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Benefits of Eating Eggs Everyday | Why Egg is a Magic Food?

Advantages of Eating Eggs Every Day, Eating Eggs Every Day, Eat Eggs for Fitness

Benefits of Eating Eggs Every day. All of us know that Eggs are a good source of protein. If you ever have been friends with a Fitness Freak or a Regularly Gym going person, you would surely know how Beneficial it is to Eat Eggs Every day. If we talk about the friends who are vegetarians, Eggs are a bliss to them. Being so rich with Vital Nutrients like Protein and Calcium, Eggs are the most suitable for adding to breakfast or any other meal. People generally add Eggs to their Pre workout and Post workout meals as well. And the truth is that there are very strong reasons behind this. I will discuss those Reasons in this Blog Post. This is about the Benefits of Eating Eggs Every Day. I truly believe that Egg is a Magic Food. By the end, you too will.

Nutritional Composition Breakdown of an Egg:

You might have heard people adding Eggs to their meals for the sake of Protein, Calcium, Vitamin D, and several other Nutrients. It is true, an Egg has in total 13 different types of essential Vitamins. And even after that, it has so many nutrients pushed into it, constituting over 70 Calories.

Benefits of Eating Eggs Every Day, Advantages of Eating Eggs Every Day, Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

An egg in India costs around Rs. 4-6 which is equal to around 20-30 cents. This makes Eggs so affordable that anyone can buy it. And, at this low cost, Eggs give us all the nutrients that our body needs. Each egg contains all the 9 Important Amino Acids, which make our body function better. And not just this, above these facts, every Egg contains around 6 Grams of High-Quality Protein.

Below is a Table which has all the Quality Nutritional Contents of an Egg:

1). Protein: High-Quality 6 Grams Protein/Egg

2). Calcium: 28 mg of calcium, 2.6% of the Daily Reference Value of calcium

3). Vitamins: Vitamin B12 (For Brain, Nervous System and Blood Formation), Vitamin B5 (Releases Energy from food to body), Vitamin A (for Growth and Eye Cells), Vitamin E (to protect the body from diseases), Vitamin D (Important for Bone Health).

4). Nutrients: Selenium (antioxidant which protects our body and immune system), Folate (for growth and maintenance of healthy cells), Iodine (ensures proper function of thyroid gland), Phosphorous (builds strong bones and teeth), Iron (produces haemoglobin which carries oxygen around our bodies), Zinc (helps in growth, wound healing, blood formation and maintenance of tissues), Thiamine (turns carbohydrates into energy our body can use)

5). Fats: A Large size egg has around 5 grams of Fat. Out of which, 1.5g is saturated and 2.5g unsaturated. Eggs also contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

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Benefits of Eating Eggs Every Day | Why is Egg a Magic Food?

Yes, you read that right. The egg is a Magic Food. There is no doubt in that. It lets vegetarians stay Ovo Vegetarians, so they don’t have to go run after Eating Chicken or Meat for Protein. An Egg contains all the vital nutrients that the human body needs.

Benefits of Eggs, Advantages of Eating Eggs Every day, Why Egg is the Magic Food

The Quality and Quantity of Protein which an Egg has is amazing. 6 Grams of High-Quality Protein, that is something very amazing to be found in a Food that is not, Non-Vegetarian. I can keep writing about Why Eggs are so good that you should never skip the “Egg Day”, but it would be better if I make it readable as well. So, below here are the Top Reasons to why Egg is a Magic Food, here are the Benefits of Eating Eggs Every Day.

1). Best Source of Protein for Vegetarians:

If you are a vegetarian, Egg is the one thing that you can’t miss on. Any Bodybuilder in the world can’t help but rely on Eating Eggs one way or the other. Even if somebody is a Non-Vegetarian, he still will eat a smaller amount of eggs. The reason is very simple. The Egg white contains Protein, Calcium and many other Vitamins.

