic Back

Begin with a higher number of reps, with a little low weight, in the first set. Increase the weights for the second set, and decrease the number of reps by 2 or 3. Then go for the final set, with more weight and reduce the number of reps again.

2). Standing T-Bar Row:

It is one of the Best Exercises for Back because you can pile on much more weight here. Although it can be a challenge to maintain a flat back sometimes, still even when you cheat a bit, it is the very effective.

Standing T-Bar Row for Building an Aesthetic Back, Best Back Exercises

You have to here keep your knees bent at the correct angle. So, be aware of what you actually do.

3). Wide Grip Seated Cable Row:

Everyone does the Normal Grip Seated Cable Rows. You too might be one of those people who do this. The thing is that these one are better. And, certainly similar to many other Back Building Exercises.

Wide Grip Seated Cable Rowing Exercise for Back, Build a Great Looking Back

So, remember that you don’t need to do both. Just do one of these and move onto the next.

4). Pilates:

Pilates’ Workouts establish better connections between mind and the body. These do not risk anything during the workout. You will get any sort of injury only if you are extremely foolish or unlucky.

Benefits of Doing Pilates for Getting a Better Back, Best Workouts for Back

So, you know this will always support you. In fact, Pilates workout even helps to reduce pain in the lower back.

5). Do Planks:

Planks, as we know, are very famous for burning fat. Along with that, they strengthen the core. They give strength on the inside. Making us stronger, burning our abs and also building for us a better and more aesthetic back.

Doing Planks helps Build Abs and a Better Back, Planks help in building a Good Back

This is the reason, why they can’t be out of this list.

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6). Wide-Grip Pull Ups:

We know how to do it. The best thing about this one is that you can do this at home or park as well. You need not have any types of equipment for this. Just a rod hung above you. You have to just hang up there with your hands at a wide distance and then pull your body up with your hands.

Wide Grip Pullups for Building a Better Looking Strong Back, Best Exercises for Back

This is one of the Best Exercises for Back.

7). Barbell Deadlift:

Not everyone prefers doing this one, as it is hard and risky. But, if you believe in yourself and your strength, I would highly recommend you not to skip this one. Increase the weights slowly while doing this and decrease the number of reps with each set (Not a mandate though).

Barbell Deadlift for Building a Back, Barbell Deadlift for Building Back Muscles

8). Close Grip Pull Down:

As I have already mentioned the Wide Grip Pull Up above, I can’t really accept that I need to add the Wide Grip Pull Down as well. This is why here is this mention of Close Grip Pull Down.

Close Grip Seated Pull Down for Building a Great Looking Back, Best Workouts For Back

It focuses on every area which matters to build a Strong, Aesthetic and Nice Back.

9). Single Arm Dumbell Row:

As in this workout, each side moves independently, it has more impact on the Back Muscles but isn’t very hard to do. This makes it one of the Best Back Exercises. And that is why I couldn’t help myself from adding it in here.

Single Arm Dumbell Rowing Exercise for Back, Build a Great Back with these Exercises

10). Declined Bench Dumbell Pullover:

You would have trained for the Flat Bench Dumbell Pullover, during your Chest Workouts. This one is somehow similar but focuses majorly on building a better back.

Declined Bench Dumbell Pullover Workout, Best Exercises for Back

You know how to start your first set and end with your last one, right? I have mentioned that above. First Set will have more reps but lower weight, while the last set will have more weight and a lesser number of reps. This sure is one of the Best Exercises for Back.

11). Good Morning in the End:

This one might be the one that you might not have heard a lot about. I remember my Gym Instructor telling us to go and do three sets. In these three sets, we would place the Barbell, without any or just little weights, on our shoulders and bend forward slowly. And, then getting back to the relax position slowly.

Good Morning Exercise for Back, Workouts for a Great Back

So, this was a good list of the Workouts that you need to do for a better looking and stronger back. I hope you liked this post about the Best Exercises for Back. This is How to Build an Aesthetic Back. Share with the friends who you think will find it useful.

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