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Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Three-Book Bundle

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Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Three-Book Bundle

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This set of three companion books teaches children ages four to eight how to pray, what to pray for, when to pray, and why to pray! They also teach young children about God, His creation, and His salvation plan through Jesus.


The hardcover storybook begins with Adam and Eve in the garden. It explains the events described in Genesis 3 and teaches how the prophets in the Old Testament prayed. Using colorful, engaging illustrations, the book introduces young children to Jesus, teaches how Jesus prayed and what He taught the apostles to pray. The book concludes by showing all the many times, places, and ways your children can pray.

Coloring and Activity Book

The paired coloring and activity book follows the same storyline as the storybook. It includes mazes, coloring pages, word searches, and places for your children to draw their own pictures.

Family Bible Devotional

The corresponding family devotional has fifteen brief sections that teach the overarching story of the Bible. Each section begins with a short prayer, includes a brief activity, a Scripture reading, questions for your family to answer and discuss together, and a closing prayer.

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