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5 Clean Food Recipes With Less Than 350 Calories

Blueberry Waffles, Blueberry and Banana Waffles Recipe, Top 5 Clean Food Recipes with less than 350 Calories

5 Clean Food Recipes. Eating Good is as important as having a good sleep. Sleep, relaxes the body, while Food Fuels it. Well, the question is of what to eat in what quantity? This is important to keep a track of the food that you eat, if you want your body to stay good. Also, if you are working out for muscles, a Good Diet is very important. But, the problem, which many of us often face is Body Fat. Body Fat, deposits at parts of our body, when we take in more calories, and burn out less. This means, getting thick becomes easy with more calories (Obvious, Duh!). This is the reason why it will sure be good to look onto these 5 Clean Food Recipes Under 350 Calories.

What is Clean Food? How is it Important?

Well, to actually look onto these Recipes, we should first know what is Clean Food. Well, to be precise, it is the food which our body needs. It is least toxic and is healthy in many ways. The food, which is not processed and is not toxic at all, is called the clean food. And, if we eat the Right (Clean) Food, it becomes easier for us to develop a better Body.

5 Clean Food Recipes Under 350 Calories, Top 5 Clean Food Recipes With Less Than 350 Calories, Good Food, Clean Food Recipes, Foods Under 350Moreover, Switching to the Right Diet for building better muscles, is really important. People who have Excess Body Fat, can easily cut it down if they choose Clean Food. And, this is what this post is for. Below here are the 5 Clean Food Recipes with Less than 350 Calories.

5 Clean Food Recipes Under 350 Calories:

Below here are the Clean Food Recipes, which you are looking for.

1). Blueberry Waffles:

These are naturally sweet with no Sugars added. This is because, these contain Blueberries and Bananas. Also, Almond Butter adds Protein and Texture to these.


 2). Green Gazpacho:

Make this using Green Zebra Heirloom Tomatoes, to add on the chilled soup. Also, Cucumber and Avocado add up to the Flavor, texture and color.


3). Veggie Spring Rolls:

This for sure is the perfect finger food. I recommend using Coconut Aminos, for a Gluten-Free and lower Sodium content Soy sauce swap. Above all, the taste will still remain same.


 4). Grilled Salmon Kebabs:

Ingredients include a lot. To say, Fresh Oregano, Cumin, along with Hot Red Pepper Flakes. All these add the right flavor. Also, Sesame Seeds provide the amazing crunch. On the other hand, you can also replace salmon with Monkfish, Seabass or another Dense Fish that can hold up to grill.


 5). Cilantro Sweetened Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes, do contain the right smart carbs. No Doubt, These are amazing Fiber-filled partners, for any meal. The Cilantro Sauce, adds up to the Flavor, deliciously.


Finally, this was our list of the Best 5 Clean Food Recipes. The best thing about these, as the title too tells is that, these all have lesser than 350 Calories. For this reason these don’t let your body fat grow, and also gives you the Nutritional Benefits.

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