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7 Benefits of Indoor Games for your Kids

7 Benefits of Playing Indoor Games for your Kids

Indoor Games for your Kids: If you have ever left young children in a room by themselves, it takes no time for them to device a fun game to keep themselves entertained. For them, life is about exploring everything that older people find boring. From running aimlessly in the blazing sun to getting their hands all mucky in the wet dirt, the definition of fun for them is totally different. They have a carefree nature and are filled with curiosity. Besides outdoor fun, there are many games that the children can play indoors. This is a great time for them to bond with their peers, younger and older siblings and other family members.

It is also a good opportunity for older family members to keep an eye on the activities of their children and instill the feeling of sharing in their children from the very start. Moreover, if the weather is unfriendly, it’s the indoor games that can save your children from developing a bad mood.

7 Benefits of Indoor Games for your Kids:

Let’s take a look at some of the games your kids can play indoors and have fun:

1. I Spy:

I am sure that as parents you have even played this. You can invite 2 to 5 kids home and then all the children together can enjoy this wonderful game. Say, one of the kids, maybe your kid, has to say something like “ I spy something with my little eye, a thing that is yellow in color” or “ I spy something with my little eye, a thing that is green and shiny”. Now all the other kids will have to guess what object is being talked about and run around looking for it. This game increases the observation power of the kids and also gives them a sense of achievement when they do find the object.

2. Balancing Beam:

This is a really interesting game for the kids. All you need to do is make a straight path for your children using a masking tape on the floor. Around two or three kids can play this game where you give each of them a chance to walk on the created line in a go without losing balance. You can get more fun into the game by introducing scores. This will help your kids improve balance while walking.

3. Sorting:

A great way to improve the power of observation and reasoning of your children. Provide your kids with random items and ask them to sort it according to color, size or type. Make sure that you do not give them anything that is unsafe or harms them in any way. This game will surely keep your kids busy for some hours.

4. Jigsaw Puzzles:

A great way to complement the sense of curiosity and improve the analytical skills of children. Jigsaw puzzles contain different pieces, of different shapes and sizes that fit together to form one scene or picture. Your child can play this on his own or he can have 1-2 more of his friends helping him. Such puzzles help your kid with analytical skills. This game not only keeps the children entertained but helps them improve their problem-solving skills.

5. Home Skit:

If you have dealt with some kids earlier, you would know that they do have some wild imagination. I am sure you’ve heard some really amusing unreal stories till now. Why not enhance this power of imagination? Get some household items together and give your child and her friend a theme around which they can build up an act. This is one of the earliest role-playing activities for kids to boost their confidence.

7. Treasure Hunt:

Keep your children on their toes and running with the treasure hunt. Get some simple things like crayons, toys, together and make clues to identify or find each of these. Now hide the things in different places at your home. You can either play it with your own child or even involve around 2-6 kids in the game. With the latter, you can even divide the kids into two teams to make the game more fun. Not only do the children improve their problem-solving skills, they also feel like they’re on an adventure.

Childhood is one of the most innocent phases that a child goes through. It is also the phase where their learning capacity is maximum. All the indoor games suggested above are not only enjoyable but also help learn and improve new skills. Help your children grow better!

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