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This Airborne Pushup is the Best Way to Burn your Abs | Best Abs Workout

This Airborne Pushup will help you Burn your Abs, Burn your Abs with these Airborne Puhsups, Best Abs Workout

Best Abs Workout. A perfect body is something that all of us desire to have. But, a perfect body is also the one which most of us can’t work hard enough to get. Well, talking about working out and getting in shape, it can mean different to many people. To some, it might just mean to shed a few kilos, while to some it might mean by crafting distinctly visible Pack of Abs. The later one is what takes a lot of sweat and time too. And, when you are not doing the right thing, those Abs won’t even appear. So, if you have already worked hard enough and aren’t able to get those abs, or even if you are just going to start working out, this Airborne Pushup is a magic workout for you. Read out the instructions below and head to the gym.

Best Abs Workout | How to Build Abs?

Now, that you are gymming and working out hard for your Back, Chest, Arms and Legs, and then you realize something. This changes the way you used to look at yourself in the mirror. And you know what is that? Well, it’s your stomach. If you are active with your gym routine, then you sure don’t have a huge pouch bulging out. But, if you cheat more than you should, then you need to feel the heat.

How to Get Abs, Best Abs workouts, How to Build Abs, Building Abs

In both the ways, you have to work hard towards your abdomen now. Everyone knows, that Gaining Muscles over Arms, Legs, Shoulders or Chest is easier as when compared to Gaining Muscles over Abdomen. The workouts are hard, the Diet and the Routine need to be very strict and then you have to take enough rest every day. Having that crafted 8 Abs’ Pack is not a joke after all. The Airborne Pushup, which we are talking about is the best Pushup to add to your Abs workout.

What is an Airborne Pushup? Benefits of Airborne Pushups:

We all know about Clap Pushups. These are the ones, when we are in the position to do Pushups and then throw our upper body above the ground, clap in the air, and get back to rest. This makes one rep of a Clap Pushup. Several Sets of Clap Pushups burn a hell lot of calories. Also, these are amazing for Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Back, and for the Abdomen as well.

Best Pushup Workouts, Doing Pushups, Airborne Pushups, Clap Pushups

Now, when we already have something as good as Clap Pushups, why do we even need an Airborne Pushup? The answer is simple, the tougher, the better. As hard as you go on with your workouts, the better and quicker the results are. And, here I am not saying that you need to kill yourself at the gym, loading 100s of kilos on a Barbell. But, obviously, an Airborne Pushup is more intense and that’s why better.

How to Do an Airborne Pushup?

It is simple to learn and read but not very easy to do.

First, get yourself in a position to do a Normal Pushup. You know, how to do that, right? Now, you push your upper body up, with the arms, and the lower body up in the with the help of your legs, and clap in the air, when your body is up. Sounds cool? And, now you get back in the same position when you land on the ground.

This is How you Do one Rep of Airborne Pushup. Now, there is not much to actually read about it here, but still, I am embedding a Video, which will illustrate it better so it is easier for you to understand.

Doing an Airborne Pushup:

So, this was it for now. That is How you Workout Hard for your Abs, by adding this Airborne Pushup to your workout. Leave any questions of yours, in the comments below. Share with friends, so they too can know about it.

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