Eating Eggs for Body Building, Build a Good Body with Eggs, Eggs for Protein

Not everybody eats the yolk, as it has a lot of cholesterol. This high-quality protein from the Eggs, helps the torn and stretched muscles relax and be bigger and better. The better protein you take in, the better Body you can build. And, to our luck Eggs have protein of very high quality.

2). Is not Processed:

Although there are new introductions to the Egg Industry which have stormed a bit up. These include Synthetic Eggs, which are synthesized as a chemical formula in Labs. But, still, these do not have any ill effects on the Human health. These eggs too contain almost the same amount of nutrients and protein in them.

Eggs are a Great Source of Protein, Eggs have all the Vitamins

And, also if you go on to buying the Farm Eggs, then you are making sure that you are not eating any processed food. This is amazing about Eggs. Whenever you go anywhere, if there is one thing that you can eat without worrying a lot about quality, then it is the Egg. This sure is the reason why I love Eggs.

3). Easy to Eat:

You don’t need any sort of special equipment to make or eat eggs. All you need is water, bowl and a stove. Is this really a lot? Ohh, pardon me I forgot to mention that you need Eggs to Eat Eggs. Anyway, all you need to do to gain all that protein and other Vitamins and Nutrients is Just pour some water in the Bowl, place the eggs in with all your love and hit the stove.

Best Source of Protein, Benefits of Eating Eggs Every Day, Advantages of Eating Eggs Every Day

Yes, Let those little Eggs Boil with their anger, right?

4). Readily Available:

You may not be able to find a soft drink can at many places around the world, but where there is a hen, there are lots and lots of eggs. So, you know, you will never have to worry a lot about not getting Eggs while traveling. Everyone everywhere has eggs. All you need to do is boil over some music and then eat. Simple, right?

Benefits of Eating Eggs Every Day, Egg is a Magic Food, Benefits of Eggs

5). Highly Affordable:

I won’t call Eggs cheap, just because they cost around 20-30 Cents. Eggs aren’t cheap at all. They are so valuable. It is just that Eggs are so humble towards us Humans, that they choose to keep their prices this low. So, anyone can afford and eat Eggs.

Benefits of Eggs, Advantages of Eating Eggs Everyday

How can someone actually build Great Muscles without eating Eggs? And leave that too, that is still not the necessity. But for the poor, Egg is truly the Magic Food. It gets to them all the Nutrients at a price as low as just 20 Cents. Isn’t this a Huge Service to us Humans?

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6). Doesn’t Make you Fat:

One of the major Benefits of Eating Eggs is that Eggs don’t make you fat. Eggs are majorly Protein and other Nutrients. Majorly the Yolk consists of all the Fat. If you don’t eat Yolk, you will be consuming only a very very small unit of Carbohydrates in. This is why you know Eating Eggs doesn’t make you fat but fit.

Eating Eggs Everyday, Benefits of Eating Eggs, Advantages of Eggs

It is very easy to build good muscles if you eat at least around 10-12 Egg Whites a day.

7). Majorly the Benefits of Eating Eggs:

Talking about the actual benefits, I have already mentioned above that Eggs have more than 11 Vital Vitamins which benefit the Human body in one but many ways. The protein helps our body repair torn muscles after an excessive workout.

Benefits of Eating Eggs Every Day, Eat Eggs Daily, Advantages of Eating Eggs Every Day

Calcium makes our bones stronger. Zinc, on the other hand, helps in growth, wound healing, blood formation and maintenance of tissues. Vitamins help in the building a better nervous system, making bones and teeth stronger, fighting diseases, in the overall growth of the body and also for the betterment of the Eye Cells.

If you too have some reasons which you think I should have added to this list, then tell me about those in the comments below.

Also, stay tuned for a lot more from the Life Crew. These were some of the Major Benefits of Eating Eggs Every Day. I hope you liked reading this post and found it useful. Share with the friends who you think would find it useful.

Do you now agree that Egg is a Magic Food?

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